Best Weight Loss Retreats in the World, that work!

No longer is the ideal holiday for many one filled with pizza, paella and late nights. Gone is the need for a diet on returning home and in is the idea of feeling fantastic, being productive and adopting new lifestyle practices in our daily routine following a weight-loss retreat focused holiday.

The trend now is for wellness holidays where you spend your time on a schedule of different physical activities like cycling, swimming, running, gym work, pilates and many others. Often diet adaptation or a detox cleanse will be incorporate with the training too.

This can be mixed with working on your emotional health too, with healing energy work, and focus on your well-being by practicing yoga and meditation, and coaching for personal development. A weight loss adventure does not have to be just physical exercise.

Discover here the most popular. health resorts with experienced teachers and all types of programs from fitness boot camps to detox, spa, and so much more.

What happens on a Retreat

Embarking on a retreat with a fitness focus needn’t be something to fret over! The rise of wellness travel has seen new and revamped propositions that offer sustainable weight loss management alongside a rejuvenating luxury vacation with everything you would hope for, from poolside relaxation, cultural activities, to losing yourself in extensive spa menus.

Be rewarded for your efforts with pampering massage treatments, enjoy delicious, guilt-free health food heaven, and see great results with the support of an expert team.

Whatever your goals are, discover transformation and long-lasting success. Enjoy new-found confidence, a rewarding break and say hello to the best version of yourself.

Luxury Weight Loss Retreats

1. Location: Koh Samui, Thailand

Featured Retreat: 8 Day Absolute Weight Loss Retreat
Prices from $3762

Expect a life-changing experience at this stunning, boutique luxury resort situated on Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. 

The resort is a haven for those seeking balance, rejuvenation and a healthy lifestyle getaway. Offering the most comprehensive range of programs you can imagine.

This retreat focuses on a holistic approach with personalized fitness sessions, cleansing & supportive therapies, a healthy diet, and cooking classes to guide you towards a healthy lifestyle both physically & mentally. Spa therapies, use of all facilities, and unlimited group fitness and yoga classes offer a getaway that is as results-driven as it is enjoyable.

girl relaxing in tropics

2. Location: Ubud & Seminyak, Bali

Featured Retreat: 4 Day Luxury Detox Weight Loss Retreat
Prices from $1044

Choose from two lush sanctuaries on the island of Bali that offer a range of yoga, detox and weight loss retreats. Expect personalized service and utmost comfort in their tranquil locations.

This 4 Day Retreat has been designed to help you lose weight, reduce stress, improve your skin, cure digestive issues and boost energy levels.

Enjoy nourishing your body with cold-pressed juices and raw food, daily yoga classes, massage and a purification ritual at Tirta Empul, Bali’s most sacred holy water temple. Revive body, mind and spirit with Blue Karma.

Blue Karma Resort Bali

3. Location: Bodrum, Turkey

Featured Retreat: 7 Night Master Detox Retreat 
Prices from $995

Offering a charming combination of pleasure and wellbeing that welcomes guests from all over the world to their stunning coastal location in Turkey. Voted Europe’s leading wellness resort, join Sianji for this retreat which has been attentively crafted to assist you to shift stagnant weight, release toxins and rejuvenate the body on a deep level.

Special juice blends and herbs, colon cleansing, and a 100% alkaline diet, alongside fitness classes, sauna sessions and informative seminars are the ticket to real results- both immediate and long-lasting.

Sianj wellbeing resort in Bodrum

4. Location: Alajuela, Costa Rica

Featured Retreat: 8 Day Disconnect Transform Retreat
Prices from $2051

Enjoy panoramic views from atop a quartz mountaintop, bathed in serenity and calm. Escape to this tranquil location amidst nature and take the opportunity to reset your internal sense of balance in a nurturing and gentle environment.

This 8-day Retreat will help transform your body completely with a program of healthy meals, wellness workshops, massage, nature hikes and yoga classes.

The Retreat Costa Rica healthy kitchen

5. Location: South Coast, Sri Lanka

Featured Retreat: 10 Day Intensive Detox & Ayurveda Retreat
Prices from $2815

Venture to the southern coastline of Sri Lanka where you will find a traditional Ayurvedic hotel with luxurious amenities and spectacular beach-front views. In the 10 Day Intensive Detox retreat, you will experience personal consultations, daily yoga sessions, Ayurvedic treatments and signature cuisine targeted for the weight loss.

Combine modern nutritional science with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for enhanced results. 

UTMT Hotel Aerial by beach, sri lanka

6. Location: Andalucia, Spain

Featured Retreat: 7 Day Premium Weight Loss Retreat
Prices from $2592

Participate in lifestyle solutions that will leave you renewed and inspired. Drawing on the ancient traditions and tropical spa rituals of the East, these teachings are used to counterbalance the stress of modern life.

The program is personalized from the very start according to your needs and combines a mix of PT sessions, nature hikes, body scrubs, yoga, consultations and optional activities. 

Yoga Hotel Entrance

7.Location: Queensland, Australia

Featured Retreat: 14 Day Living Valley Total Transformation
Prices from $5733

Providing you the opportunity to take a break, regain control of your health and make a fresh start.

This Transformation Retreat is the ideal two-week stop-and-reset program.  Live blood screening and in-depth health assessments will assist the team to tailor the program to your needs.

Thorough transformation is achieved with therapeutic treatments, colonic hydrotherapy treatments, an extensive range of spa and massage therapies, lifestyle lectures, personal naturopathic consultations, PT and group fitness sessions, plus shakes, broths and organic cuisine.

health run in Australia

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