Understanding the New Moon and Its Effects On You

To first understand the effects of the moon on us, we must understand the astrological significance of the moon within the physical context. The moon both controls the tides of the ocean, and influences the responses of all variety of living creatures. It has also been observed to affect the minds of all variety of life.

Astrologically, depending on your zodiac sign and phase the moon was in during your birth, the moon forms a certain theme and color in your interactions with others. It will bring to you a plethora of gifts said to have been accumulated in the past, and made available to you as a tool for living in the now.

The moon will also lend heavy influence to how you can respond to the experiences you have in the world through the cultivation and exercise of mindfulness. As you may already know, this is not always as easy as it sounds.

New moon meaning: the mind emerging into darkness

During the new moon Phase, the nights are dark as they’re illuminated only by the natural light of stars and other celestial objects. The naked eye cannot identify the moon’s proper position during this time. This is due to the fact that new moon blends in entirely with the darkness between the stars.

During this time, the new moon controls our mind and emotions, and makes us mimic its behaviour. Like the absence of the Sun’s light reflecting off the new moon, our awareness becomes easily darkened and hidden from view – especially around emotional and primal matters. Although the new moon may be hidden from sight, we should never underestimate its powerful influence upon us.

Luckily, the darkness is temporary

The new moon marks the beginning of a 27 day cycle of fast-moving lunar phases that swell to the radiance of the full phase, before waning back to the darkness of another new moon. The new moon also marks the first of what most agree are the two major milestones in the lunar phases: new moon and full moon.

Like a magnet, the new moon draws out very specific experiences (external) and contemplations (internal) for us to go through. It is a good time to actively consider what you want to manifest for the rest of the month, so set your intention, your focus, and your efforts. Consider wearing your finest and putting on you best expression. Smile for nature’s camera!

It’s your opportunity to responsibly set your emotional tone and be receptive for the rest of the month, that is if you can keep your cool during this transit. Do not panic or get too irritable in the dark, whatever you do! Be mindful that everyone is in the dark with you.

During the new moon, the motives behind any activity you undertake will be shrouded in a great deal of mystery. Similarly, the motives behind the activities of others will also be unclear. Be warned: instinct takes center stage during the new moon, so it is a theater of the primal that you enter in the absence of the full moonlight.

It is a very magnetic time, full of opportunities for spontaneous unplanned experiences, but activity that arises during this time may lead to a great deal of confusion as well. Being indiscriminate about the activities you choose to undertake during this time can lead to some very untidy situations, so be mindful not to overindulge. The new moon, however, is an amazing time for new beginnings.

Be as mindful as possible to stay positive. Guard against all variety of negativity with your mighty will. Whatever energy you feed during the new moon phase will be stored in your vault, and be amplified for later in the month. This can obviously be positive or negative, so to get the best out of this:

New moon Regeneration Energy

New moon time is the time to rest. The flashlight is out, and you will have to recharge in the dark, until the lights turn all the way on by full moon time. You’ll have the opportunity to use this battery for the rest of the month – and it will manifest something that is constantly on your mind. So again, make sure you are sending out the energy you want to seed during the dark new moon phase.

This is such a powerful time that you may find that you can be spiritually nearer to this change if you slow your bodily systems down and allow a clearer focus on your emotional being – this can be done quite well by intermittent fasting so that the physical body is not so busy, or if you have the ability and time to be outside of your normal life schedule, then timing this shift of energy with a complete change in your regimen on a wellness retreat of the type that suits you best would be awesome in so many ways.

You will know what you’ve accomplished at harvest time. Harvest comes with the arrival of the full moon, when there is plenty of light revealing what you have been planting all along in previous cycle. Remember, it’s like planting a seed; consciously and vigilantly nurture it with everything it needs. Keep the weeds (negative thoughts) out of the way, and allow time and the moon to do the rest.

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Jaimee Ratliff

Jaimee Ratliff is a writer, traveler, yogi and passionate advocate for living a life you love. She can be found writing on all things travel and inspiration over at This Way North. Jaimee is also the author of Party of One: An Inspirational Guide to Letting Go of Fear and Loving Solo Travel.