Top Tips from Absolute Sanctuary’s Wellness Consultant, Janelle Castle

Absolute Sanctuary is a stunning, Moroccan-inspired boutique wellness resort situated on Koh Samui in the gulf of Thailand. The resort is a haven for yogis and those seeking a wellness vacation, some balance, rejuvenation and a healthy lifestyle getaway. Spa.Kitchen caught up with Absolute Sanctuary’s wellness guru Janelle Castle to get her top tips on getting and staying healthy.


1. Eat Papaya 

Papaya is an excellent aid to digestion. Eat fresh at breakfast or lunch but not at dinner as it can ferment. Tablets provide a good substitute when you can’t get the fresh fruit.

2. Add Herbs to Your Water

If you find drinking plain water so boring you just don’t do it, add mint or basil leaves to a jugful. The herbs infuse the water with their nutrients as well as adding flavour.

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3. Include Soup in Your Diet

Drinking soup is an easy way of adding essential hydration. Celery, carrots and iceberg lettuce are all 95% water.

4. Book a Colonic Massage

Fecal matter tends to get stuck in the sigmoid colon (google a diagram) and, as a result, that is a common place for colon cancer to develop, especially if you have a dodgy illeosecal valve. If that valve gets stuck, shutting it causes constipation but you can open it with colonic massage. Polarity therapy also helps.

5.  Soak Nuts

Soak nuts before adding to muesli or eating as a snack, otherwise they absorb water in the gut and can dehydrate you.

6. Check Food Labels

Read those food labels: gluten is routinely added to so many food products as a cheap filler to bulk them up.   Gluten gets so sticky in the colon it tends to jam everything up – another reason to avoid it besides the bloating and IBS it can cause. Ditch even low-gluten carbs such as rye bread and oats if you have a family history of colon cancer. Rice cakes make a decent substitute for bread and quinoa or chia seeds for oats.


7. Chew Your Food!

Chew, chew, chew your food, and then chew it some more. That’s essential for proper digestion, which starts in the mouth with the action of the saliva on each food. “People don’t chew any more. Doing colonics, here, we see some terrible sights: whole pieces of chicken or broccoli with no teeth marks on them even!” Even if you eat a healthy diet, not chewing means you may as well be eating McDonalds. Raw food, especially, needs chewing thoroughly as it hasn’t been softened by cooking. Swallow a mouthful only when it resembles cream.

8. Be Aware of Your Protein Consumption

If you’re getting inexplicable stomach cramps or IBS after your healthy smoothie, ditch the concentrated whey that you may be adding as an easy source of protein.   A lot of us don’t possess the enzymes needed to break down the casein.

9. Drink LOTS of Water

Do you routinely wake up for no apparent reason between 1am and 3am? According to traditional Chinese medicine, that is when the liver is regenerating. It needs you to drink a plentiful intake of water to do this and the stress caused when it has inadequate water produces adrenaline, which will wake you up. Drink more water during the day to stop this cycle.


10. Take a Magnesium Supplement 

Taking a magnesium supplement helps cell absorption of water. It will help you sleep more deeply. Nearly everyone I see is deficient in magnesium. It’s the most common deficiency after Vitamin D. You’ll know you’re taking too much if your dose gives you diarrhea.

11.  Eat More Meat

If you’re failing to get pregnant and are eating a primarily vegetarian diet, try adding some meat. A lot of vegetables contain very high copper levels, which causes a lack of zinc which, in turn, cause infertility.

Interested in experiencing a wellness vacation at Absolute Sanctuary for yourself? Browse their wellness and detox holidays.

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