Top 10 Most Stunning and Affordable Wellness Retreats in 2022

After the last years this may well be the prefect time to consider going on that dream retreat you have always daydreamed about.

Health is our most important asset. Without our health we have nothing. Yet still these days we do not spend enough time on taking care of our health, our body and mind. It’s super important to nurture ourselves.

So surely now is the opportunity to make the effort to go and reap the rewards on an affordable wellness adventure. No more waiting or life getting in the way, 2022 is going to be the time to get away.

Imagine how you will feel being able to immerse yourself in complete relaxation, healthy eating, healthy practices such as yoga and meditation, healing and physical activity on one of the best retreats around; and what about an extensive spa treatment menu to choose from too. Maybe that could be every afternoon, or you may prefer to be beside the pool with a good book. What an incredible affordable experience to join in on. 

So where best for affordability on a Wellness Retreat

There are so many opportunities open to you.

Europe is exciting and busy from Easter onwards, to check out the top-rated click here. There’s Portugal, Spain and Italy to consider as the real hot spots, all offering diverse geography, locations food and culture. You are spoilt for choice here. 

If you are based in America then the obvious options are at home on a domestic trip or down to the meccas of Costa Rica or Mexico for your wellness jaunt.

Thinking of further afield? Pondering the idea of tropical weather, maybe the very different cultures of Asia appeal. Well here you can choose from hundreds and hundreds of retreat centers that run incredible programs.

The experience in Asia is second to none. But where? Well there is India, with it’s full range of retreats, from affordable ideas to the most luxury Ayurveda healing programs available anywhere in the world.

Maybe more convenient options to travel to for you are the islands of south east Asia which are all set up for an awesome wellness experience in mind, with bespoke spa resorts and holistic practitioners and workshops everywhere. From the gulf of Thailand to Bali there is lots on offer for all types of budget and interests.


 1. 6 Night Yoga and Wellness Escape

Montezuma, Nicoya in Costa Rica

Walk along the gorgeous beaches or relax by the pool, this week is designed to simply treat yourself whether you are coming alone or bringing a friend. Come and get inspired, enjoy healthy meals and the abundant nature and wildlife, meet like minded people and return home with unforgettable memories from your vacation.

The cost of this wellness retreat includes – your 6-night accommodation, yoga class daily, Private yoga instruction, Therapeutic massage, Choice of either canopy tour or day trip for snorkelling, and delicious healthy breakfast every day.

yoga pose on a sunset beach


 2. 10 Day Master Cleanse Detox and Yoga Retreat

 Jamaica, Price From $1230 USD

An ideal wellness retreat ideal for those who want to kick start their healthy eating journey. Participating in a master cleanse allows the body to shift its focus from digestion to healing.

Proven to not only help people lose weight, restart their metabolism, cleanse and detox the body, but also help heal anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

There is no food intake here, you will only drink special lemonade (made with maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and lemon), plenty of water, herbal teas, and for the ones who want to make the most of it, warm water with salt for a full intestine cleansing.

green smoothies


3. 7 Day Balance and Bliss Retreat

Croatia, From $1171 USD

Within the light daily schedule there is plenty of time to refresh yourself fully by exploring the beautiful island abundantly fascinating with its wide range of ancient towns, quaint villages, gorgeous beaches, and healthy pinewood forests. Take advantage of the complimentary daily transfer service, or explore on your own by foot, bike, scooter or car rental. 

You may also dedicate a portion of your retreat time to working one-on-one with the resident Holistic Therapist, who offers a range of treatments and workshops aimed at helping you gain balance and find your true self again. 

This program is suitable for everyone in need of a sacred shelter in which to explore the body, mind, and soul. 

This holistic retreat program includes –

Ambient facilities and accommodation that help you rest & reflect 

Twice daily fresh and nurturing “Dalma-Veg” meals

Free water, mineral water, tea, and herbal drinks at each meal

A daily helping of seasonal fruits & treats 

Free access to tea corners w/organic herbs 

Culinary workshop (Wednesday or Friday)

Free WiFi, Free use of a beach towel & foam mat, Essential toiletries

Free access to library of books, magazines, music, films, games & art supplies

A free consultation with the holistic lifestyle coach (on arrival day)

Sacred opening & closing ceremonies 

Chakra test to assess your overall state of being (at retreat start)

A daily integrated Yoga Sadhana practice adjusted to your needs 

A daily “deep-dive” activity, discussion, or workshop (according to participant wishes)

Creativity Session (Tuesday)

A program manual with daily questions to help you focus on key areas of yourself and your life each day

Free use of a Yoga Kit

Free transfers from & to the Stari Grad Port

Conceptualized daily outings to gorgeous towns, villages & beaches

Girl meditating


4. 3 Day Juice Cleanse 

Ireland, From $500 USD

The center offers a tranquil space to contemplate on the feelings, thoughts and patterns that underlie relationships to food and the emotions that come up when you detox.

There are a wide range of treatments available from Acupuncture to crania sacral reflexology, a variety of massages, luxurious facials, and much more on these wellness retreats.

Discover a range of energetic therapies including reiki, Tibetan Bowl therapy and soul revival sessions. Try card readings, numerology or even virtual reality therapy. Meditation and Yoga classes are also available. 

If you are feeling adventurous, visit nearby sights and a historical attractions, try golf, horse riding, whale watching,or take a long country drive around the surrounding townships or peninsular.

This package price includes your 2 nights and three days in private room accommodation, smoothies, cold pressed juices, herbal teas, meditation and access to all facilities and grounds during your stay.

green smoothies
5. 7 Day Detox Regenerating Wellness Retreat, Italy

Piedmont in Italy, From $954

For the detox process to be complete you will have the opportunity to cultivate a different point of view from the world and society that allows you to choose what to be influenced by or not.

For this purpose, the facilitators offer an adequate diet for purification but also intense days from the point of view of physical activity which will end with sauna, Cold Baths and Gong Baths and ideas on a alternative way of approaching life.

Sauna and steam bath relaxes the muscles, helps eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body. It also enables a deep cleansing of the skin, cleaning of the sinuses and leads to a state of general relaxation.

Cold tub reduces muscle inflammation, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system.

After this journey where the body and mind reach a level of total relaxation you can immerse yourself in the vibrations of a bath of sounds.

This Detox includes: training sessions (the first days also intense) to trigger the natural detoxification process; light liquid vegetarian detox diet (past, centrifuged and smoothies) up to a full day of abstinence from food; saunas and cold baths to support the purification process and keep the metabolism high; meditative and relaxation practices through sounds for the purification of the mind included.

healthy detox drinks
6. 7 Day Freeride Tarifa WellBeing Camp
Cadiz in Spain, From $842 

Start the day with a wellbeing activity session that will prep you for the day’s adventure. 

This experience also gives you an amazing opportunity to appreciate and connect more with Nature as you will be near the ocean, get plenty of sun and give your more opportunities to explore the great outdoors. 

This is a complete holiday giving you adventure, relaxation, nature, and lots of fun!

This package includes 5 morning sessions of either yoga, pilates or stretching, 6 nights accommodations, 5 days kitesurfing (15 hours of kitesurfing in semi-private class; levels at beginners, intermediates, and riders with IKO certified instructors; 2 persons per instructor, brand new Naish kitesurf equipment, supervision for advanced level riders, and yoga mats.

group on the beach


 7. 14 Day Yoga Ayurveda ‘De-Stress’ Experience, Kerala

Kerala, India, From $1600 USD

Alongside your de-stress package, enjoy your yoga immersion and education.

Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular and common types of Yoga. Along with yoga and your Ayurveda treatment, you are sure to feel replenished on this healing retreat.

meditating in nature

8. 3 Night Spa-Life Luxury Wellness Getaway, India

Maharashtra India, From $1680 USD

The retreat includes an individual wellness consultation, body composition analysis, postural assessment, yogic kriyas, daily fitness and leisure activities, unlimited use of water therapy suites, indoor heated pool with vitality showers, wellness departure consultation. 

Rishikesh and the Ganges
9. 4 Day Heal and Pamper Health Spa Retreat Thailand
Chiang Mai in Thailand , From $400 USD

This short-break wellness retreat offers – aromatherapy, Body masque, herbal steam room, body scrub, aroma oil massage or herbal steam room, facial massage, foot massage, manicure and pedicure, 3 nights accommodation, daily breakfast, and round trip airport transfer.

Comprehensive facilities include a gym, a swimming pool and a range of spa services.

Ayurveda massage treatment

We hope you find something that peaks your interests in our affordable top experiences that you can find here, they have been selected from a curated list of the most interesting and varied wellness retreats for 2022.

Hopefully we have open-ended your eyes and heart to activities like physical exercise classes, pampering spa treatments, healthy food, yoga, meditation and of course total relaxation, and all on a budget.

Allowing holistic wellness practices into your mind and body will reap you unimaginable rewards and benefits.

Wellness retreats running around the world whenever you can make it, can be just the ticket that you may need.

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Kelly Fielding

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