The Top Italy Meditation Retreats 2021/2022

If you are looking to enjoy beautiful surroundings and experience strong cultural influences then Italy offers a wealth of opportunities.

In it’s different regions you will can explore landscapes, food, culture and the weather. Throughout this beautiful country there are great bespoke retreat centers offering you the opportunity to focus on your meditation practice whilst enjoying that well earnt break away that you have been yearning for.

There is nothing quite like the rolling countryside and hilltop towns of Tuscany, or the sea horizon and cliff villages of the Amalfi coastline in the south.

You can decide to mix deepening your meditation with a host of different activities too – fitness, yoga, healthy eating, and even cultural holidays that include a little bit more Italian food and wine than is normal on a meditation retreat in Italy.

For these meditation retreats in Italy you don’t need to worry if you are not advanced in meditation. All these retreats accommodate the beginner to advanced, providing experienced support and instruction for all. And you’ll be with a lovely group of new like-minded spiritual seekers for you to meet too.

We have collected here what we believe are the most worthwhile and beneficial meditation focused holidays with only positive guest reviews, for your next wellness experience coming soon hopefully.


         1. 14 Day Holistic Meditation and Yoga Retreat, Italy  

This retreat is perfect for regaining your vital energy, with a consequent increase in the power of concentration and creativity. Meditation and Yoga sessions will be guided by the Yoga instructors who gained their experience over years of theoretical and practical training and who are able to support any level from beginners to the more advanced. 
Every morning you will have a 1.5h Hatha Yoga lesson. It can be demanding, but absolutely accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert yogi. You will have the opportunity to take part in different meditation and Yoga Nidra sessions.
If you have never tried them, you will discover the gentleness and the unique feeling of participating in them. Meditation of silence and of sound, the singing of mantras in Sanskrit – all meditations have their own effect, but all lead to a single final goal: to live knowingly and with great tranquility. 

From $1030; Dates- All Year Round


class outdoors
         2. 10 Day Beach Yoga Holiday in Italy

More awareness is being placed on mindfulness-based stress reduction practices. During this retreat you will learn ancient breathing practices and meditation techniques, as well as proper and effective alignment in postures that will help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. 

After leaving this lovingly created Beach Yoga Holiday in Italy, you will return home with tools to continue your practice, enabling you to access these gifts whenever and wherever you need it in order to return the “yoga calm” to your life. 

The program offers two Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Classes daily. Morning classes are usually stronger and move at a quicker pace, with emphasis on building strength; while the afternoon classes are typically slower, and proceed at a restorative, relaxing pace.

From $620 ; Dates- All Year Round

Tripadvisor reviews

yoga training class       
         3. 10 Day Holistic Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Italy
If you prefer the “sweetness of doing nothing” and you want to be lazy all the time, you can do it, no problem! All the activities are of an excellent level, but they are not obligatory (except for Karma Yoga).
Join this magnificent opportunity to relax and ease the tensions of everyday life. Come and savour the magic of this period residence and live an experience unique in its kind.
The cost of this retreat includes-


9-night accommodation

2 yoga classes per day

4 meditation sessions per week

Group walk to explore the surrounding areas

Quality support during your stay

Coffee, tea, fruit and snacks

3 organic and vegetarian meals per day

Two changes of sheets and towels per week

Evening projection of themed films

Satsang of Yoga philosophy in front of the fire (Weather permitting)
From $730 ; Dates- All Year Round
solo woman by pool with green juice

4. 7 Day Transformative Yoga retreat, Tuscany in Italy

From $2780 ; Dates- Multiple months of the year

Surrounded by the wild nature and it’s healing properties your whole being will revive. You will gain a great sense of clarity and connectedness with yourself on a spiritual level.

This retreat is for you if you want to:

Rest and restore in the blissful atmosphere of picturesque Tuscany

Dive into the world of love and healthy spirituality

Gain great inspiration and meet amazing like-minded people

Beginner and intermediate levels of practitioners are welcome to join this retreat. Enjoy being nurtured and pampered, free from the responsibilities of daily life, with an experienced team that dedicated staff to look after your every need.

The retreat package includes –

3 daily delicious and nutritious meals

Water, tea, coffee served throughout the day

Specialized workshops ; “Find Your Path” – Self-reflective Oracle Deck Workshop, Self-love as a
Lifelong Discipline Workshop, Self Healing and Self Management Workshop, Making Scented
Candle Workshop, and Hatha Yoga Immersion Workshop

Professional event photos during your retreat ; the best time to capture your memorable moment of
your life

Pre and post retreat support 

7 days, 6 nights accommodation among stunning Tuscany, Italy

Course Manual Book Retreat

Welcome drink

Goodie Bag

Your own personal retreat mobile phone to keep connected to your Eastern host team at all times

Cultural session on retreat which can include workshops, Tour and Wine Testing, Cooking  Class, mandala making, scented candle making and hiking to the beautiful Tuscany

12X Daily Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama session

Seven Chakra Diagnosed and Balancing Workshop

relaxing yoga pose outdoors



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