The Best Spas & Wellness Resorts in Asia

There is something very unique about a health focused holiday in Asia. With their knowledge and experience over millennia in the different healing practices, there is nowhere quite like it for the expertise and personal results.

To put a large distance between yourself and your home and your daily routine makes it all the more easy to immerse yourself completely in the process of rejuvenation and change in the most spectacular surroundings.

If you wish to explore or deepen your yoga and meditation then there really is no other place like Asia to come to, with it’s ancient history in all practices – in Buddhist meditation, Balinese healing, Spa therapies, Ayurveda treatments, energy healing, the traditional yogic lifestyle, authentic yoga practice, and all spiritual meditations.

This wellness retreats collection is the ultimate bucket-list of the best spa resorts with the most holistic retreat experiences – providing positive outcomes for the mind and body, improving your overall well-being. These holidays have exploded in recent years, making these best wellness retreats the most popular getaways to join in on.

Here are our…

…Top Asia Wellness Retreats


With very positive guest outcomes and reviews these wellness spas are the best of the best in Asia.




         1. Como Shambhala Estate, Ubud, Bali

What they say – ‘COMO Shambhala Estate is located near Ubud, Bali—a true ‘Retreat for Change’ with resident experts including a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic doctor and resident dietician. The holistic, 360-degree approach offers signature massage therapies and beauty treatments. Cuisine is always nutritionally balanced while the residences, suites and villas suit independent guests, couples or families. Guests who want to make a lasting commitment to change can embark on one of our targeted Wellness Programmes — Cleanse, Be Active, Ayurvedic and Bespoke — starting from three nights. 

What we say – The most established and well known relaxation and therapeutic spa resort in Bali. Set in the rainforest in Ubud, with a tranquil and immersive feeling. Luxurious accommodation, great food, and a professionally run spa and programs. Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards 2021 Voted 5th.

Website – COMO Shambhala Estate 

COMO Shambhala Estate Reviews


swimming pool in rainforest


            2. Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

What they say – Your wellness journey begins with an initial consultation to identify your goals and personalise your program. Includes vital contributions from Naturopaths, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, Yoga teachers, fitness trainers, massage therapists, Meditation and Life Enhancement Mentors and other complementary health practitioners.

What we say – A quiet and serene center, maybe too quiet for some. Harmoniously integrated with it’s natural surroundings, the spiritual feeling of the land pervades every part of the day. Enjoy the group sessions of yoga and meditation and choose from an array of private classes and therapies. Too expensive for what is on offer here.

Website – Kamalaya

Kamalaya Reviews

open air training


         3. Amatara Wellness Resort, Phuket, Thailand

What they say – Our secluded location on the Southern tip of Phuket, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea continues to provide an ideal setting for experiencing leisure and wellness— relaxation along with your own journey of personal discovery.

Choose from a wide range of Retreat experiences while staying in some of Phuket’s most spacious Suites, along with 35 Private Pool Villas and 17 Private Pool Pavilions—all with sea views—our resort offers privacy and space, embraced by nature.

What we say – This wellness haven has quickly become the go-to health and wellness vacation destination of Thailand. Offering comfortable accommodation, good facilities and many classes and stay packages to focus on different areas. Good value, well-run classes.

Website – Amatara Phuket

Amatara Wellness Resort Reviews

villa estate


       4. Ananda-in-the-Himlayas, Uttarakhand, India

What they say -Ananda is an award winning luxury destination spa resort situated at the Himalayan foothills in Northern India. Located on a 100 acre Maharaja’s Palace Estate, Ananda is surrounded by graceful Sal forests and overlooks the spiritual town of Rishikesh and the Ganges river valley.

Ananda, one of the best luxury wellness retreats in India and the world, integrates traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta with international wellness experiences, fitness and healthy organic cuisine to restore balance and harmonize energy.

What we say – Awarded the best spa in the world and for good reason. The focus on health and rejuvenation is in their practice of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. Set near the foothills of the Himalayas, with a team of experienced healers, teachers and therapists to support you in your journey. A traditional old worldly feel to this historic center in it’s natural surroundings.

Website – Ananda Spa

Ananda in the Himalayas Reviews

open air pavilions in himalaya foothills

  5. Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat & Spa, Pune, Maharashtra, India

What they say – Our retreat is nestled in the Sahyadri mountain range, a five-minute walk from the small village of Shillim. Connect with a personalized Dharana wellness program with yoga, meditation, conservation walks, and cooking lessons. Ayurveda-inspired dining, quiet zones, and private villas calm the senses amid views of the Western Ghats.

Our award-winning spa is home to a meditation cave, relaxation center, salon, and yoga pavilion. Therapies include acupressure, reiki, pranic healing, and hydrotherapy — and multi-day wellness programs are available. We fuse South Asian traditions with contemporary techniques, and our 17 treatment suites feature private gardens with al fresco showers.

What we say – A luxury spa hotel in an incredibly beautiful mountainous valley setting, for refreshing and relaxing breaks, with a range of wellness programs attached to their pampering and indulgent spa. 

Website –  Hilton Shillim Estate

Hilton Shillim Reviews

mountain view infinity pool


      6. Kandy Samadhi Center, Kandy, Central Sri Lanka

What they say – The concept of Samadhi is a testament to a new era in Sri Lankan development where the ambience of old village life and the westerner’s desire to escape to nature can merge. But take heed – no two visits to this unique place can ever be the same. The visitor constantly finds new levels of intrigue and inspiration. You need time to absorb the intricate nuances which begin to unravel between visits.

Remember there is no Sinhala word for goodbye. The person about to depart calls out “ Mama gehilla enang! I will go and return. To which the response is ‘Gehing enna! Yes, go and return!” Once you find your way to Samadhi, you will understand why returning there is also part of your journey.

What we say – The setting and ambience is intoxicating with nature, forest and mountains, and the retreat itself sits on a small river ravine which adds to the slow and relaxing pace.

Website – Kandy Samadhi Center

Kandy Samadhi Reviews

garden meditation

         7The Farm at San Benito, Batangas, Nr. Manila, Philippines

What they say – years of profound commitment to our vision on healing has driven us to push for continuous improvement across our Five Healing Components – Holistic Integrative Medicine, Spa and Acquatherapy, Plant-based Whole Foods Vegan Cuisine, Movement & Functional Fitness, the Environment and its people.

What we say – A great getaway for those based in Manila looking for a complete change of routine. A well established spa with stay programs and medical wellness components.

Website – The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito Reviews

open natural environment view


     SECTION 2 – Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Spa and Healing


             8. OneWorld Ayurveda, Bali

What they say – Led by professionals Oneworld Ayurveda is South East Asia’s leading Ayurvedic center offering genuine Panchakarma detox programs. The luxury 12 rooms retreat is surrounded by Bali’s most spectacular rice terraces and quaint villages and is welcoming guests since 2016.

What we say – The only Panchakarma retreat in Bali, although if this is what you are looking for then the authentic and traditional programs in India offer far more in their treatments. India also offers very experienced Ayurvedic practitioners, doctors and hospitals connected to their resorts.

Website – Oneworld Ayurveda

OneWorld Ayurveda Reviews

yogis holding hands


          9. Bagus Jati, Ubud, Bali

What they say – Bagus Jati offers a holistic retreat with range of wellbeing facilities and programs, covering Yoga, Meditation, Rejuvenating Spa treatment which includes Ayurveda, Detox program, Nature and Balinese culture programs. Resort facilities is completed with day spa, specially designed three yoga rooms, along with restaurant that use fresh organic vegetables that coming from our on site garden. Escape the daily stress of life, Learn to live well. 

What we say –  Probably the best value luxury healing spa in Bali, with a good spa offering Ayurveda and other therapeutic treatments. Yoga and meditation classes provide the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in the environment, surrounded by paddy fields and jungle. 

Bagus Jati Website

Bagus Jati Reviews


terraced paddy fields


        10. Adiwana Resort Jembawan, Ubud, Bali

What they say – This 41 room property is a healing sanctuary for personal renewal with affordable solutions to many of the issues caused by trying to exist in today’s fast paced world. It is a place where you are encouraged to slow down, eat nutritious food and return to the basics of simply living well.

Adiwana Resort Jembawan is a boutique wellness retreat in the heart of Ubud that focuses on body, mind and spirit rejuvenation. With its team of onsite experts, including an Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor, the resort offers lifestyle programs that are tailored to address any specific health concerns you may have.

What we say – A lovely resort focused on relaxing & rejuvenating spa and wellness programs that give the opportunity to really achieve a refresh and reset of the mind and body. The Balinese culture pervades everything here, making it a peaceful and serene experience.

Adiwana Jembawan Website

Adiwana Jembawan Reviews

yoga pose in shala


       11. Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, Phuket, Thailand

What they say – Nestled in a hilltop in one of Phuket’s most sought-after locations, in proximity to the best beaches, viewpoints, temples and the famous big Buddha, the uniquely designed Boutique Wellness Resort in Phuket caters for adults-only, desiring relaxation, staying away from the crowds and personalised service.

Mangosteen is the No.1 Ayurveda Resort in Thailand, the only Wellness resort with a permanent onsite Ayurveda doctor. All-inclusive wellness, Ayurveda & Yoga retreats are available all year round, offering best value for money.

What we say – Over recent years this retreat has built a reputation as the only Ayurveda centre in Thailand. The extensive spa menu and array of packages will not disappoint. A very popular choice in Phuket for a rejuvenating short break.

Website – Mangosteen Phuket

Mangosteen Ayurveda Phuket Reviews

beautiful villa pool garden


       12. Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, Kerala, Inida 

What they say – Set on the shores of the mesmerizing Arabian Sea, just 12km away from the world famous backwaters of Alappuzha, the luxurious Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort, set amidst verdant tropical greens, provides you the best of ‘God’s own country’ and is meticulously designed to be a perfect restful and rejuvenating escape.

What we say – Renowned for the beautiful venue and setting, plus a great location far from anywhere to lose yourself in their professionally run Ayurvedic programs for health, weight-loss, stress and detoxification. Will always be a memorable event in your life to stay here.

Website – Carnoustie Ayurveda Wellness
Carnoustie Ayurveda Wellness Resort Reviews
luxury private pool villa
         13.Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort, Kerala India

What they say – Somatheeram is located on the stunning Malabar beach in Kerala, India. Somatheeram has already been awarded 10 times as “Best Ayurvedic Centre” in Kerala. The team of doctors consists of renowned Ayurveda specialists and has been specializing in the treatment of Western diseases for more than 30 years. Not least because of this, over 98% of our guests are satisfied with their Ayurveda treatment at the Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort.

If you want to experience an authentic Ayurveda treatment on the breathtaking Malabar coast of Kerala, you’ve come to the right place. Be it to increase your well-being or to tackle specific health problems such as back pain, stress symptoms or overweight with the help of Ayurveda. Based on our experience, we have put together various treatment packages that are considered selected treatment approaches.

What we say – Possibly the best value wellness resort in India for professional Ayurvedic treatments. In a lovely location on the sea and with an on-site Ayurvedic hospital and doctors to support you in your health objectives and focused programs to resolve physical ailments.

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort Website

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort Reviews

meditation on a sunset beach


            14. Kalari Kovilakom – Kerala, India

What they say – Healthy living is about living wholly, in harmony with nature, our environment and our own core self. It is about integrating our mind, body and soul. Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing and living, is the only one of its kind in the world that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our well being. With a therapeutic approach that gets to the core of our personality, behaviour and lifestyle, Ayurveda is more than a mere system for curing ailments; it in fact charts out a complete lifestyle for disease-free living.

What we say – Traditional, authentic Ayurveda courses withe their reliance on the core components of the health treatments, yoga, meditation, and social elements of mantra and a supportive group.

Kalari Kovilakom Website

Kalari Kovilakom Reviews

open-air yoga



               15. Santani Wellness Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka

What they say – Harmonising health science innovations from around the world with the most effective treatments of Sri Lankan Ayurveda, Santani offers a thoughtful, sustainable approach to wellness: we pamper your body to revitalize you here and we educate your mind so that you leave our wellness retreat with healthy habits and practices which allow you to enjoy greater mental, spiritual and physical well-being for years to come.

What we say – Sri Lanka is known for eco-conscious, sustainable retreats which exist harmoniously with the natural surroundings. Santani is no exception. A cool, modern and stylish venue integrated with, and sitting on top of the beauty of the central Sri Lankan mountains, rainforest and verdant river valley.

Website – Santani

Santani Wellness Reviews

 central Sri Lankan mountains

         SECTION 3 – Fitness & Detoxifying Programs
           16. Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort , Phuket Thailand

What they say – a preferred destination for long-stay guests, weekend getaways, camps and corporate retreats, because everything you need is in one location supported by warm, friendly staff.

Hotel Guest Inclusion: 
  • Complimentary access to 900 sqm gym.
  • Complimentary access to group classes as per monthly schedule.
  • Complimentary access to 25m, 50m pools and 500m running track.
  • Complimentary access to indoor tennis courts, subject to availability.
  • Complimentary access to outdoor tennis courts, subject to availability.
  • Complimentary access to Lifestyle Locker with towel service (including sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and ice bath).

Combine your stay at Thanyapura with one of our sports or health packages.  Each package is designed to be flexible around your goals and expectations for your stay and can be customized to suit any requirements. 

What we say – An exceptional multi-disciplinary estate with the most incredible facilities for all sports and disciplines. Popular with world class athletes for extended training camps plus country level sports teams.

Whether it’s running, swimming, tennis, football or any other sport, the venue has it all for you. Plus there are a never ending schedule of classes, groups and workshops, including the more relaxation based yoga, pilates and meditation. The ethos is on mind and body. Physical fitness and emotional health.

Website – Thanyapura
Thanyapura Phuket Reviews
Phuket forest
           17. Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

What they say – Asia’s top wellness resort for fitness, health, lifestyle, weight management and more. 

We pride ourselves to be the only wellness fitness resort in Asia. We are the creators of award-winning guest experiences, the benefits of which will last a lifetime.

Our crafted programs leverage on our expertise in yoga, pilates, core programs and healthy food programs from being part of ABSOLUTE YOU, the largest health & lifestyle brand in Thailand, to produce effective results.

ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY is the place to reconnect with yourself, recharge, revitalize & re-energize. We lead you on the journey to discover the best you. We transform you.

What we say – A very well established wellness hotel with a relaxing ambience, extensive spa and many classes in yoga, fitness and health activities.

The location is away from the crowds, a great hotel to come to for a focused detox or physical fitness regime.

Absolute Sanctuary Website
Absolute Sanctuary Reviews
absolute sanctuary venue aerial view

          18. Samahita Retreat, Koh Samui , Thailand

What they say – Since 2003, Samahita Retreat has been providing yoga retreats in Thailand. Samahita is dedicated to helping you increase your energy level, recover and enhance your vitality,  through yoga, fitness and wellness, in nature, directly on the beach.

YogaCoreCycle is our signature yoga fitness retreat program. It is designed to offer you – your BODY and MIND– a level of activity and REJUVENATION.

What we say – The best value retreat center in Thailand for combined fitness programs that include yoga, cycling and pilates. There is a spa on-site near the wind-swept secluded beach that the center sits on.

Samahita Retreat Website
Samahita Retreat Reviews
samahita beachfront pool
       19. Atmantan Wellness Centre Resort, Pune, Maharashtra, India

What they say – An international, luxury wellness destination is nestled on a unique crystal hill (that lends the land healing frequencies) and overlooks the pristine Mulshi Lake. The resort spans 42 acres and is located in Mulshi, a hill station close to Pune & Mumbai.

Atmantan offers the most transformative wellness experiences by incorporating a multi-dimensional approach. Our guests are offered tailor-made integrated wellness programs to suit their health profile and wellness objectives.

This award-winning wellness resort is truly the holistic amalgamation of the Atma (soul), mana (mind) and tann (body). Atmantan offers its guests result-oriented wellness experiences, such that they return to their daily lives healthier, happier and transformed!

Our guests travel to us to de-stress, detox and relax, for medicinal reversal (for conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, disease management, improving aerobic/cardiovascular fitness, rejuvenation with Ayurvedic Panchkarma, reaching their optimum weight with weight loss retreat, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, pain management, emotional healing or to rekindle their inner spirit by diving deeper in our Yoga & Meditation ritual.

What we say – A good reputation for the mix and variety of professional programs in weight loss, fitness, detoxification, and all with the foundation  of yoga and meditation classes.

Website – Atmantan
Atmantan Wellness Center Reviews

fitness exercise

We hope this gives you a good breakdown of the specialities of these wellness spas. Asia has it all waiting for you. The special ingredient to all of these is the atmosphere in the centers, and this comes from the people.

With Hinduism and Buddhism being the main religions, from the island of Bali (especially the incredibly fantastic area of Ubud), then holy spiritual India, to the people of amazing Thailand, the rituals and ceremonies take place every day, which makes for a very spiritual ambience. And the people you find here exude a calmness and acceptance over everybody’s differences and life’s stresses.

There are festivals at all different times of the year, like the vegetarian festival, luxury yacht exhibitions and sailing Regattas at Phuket island, to the traditional multi-faith Diwali celebration.

It is this atmosphere that adds to the feeling of freedom and total relaxation, harbouring the opportunity for a total wellness refreshment and nourishment.

Enjoy yourself, savour the feeling of returning home exhilarated and ready to inspire yourself and others, and move forward in your life.

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