The Pros And Cons Of The Top 4 Juicing Detoxes

As a busy young professional, I spend a lot of time on the go. Often, I don’t have time to eat as healthily as I’d like. When I’m in a rush, I’ll inadvertently consume too many calories or large portions of processed food in my efforts to stave off hunger while I’m working.

It’s hard to avoid eating poorly during a busy work week, which is why juice cleansing is a life saver – literally. Juice cleansing is all the rage, and for good reason. It can give your digestive system a good kick in the butt, and when executed properly can hit the reset button on your metabolism. If you’re busy and on-the-go, a juice cleanse can be the ultimate way to give your body the rest and relaxation it needs to reboot your immune system and digestive tract.

Be careful, though. Not all juice cleanses are created equal! The safety of each juice cleanse varies dramatically. For that reason, we’ve listed all the pros and cons of the top 4 juicing cleanses. You deserve the very best when it comes to juice cleansing, and we want to help you make the best decision for your mind, body, and spirit.

Life Juice

Life Juice is a popular juice cleanse amongst the elite Hollywood crowd. This juice company is all about using whole, natural ingredients. It’ll give your body a jump start when trying to lose weight, and kick your sugar cravings to the door.


  • The juices are packed with whole foods, phytonutrients, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins straight from the earth.
  • Their natural, premium ingredients are immediately frozen in their raw form.
  • You get a bonus Life Juice Spa Detox Salt Bath to help soothe your muscles and joints.
  • It comes with a super cute tote bag, so you can take your juice with you to work when you’re busy.
  • Delivery is available throughout the United States.


  • Juices are not pasteurized and must be consumed within three days of defrosting.
  • This juice cleanse only has 6 flavors for the 3 day cleanse, making it a bit repetitive.
  • You need to follow a vegan diet for three days before and after the cleanse.
  • It’s a little bit expensive, at $180 for just 3 days of juicing.
  • You might experience intense waves of emotion during the cleanse.

Suja Cleanse

Beautiful bottles of Suja juice are often seen on the blogs and Instagram accounts of health and wellness gurus like Gimme Some Oven and Lean Clean Eating Machine. These gorgeously packaged bottles prove that there’s more to a book than its cover – they’re also a super-healthy boosting juice that’ll leave your body saying, “thank you for loving me.” But what are the pros and cons of the Suja Cleanse?


  • It comes in 1-day, 3-day, and 5-day packages, so you can keep your options open.
  • These juices are pure, 100% juice.
  • A lot of juice cleanses incorporate too many fruits and vegetables, which result in a bland tasting drink. Suja keeps it simple, allowing each flavor to shine through.


  • You may experience headaches, stomachaches, or dip in energy levels.
  • Six juices a day can be quite a lot of juice, and you’ll need to use the bathroom often.
  • The wide range of vegetables can taste a little “earthy” if you’re not used to eating plants like kale or celery very often.
  • You may feel hungry on the cleanse. Your body starts to panic when stop eating, but after a while it’ll realise you’re getting the nutrients you need from the juice.

Blueprint Cleanse

The Blueprint Cleanse is a celebrity favorite and was awarded “2012 Diet of the Year.”  Like the Suja Cleanse and Life Juice, Blueprint Cleanse comes in pre-packaged bottles and are vegan juices made from fruits, vegetables and spices. Let’s take a look at how the Blueprint Cleanse stacks up to its competition.


  • You’ll have lots of energy on this cleanse.
  • You won’t feel as hungry as you would on other cleanses.
  • You can buy it at Whole Foods, which makes it more convenient than other juice cleanses.
  • At only 1100 calories a day, you’re bound to shed those last five pounds.
  • It’s easy enough for juice cleansing beginners to try out.


  • The taste of the green juice flavors aren’t for everyone. Although many people will say you “get used to it,” some people will not enjoy the taste.
  • The price is pretty steep; a 3-day cleanse costs $205.
  • Prepping for the cleanse can be a little difficult because the only advice that Blueprint gives is to “eat a lot of veggies and fruits” beforehand.

iZO Cleanse

The iZO Cleanse is the intense older brother of the other cleanses mentioned in this article. The cleanse was designed by Tim Martin after he began juicing for his friends from his home kitchen. Everyone loved Martin’s juices so much he started a successful cleanse company. Thus, the iZO cleanse was born. Here are the pros and cons of this cleanse.


  • It’s unlike the other options because it calls for nearly double the amount of juice, which makes it more powerful at detoxifying your body.
  • The juice contains exotic ingredients like reishi mushrooms and fermented chlorella which give it enhanced health-boosting effects.
  • The package also includes laxatives and liver cleansing pills, making it all the more intense.
  • ‘Double the juice’ means you won’t be hungry during this cleanse.


  • This cleanse isn’t for beginners or the weak of heart; you need to commit to doing the pre-cleanse week if you aren’t already proficient in detoxing your body.
  • It’s an intense cleanse. Many reviewers talk about the cleanse being for advanced detoxers or people already living a clean lifestyle. If not, the cleanse will be quite a shock to your system.
  • The taste! Forbes columnist, Kat Odell, says “They all display various hues of murky brown with odd smelling aromas, some taste like wood, some taste like the smell of musk (really), and some taste a little bit dirty but not in a terrible way.”

The Life Juice, Suja, Blueprint, and iZO cleanse provide a healthy solution to restart your digestive system. Overall, cleanses provide you with more vegetables and fruits than you’d normally eat during a 24-hour period, but they also come with some drawbacks.

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