Mercury Retrograde Effects 2021 & 2022

I’m sure you have those touchy days when you discover without warning you are holding onto a large amount of deeply buried emotional pain. This pain shows itself like a volcano coughing out smoke, ash, and lava, and before you know it you are seething with chaotic emotions, causing more sudden upsets with friends and family. 

“What gives?!” you might ask. Upon closer examination, you may discover all of this emotional turmoil is timed perfectly with the beginning of Mercury in Retrograde Transit across heaven above you, and what you are experiencing is the effects of the Mercury Retrograde on Humans.

It’s not a good time for major decisions. Lacing together simple plans becomes difficult under Mercury in Retrograde influence. It’s a hard time for speaking clearly about what is on your mind. If you are attentive, you will notice others struggling as you are.

You may experience unusual gut issues during this time, and you may find yourself a little more tired than usual. Mercury is “moving backwards”, and it is affecting everyone.

The dirty corners of the past may invite themselves to take centre stage in your mental and physical world, wanting to be taken to the baths for a good scrub down. The past is asking you for this favour.

If it was your habit to run from the past it will catch up with you during this time, and most likely with unexpected benefits. You will suddenly remember or be remembered fondly by people and things you may have forgotten, until the transit unveiled those dusty corners of your memory.

Your brand new iPhone might die on you, or you may experience delays, accidents, or obstacles when it comes to any technology and travel. You might feel more shy than normal, or you may just want to go hide somewhere.

It is also possible you will be less coordinated, making you accident or injury prone in many different undertakings, including during your asana practice, so be extra careful of those old injuries. Anxiety may become a struggle for you at this time. You may persistently feel like an emotional wreck.

This is all part of the experience.

The Retrograde Mercury is lending you an inward push through its movement. This energy is meant to free you up as future opportunity awaits. The push can be a headwind if you fight it, or a tailwind if you invite it. Embracing the tailwind, the voyage will open new exciting frontiers.

2021 Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • January 30 to February 19
  • May 31 to June 21
  • September 28 to October 16

2022 Mercury Retrograde Dates

  • January 14 – February 4
  • May 10 – June 3
  • September 10 – October 2
  • December 29 – January 1

Are you ready, or not?

Letting Mercury Retrograde

Despite the dread most people feel during the onset of Retrograde Mercury, it can be a great two-fold opportunity for you. First and foremost it is a golden “green light” for you to probe the innermost parts of yourself, and gain some serious awareness and personal insight. By extension, it is also a delightful time for you to change your pace, as well as exercise stillness and friendly, loving restraint towards others.

The retrograde “messenger” that is Mercury reveals to you many hidden things to ponder. Though you may find yourself confused at times and unable to make clear decisions, it invites you to tackle your uncertainty. Seek actual clarity with diligence before you act on anything. You are both capable and inspired at this time to probe for that clarity. Get help if you cannot do it alone. Ask questions, no matter how foolish you may think them.

Additionally, Mercury can compel you to cultivate patience with yourself and others by bringing your attention to the need for empathy-based responses in a crisis, instead of emotional reactions or overthinking. Take your time. Do not rush. It does not matter how long it takes. Even if everyone around you chooses to react emotionally, try making an empathetic response instead.

During Mercury Retrograde, be extra vigilant with the things you say. Hearts are especially fragile during this transit. Special care with the words you speak will help you avoid hurting others, whether they are stranger or friend. Also, you should slow down in order to communicate more precisely.

If nothing else, the Effects of Mercury Retrograde on Humans is a great time to be observant. Journal… Meditate… Watch yourself and your situation very closely. Retreat from your typical concerns. Journal some more. Be loving, gentle, and kind. Shine your smile. Stay in your truth and adjust your pace whenever you run into bumps.

And most importantly, remember to breathe.

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Nicholas Ratliff

Nicholas Ratliff is freelance a visionary artist, writer, researcher, and educator that has been formally studying Asian Classics and independently analysing Esoteric subjects for fifteen years. His areas of interest include Astrology, Amatuer endeavors in Comparative Religion, Ancient History, Yoga practice, Meditation, Creativity, Imagination, Healing, Therapy, Human Potential, Journaling, Qi Gong, Tibetan Buddhism, and Nonviolence. He currently resides in Santa Cruz, California where he continues his research projects, studies, and provides educational and astrological consultation for students and clients of all ages.