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In today’s crazy, fast paced environment, weight loss has become increasingly challenging for so many of us. Between career, family, and maintaining a social life, it’s all too easy to let health and good eating habits fall by the wayside. So, if you’re looking to reset your health and jumpstart your weight loss goals, we can think of no better way than with one of our stunning, health focused weight loss retreats in Thailand.

Set against jaw-dropping surroundings, these weight loss retreats will help you to reset your weight, implement healthy habits, and relax your mind and body – all while indulging in total luxury.

Take a look at some of our top weight loss retreats & holidays.

Absolute Sanctuary Weight Loss Retreat (11 or 15 days)


Why it’s popular:  Weight loss retreat and total bliss. We bet you’ve never heard those two in the same sentence together – until now. Award winning serene wellness hotel, Absolute Sanctuary, combines infinity pools, decadent spa treatments, and unparalleled luxury with guilt-free food and a holistic weight loss program.  Discover, dare we say it, a truly enjoyable weight loss experience.

What to expect: This Weight Management Retreat is designed to set you up for success both during and after your retreat. You’ll enjoy Pilates classes, spa cuisine meals, one month supply of weight management supplement, hands-on cooking class, personalized and group fitness sessions colon hydrotherapy, FAR infrared sauna session, luxurious spa treatments, and more.  You’ll leave here with the tools to bring your health program out of paradise and back into the real world. 

Click here for our 11 day option and 15 day option.

Samahita Weight Loss Retreat (10 or 14 days)

Samahita Weight-Loss Retreat

Why it’s popular: Taking a holistic approach to weight loss, Samahita helps you to go deep and explore not only the physical, but also the root causes of your weight and health issues.  The unique Weight-Loss Retreat Program combines its signature Ayurvedic herbal weight loss formula with optimal food and juices, professional consultation, meditation and yoga/fitness classes to help you rediscover your health and ideal weight.

What to expect: Set amongst the pristine beaches and lush landscape of Koh Samui, this weight loss holiday offers everything you need to rebalance your body, mind, and soul.  Your stay includes nutritious meals, access to all yoga/fitness classes, seven infrared sauna therapy sessions, two ‘Body & Soul’ therapies, two firming Body Wrap and Stimulating Body Scrubs, four traditional abdominal massages and access to all Samahita facilities including the pool and steam room. Get ready to experience true transformation.

Click here for our 10 day option and 14 day option.

8 Day Thanyapura Weight Loss Detox Retreat
8 Day Thanyapura Detox Retreat

Why it’s popular: With an emphasis on detoxification and cleansing, this beautiful 8-Day Thanyapura Detox Retreat will have you leaving, glowing from the inside out. Thanyapura recognizes that our bodies are overloaded with toxins we pick up from our daily life through food, body products, pollution, stress, and even the thoughts we think. Their trained professionals guide you through a tailored detox program that helps you to release toxins that may be impeding your weight loss efforts and set you on a brand new path to health.

What to expect: Detoxing meets luxury at this gorgeous retreat, located just 20 minutes from Phuket’s best beaches. With the support of qualified medical doctors, registered nurses, dieticians, and wellness experts, you’ll be guided through a deeply cleansing process. This process includes oil pulling, a plant-based nutrition program, Infrared Sauna access, liver detox infusion therapy, heavy metal analysis, ozone therapy, two colon hydrotherapies, two abdominal detoxification massages and your yoga and fitness classes daily.  You’ll leave feeling lighter, clearer, and in control of your health and weight after this decadent weight loss retreat.

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