Tips for Intention Setting Exercises

The word intention seems to be here, there and everywhere lately but do we really understand its importance and power?

Lets start with what they are all about. Intentions are completely personal; they can be expressed as a prayer, mantra, affirmation, song, poem or anything that resonates deeply inside of you. This specific path of finely tuned energy creates a vortex of, which holds a certain vibration. Lets consider the saying “Where your attention goes, energy flows”.

If you believe it or not is up to you, but ultimately when you focus your energy, time and effort into something it grows and the more energy you feed it the stronger it becomes.

Here’s some tips on bringing your intentions to the surface:

#1: Write, Write, Write

Write, write and write some more: Simple, easy and totally effective! Writing is an automatic way to acknowledge what the mind is saying and get straight to the source of your intentions. I am not talking about the editing and perfecting process of writing, I am suggesting the automatic writing which requires no real thought process or direction – just write with no expectations, direction or theme. All of this will come, so all you have to do is begin!

In the beginning this process may seem like a sporadic and random mish mash of the mind but once this clears you can shift your thoughts to your intentions. Write, create, dream and manifest your intentions via your writing! Covering everything and anything by mapping out what it is, how you will achieve it and most importantly how it will make you feel!

#2: Physically Plant New Seedlings in The Earth

This is a very symbolic way of planting your own seed intentions for the coming cycle and of course it gives back to the earth and makes you more connected to the earth you walk on. Each time you water these seedlings and nourish them with plant food you connect back to your seed intentions and continue to fertilize them with our inner current of gratitude. As your seedlings grow and evolve so will your inner seed intentions! Be mindful and present with each process to recognize change and transformation.

#3: Meditate

This does not necessarily mean sitting still in a uncomfortable position for hours getting stiff and sore. Meditation comes in many forms such as walking, dancing, singing, practicing yoga, drawing or anything where the mind is focused on one single thing. You can blink and move around but ultimately your meditation is in doing the task at hand and at the same time staying connected to your seed intention. So whatever you are involved in within your meditation practice you are establishing a deeper connection to your intention and are continuing to bring it to life.

#4: Share

Talking about and sharing your dreams, wishes and intentions with people you trust also helps to establish a strong relationship with your manifestations. They can also help keep you in check and on track, not in a negative way, because, remember they love you. But in a accountability way of “Hey, did you manage to contact that person about hiring their space?”. Like seedlings our intentions are delicate and can be easily hurt by neglect and words of discouragement so make sure you truly 100% trust this person you are opening up too.

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Delamay Devi

Delamay began her teaching journey 20+ years ago and since then has been meeting the needs of her students. She is a senior Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher and has been part of the Prana Flow mentoring program since 2008, Delamay is constantly called upon by her global tribe seeking advice and feedback about different aspects of living and teaching yoga on the road, expanding networks, planning and executing ideas, deepening and understanding different aspects of yoga and more. Delamay has been living nomadically, following the sun since 2009, actively teaching yoga since 2006 and began teaching dance way back in 1995! She has been invited to teach in the biggest studios in China and Japan, to the small rural communities in outback Australia. Delamay assists her mentor Shiva Rea annually and offers the only 200HR Prana Vinyasa Affiliate yoga teacher training program across Australia! Along with retreats in Bali, Spain, Turkey and France plus annual immersions in Lebanon, Malaysia, England, Bulgaria and Italy Delamay loves to travel and looks forward to meeting you soon! Delamay believes change and empowerment begins at a grass roots level and with our combined strengths and wisdom we can rise, grow and thrive together.