The 7 Best Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

In the rising wellness scene Meditation has become a buzz trend. The wisdom of ancient yogis and sages has the power to dramatically enhance body, mind and spirit.

A meditation practice can boost immunity, ward off disease, increase fertility, improve gut health, lower blood pressure, lower inflammation, increase mental clarity, improve sleep and create emotional balance – and that’s just the start for you!

Escape the stress of day-to-day life, develop your meditative technique and practices, experience an immersion into yoga & meditation designed to bring you into harmony and balance.

Incredible Meditation Opportunities

1. Featured Event- 7 Night Wellness and Yoga Retreat in Isolated Beauty
Location- Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand
Prices from $8900

aerial view of bay

Escape to a tranquil retreat spa hideaway that combines pure indulgence with the promise of exceptional health. With expansive views of the New Zealand coastline enjoy a smorgasbord of spa treatments, massage, yoga, meditation and other stress reduction therapies.

Relax in the infrared sauna, steam room, outdoor spa pool and infinity swimming pool. Discover the private beach, hike through the National Park or relax in your luxury abode. Included is also a healthy cooking class and personalized wellness consultations with on-site specialists.

More info – Split Apple Retreat New Zealand

Eat well, breathe deeply, live fully.


2. Featured Event- 14 Day Happy Yoga Retreat on the Beach
Location- Matara, Sri Lanka
Prices from $1500

open air yoga shala

The retreat begins on Sunday afternoon with a one on one session with the teachers to introduce you the retreat program and to answer all your questions. A gentle evening yoga and meditation session will help you to recover from a day of travelling before you join other retreat participants for your welcome dinner.

During the week you can enjoy daily classes of yoga, meditation, pranayama and workshops, and enjoy a lot of delicious food and drinks. Morning classes will offer a vinyasa style class, while classes in the afternoon are restorative or yin classes to offer relaxation and rejuvenation.

Daily workshops and meditation sessions are on offer for you each day. On the last evening you are invited to join a closing ceremony. The retreat ends with a morning yoga practice and a tasty breakfast.

Included are excursions – Safari, Rock Temple, or to see the turtles. If you would like to surf, grab a board, otherwise, enjoy a coconut lounging in a hammock, or walk up to the rocky point for a quiet meditation.

This package includes – 13 nights accommodation, three meals a day, 10 x 90 min Vinyasa Yoga classes, 12 x 90 min Restorative Yoga classes, 10 meditation sessions, 6 speciality workshops, two half day excursions, two one hour full body massages, two cooking demonstrations, and two private yoga sessions.

More info – Talalla Retreat Sri Lanka



3.Featured Event- 7 Night Better Sleep Retreat
Location- Nusa Dua, Bali
Prices from $5000

girl lounging in swimming pool

This program aspires to help you lower your blood pressure through music therapy, restorative yoga and meditation. If you want to relieve your body of stress and to detoxify your body, then this is the retreat for you.

Healthy and quality sleep is one of the most important aspects for achieving a healthier life, especially for preventing premature ageing. The program will help combat health imbalances that may be causing your sleeping issues. Improve and regulate your sleeping patterns whilst addressing the issues that might cause the disruption, so you can sleep easy not only on your holiday but once you return home too.

Food can be prepared according to your blood type – different blood types are predisposed to thrive – or not – on certain foods.

More info – Revivo Wellness resort Nusa Dua Bali

For more in Bali check out>>Best Meditation Retreats in Bali



meditative pose



4. Featured Event- 7 Day Transform Your Life Yoga Retreat
Location- Andalucia, Spain
Prices from $2600

outdoor asanas infant of blue ocean

This exclusive yoga and meditation retreat is the perfect environment to tap into your heart energy, nurture your soul and find peace with all that is. The intention behind this retreat is to help you get back on your feet when it feels like the world has been spinning out of control.
This deeply healing inner journey sets out to release negativity stored in both your body and mind, recharge your soul batteries and replenish your heart with peace, joy, and love.
Surrounded by the wild nature and it’s healing properties your whole being will revive. You will gain a great sense of clarity and connectedness with yourself on a spiritual level.
This beautiful 7-day retreat is a perfect opportunity for you to connect with yourself better by learning about how your mind works and how to make it work better for (not against) you; to meet and evolve with likeminded people from around the globe and share each other’s stories, experiences and perspectives; to deeply de-stress, detox and renew your body and soul; and to grow deeper awareness of both our inner and outer worlds.
Retreats are customized and tailored to suit your personal needs and goals and your dedicated retreat host will work alongside you to craft your unique itinerary.

The retreat package includes- 3 daily delicious and nutritious meals; 7 days, 6 nights accommodation among stunning Andalusia, Course Manual Book Retreat, 12 x Daily Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama session, with Pre and post retreat support from the team.

Plus the Specialized workshops ; “Find Your Path” – Self-reflective Oracle Deck Workshop, Self-love as a Lifelong Discipline Workshop, Self Healing and Self Management Workshop, Making Scented Candle Workshop, and Hatha Yoga Immersion Workshop.

More info – Transform to Bliss Transformational retreats Andalucia



5. Featured Event- 7 Night Horse Adventure of Joy and Healing
Location- Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Prices from $2600

Costa Rican beach

Emerge a fledgling cowgirl/boy – empowered, confident and inspired by the touch of a horse’s heart and the trust created in the adventures we share.
Whether you are new to horses or an experienced cowgirl, you will experience a depth of connection and awareness with horses, nature and each other that will fill your heart and spirit.
With Compassionate Horsemanship and Equine Gestalt, you experience horses gifts of unconditional love and expansive connection.
Immerse in the beauty of Costa Rica’s healing properties of earth, air and sea with a special horse at your side and experience a timeless connection and a new perspective. As the full moon rises out of a glowing sea, you activate your Joy Full Moon Vision and begin the journey to its manifestation.
In these challenging times on the planet, one can still truly get away from it all, to pause, reflect and create authentic intention. Experience the Power of your Intention through the healing connection with intuitive horses who activate awareness of your own inner knowing.
Devote this time of self care to focus on authentic you. Clarify your vision and an intentional path to follow it. A week of adventure to laugh, connect, heal and create intention – can change your life!

This healing retreat package includes – Horse Adventure Rides for all levels: beach, village, jungle and ranch; Compassionate Horsemanship & the three relationships of horse: Free Liberty, Stewardship, Leadership; Equine Gestalt Coaching; Full Moon Ride; Horse & Human Heart connection experiences; EquiTouch and EquiEnergy; Yoga and Intuitive Movement with Horses; and Horse Spirit Meditation.

More info – Horse Spirit Healing


6. Featured Event- 6 Night Bootcamp Meditation Retreat
Location- Tulum, Mexico
Prices from $2900

open-air group workshop

Thoughtfully-created retreats with a focus on vitality and rejuvenation. Take off to beautiful Tulum for a week of glorious sunshine, invigorating yoga, delicious healthy Mexican-inspired food and insightful yoga & meditation.

Explore the area, receive traditional Mayan spa treatments and spend time with like-minded people in a truly spectacular location.

More info – Amansala Hotel retreats



7. Featured Event- 10 Day Healthy Ageing Wellness Retreat
Location- Phuket, Thailand
Prices from $2700

yoga pose in forest

Thanyapura is a premier wellness resort situated on the idyllic island of Phuket. This unique retreat offering will teach you how to successfully apply breathing and mind techniques that gradually lead to the restoration of a state of consciousness of deep stillness and clarity.

Learn how to meditate for superior wellness and spend time in sessions of ‘quite and clarity’ that enables you to listen deeply within and find a profound sense of inner peace. Balance and harmony are discovered here like nowhere else on earth.

This fully inclusive yoga, meditation and wellness retreat also offers you luxury accommodations, exquisite healing meals, access to all facilities and wellness classes, private yoga, private spa therapies and private wellness consultations.

More info – Thanyapura Sports and Health resort Phuket Thailand

garden meditation class

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