Guide to the Top Bali Meditation Retreats 2023

Bali Meditation retreat offers many supportive ways to delve into your meditation, spirituality and healing.

On a meditation break you can explore personal enlightenment and understanding along with with other practices like yoga. You may like to combine this with other regimens such as detoxifying the body or the many types of physical activity. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

It’s with self-love that you explore the eternal journey of spiritual awakening and well-being. The path we take as spiritual beings can include many personal healing journeys and discoveries. A retreat here in Bali is an amazing place to start or progress your experience.

Bali offers an exceptional place to do this, with a really supportive environment. The religion here is mainly Hinduism, giving a calm and spiritual feeling to the community and place, which is further accentuated by the spiritual land itself, dotted with shrines and temples.

The activities that guide us in this journey are the range of meditation techniques often with breathing and forms of yoga, and many feel joyous and comfortable in the supportive practices of singing, chanting, mantras and dancing.

You may find that connecting with nature by spending time there surrounded by it’s natural untouched beauty supports you in this process, helping to seek clarity in what is important to you in this often busy life; and it’s not only routine that helps, new experiences of the self and senses can be inviting and eye-opening, leading to important realizations and change of perspective.

Your wellness benefits in so many noticeable rewarding ways. Meditation leads its to many benefits that include improved fitness, bodily immunity, mental concentration and more joy and satisfaction through the process of acceptance, leading to a happier and healthier state of mind and body.

Whether it’s a total transformation of body and mind through the process of renewal, or a pure meditation getaway, there are great opportunities for you to focus on this spiritual practice.

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The Balinese are calm, happy and smiling people. Being Hindu they are very approachable and it’s quite normal for them to approach you and make new friends. Their openness to all people and spirituality makes it a great spot to open your heart for your own wellness journey.

Here are the best retreats for you that have very positive guest reviews for their meditation instruction in Bali.


         1. 6 Days Yoga and Meditation Retreat In Bali      

Bali Sea, North of Bali

Spend time focused on your yoga and meditation, further develop your meditative techniques in breath work and guided meditations, deepen your understanding of self in the world and others.

From $550; Dates- All Year Round

More info – Bali Yoga School Retreats

meditating on a hills edge

         2. 5 Night Mind, Body and Spirit Rejuvenation

Ubud, Bali

This boutique personal resort is planted admits the jungle rainforest and paddy fields of the mountainous center of Bali. Spend time here on meditation and health promotion, taking advantage of it’s popular spa which provides Balinese and Ayurvedic healing treatments to aid a journey of self-care. Let us not forget that we are what we consume, and so the array of health foods let us become more connected with our bodily selves too.

An Ayurvedic doctor will create a personalized treatment program. The 5 Night Rejuvenation package includes your five-night stay, airport transfers, butler service, daily flowers and fruits basket, all your meals. Plus your schedule of – Wellness consultation, daily yoga classes, pranayama, and meditation, and 10 Ayurvedic and spa treatments.

From $1450 ; Dates- All Year Round

More Info – Adiwana Jembawan Resort

Bagus jati Sala

         3. 4 Night Emotional Balance and Mindfulness Retreat
A bespoke center in Nusa Dua, Bali
Set in comfortable villas and run by experienced staff who aid you in a process of reflection, change and growth. Healing is promoted in workshops, physical activity and diet.
From $2700 ; Dates- All Year Round
More info – Revivo Wellness resort
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solo woman by pool with green juice

4. 31 Day Yoga, Wellness & Meditation Holiday in Bali

Canggu, Bali

There will be up to 10 daily yoga classes and workshops each week to attend. Included is your vegan daily breakfast, comfortable accommodation for 30 nights and a little haven to focus on yourself. 

From $500 ; Dates- All Year Round

More info – Serenity Eco-Guesthouse Bali

yoga pose on the beach


5. 17 Day Spa, Adventure and Yoga Meditation Retreat in Bali

Quiet North Beach, Bali

Take an extended break in this quiet part of Bali away from all the tourists. The north of Bali offers the opportunity to get away from it all and completely relax and immerse into a variety of cultural trips, yoga, massage and meditation. And bonus, the yoga shala is directly beside the beach frontage.

From $2500 ; Dates- All Year Round

More info – Puri Bagus Lovina

meditating on a hills edge

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