5 Ways To Make Becoming Vegan Easier

Becoming a vegan is a very trendy thing to do nowadays, and many people are now trying this eating habit for a plethora of reasons. Some due to health concerns, others because they don’t like eating meat, and there are also those who just want to experiment with what goes into their body.

If you’re considering becoming vegan, there are ways to introduce this eating habit which make it easier on your body and less stressful. If you have been eating a diet of fast food hamburgers and microwave dinners for the last ten years, becoming vegan overnight could be worse for you initially then your old diet!

Our eating habits don’t just form overnight. They’re usually based on what our mothers ate when we were in womb, and what we were fed during childhood. Most people don’t venture too far from the food they were raised on.

If you want to change your diet in a drastic way, it could be a good idea to take small steps to avoid dramatic shock.

1. Increase quality

The first thing we can do when becoming vegan is to increase the quality of our food. Eat organic or pesticide free versions of food, and instead of eating out, cook at home instead. Also, prepare your food in a healthier way. For example, instead of frying,  try steaming. Instead of microwaving, try baking.

2. One thing at a time

Going vegan could be very different from your current diet. If it is, you might want to try eliminating one animal product from your diet at a time. If you have drunk milk since you were a kid, it may be better to just take that out first and wait a month or two before eliminating meat. Once you feel stable, then you can then get rid of red meat, next poultry, next fish, and so on. This will give you a chance to find healthy vegan replacements without throwing your system into shock.

3. Create a support network

Sharing a meal is one of the most social things we do. Whether with family, colleagues or friends, eating is often what we do with others the most. If you want to go vegan, you may find some resistance from your meat eating, dairy guzzling friends! If this is the case, it could be important for you to get support from a different community. You can look online or in your city for fun vegan hang outs and support groups. This could be the biggest aid for you on your journey towards having an animal free diet.

4. Relax

Many people become vegan for all the right reasons, and therefore think everyone else should become vegan as well. But if we become very uptight about our diet it can do more harm than good. In the beginning of changing your diet, it’s especially important to be easy on yourself. Just set a general intention about what you’re going to eat and do your best. If you go back to your old diet from time to time that is ok, as long you’re ultimately moving toward your goal.

5. Listen to your body

The best way to transition to becoming vegan is to listen to what your body tells you. This means becoming more aware of how you react to food and what your body wants. You will have to learn to differentiate between cravings and nourishment. Allow for experimentation, listen closely to the signals your body gives you, and see how it responses to different foods. If you get a good response you know you’re listening well, and if you don’t listen more closely and try again the next meal. Ultimately, your body will tell you everything you need to know.

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Word Smith

Word Smith has been practicing the esoteric/healing arts for twenty years. During this time he has delved deeply into Massage, Yoga, Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine, Buddhist philosophy and Internal Martial Arts. He holds a Doctorate in Medical Qi Gong, Bachelor’s in Philosophy, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, certifications in 5 body work styles, and 500 Hrs of Yoga Teacher Training. His teachers include Paul Pitchford, Michael Tierra, Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, Geshe Michael Roach and Sri Dharma Mittra. He currently lives in Sedona, Arizona translating Chinese and Tibetan and travels the world teaching Yoga and Qi Gong.