20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram

Need some inspiration in your Insta feed? Delete those unhealthy cafes and self-centred celebs, and get motivated by injecting some amazing yoga inspiration into your day. It might act as a reminder to hit the mat instead of the Netflix play button, or it may help your daily practice reach new heights with some handy yoga hints. Or, perhaps you’ll love following great yoga accounts on Instagram for other yogis daily insights and advice on how to incorporate yogic ideals into your lifestyle.

Whatever your reasoning, here’s our list of the best yoga Instagram accounts for your scrolling pleasure.

1. @acroyoga

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram

Boasting the best of beautiful balancing acts, this Instagram account showcases the amazing achievements of the acroyoga community. You’ll find feats of courageous cooperation, as well as a peek into the lives of acro yoga partners from all across the globe.

2. @lizarch

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram1

Liz Arch has created her own blend of yoga. Her unique fusion melds the flow of Vinyasa with the mesmerising beauty of Tai Chi and Kung Fu. This cool account will inspire you to channel energy in new and fun ways.

3. @amreborn

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram2

Thai yogi Am posts great yoga flow videos to inspire you. The good thing about following a yoga flow Instagram account is that you can see how she safely enters and exits the pose, as pictures can make it a bit of guesswork!

4. @cbquality

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram3

For some curvy yogi inspiration, look no further than this New York based yogi. Positive body image and beautiful poses abound in this Instagram account.

5. @mathieuboldronyoga

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram4

This global nomad and yoga teacher trainer’s account has everything! Healthy food ideas, pose tips, shots from Mathieu’s classes, as well as plenty of amazing poses held by the man himself. This account caters for and is sure to inspire everyone – cautious beginners and experienced yogis alike.

6. @robinmartinyoga

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram5

Seattle-based yogi Robin Martin offers a polished yoga Instagram account, boasting a huge number of followers that engage with her content everyday. Check out her perfect poses, acroyoga abilities and inspiring yoga challenges. Robin is also often involved in sharing thematic exercises. She encourages her followers to do them too and tag her, so this is the perfect Insta account if you’re looking for inspiration to get on the mat.

7. @laurasykora

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram6

Famous yogi mum Laura Kasperzak has made a name for herself by including her cute kids into her yoga practice. This is adorable, family-friendly Instagram account is perfect for yoga mums and dads.

8. @pocketdwarf

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram7

Canadian yogi Melissa Lee has incredible form in her yoga poses, which often include the added bonus of stunning Canadian backdrops. Melissa also promotes seasonal yoga focuses on her page, like the Happy Healthy Hammie pose guide in June.

9. @geraldsaluti

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram8

Gerald is a yoga teacher and body weight trainer who practices incredible inversions in some tight spots. Think wide-legged headstands in narrow corridors, and awe-inspiring handstands on windowsills! Gerald also shows that you can be a kick-ass yogi at any age.

10. @rivkayoga

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram9

Rivka not only has great form when it comes to her yoga poses, but she shares a lot of quality life advice too. This Instagram account lets you take the journey with her, and is a candid look into the life of an intense yogi. The gorgeous locations where Rivka practices will also help you fall in love with this account – Californian redwoods and stunning Hawaiian beaches, to name a couple!

11. @wanderlustfest

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram10

The official Instagram account of the Wanderlust Festival, this account will keep you up to date with all the latest news for this awesome yoga event.

12. @patbailey

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram11

Fancy some poetry with your yoga poses? Pat Bailey’s account has both pretty poetic prose and amazing photos of her practicing – all topped off with dramatic backdrops!

13. @jared.fu

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram12

Jared Fu has a special take on yoga, which blends it with breakdancing and ancient zen philosophy. His Instagram is also beautifully shot in detailed black and white, which makes for a dramatic, powerful feed.

14. @growsoulbeautiful

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram13

This yoga Instagram account aims to inspire its followers every day. It might be with a new pose, some poetry or an inspirational quote, but there’s always something gorgeous to behold.

15. @fitqueenirene

Yovada - Yoga instagram

Irene’s Instagram delivers you words of wisdom from a real yoga teacher with years of experience. Not to mention, she can do an incredible head-touching scorpion pose!

16. @brianmilleryoga

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram15

Brian Miller’s yoga journey began after a career in professional boxing, and he has since become a yoga instructor. His account features an accessible teaching style and safety tips for practicing yoga risk-free.

17. @tjhark

Yovada - 20-Yogis-You-Should-Follow-On-Instagram16

Taylor Harkness is a yoga inspiration for men everywhere. He well and truly puts the myth that men can’t be flexible to bed, and inspires everyone to get a little stretchier with his incredible account.

18. @kathrynbudig

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram17

Kathryn is an established yoga journalist for publications like MindyBodyGreen and Yoga Journal. Her Insta is like a little snippet of her life, including food inspiration, adorable dog pics, and of course, some great yoga poses.

19. @yogabeyond

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram18

Honza and Claudine Lafond are known as the ultimate yoga power couple. Their jet-setting acroyoga shots will both inspire your practice and make you want to book a flight and get travelling!

20. @yoga_holic

Yovada - 20 Yogis You Should Follow On Instagram19

Danielle Abisaab’s brand of yoga offers a little bit of offbeat inspiration. There are slick shots of her in her New York studio mixed in with some stop ‘n’ drop yoga in an urban setting.

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