How Travel Improves Your Overall Wellbeing

You probably don’t need to read an article to prove to yourself travel has health benefits. You can feel it in your heart for yourself every time you sit back, and put your feet up. You know it in your soul during those moments when you can fully relax, free from worry.

In today’s society so much of how we perceive our self-worth is based on productivity at work. This can result in people becoming disconnected with what their body and soul needs, so they will push through tiredness instead of taking rest. Taking a holiday or even the afternoon off can make you feel lazy, when really these things are simple self-care techniques.

If you have ever felt guilty about wanting time off, keep reading. You are worth so much more than your workplace productivity, and deserve a break to reconnect with your inner being.

The hard facts about health and holidays

Here are some sobering facts about the importance of vacationing. Many studies have been done on the health benefits of holidays, and the overall consensus agrees – chill out, it’s for your own good!

  • Women who take holidays and breaks less than twice a year increase their likelihood of suffering from depression. By getting out of stressful environments you’re giving yourself a chance to heal. If you’ve been feeling a little down lately, even a short break will bring new energy and vitality into your life. Travel can also help you figure out what in life will help you feel fulfilled.
  • Men who don’t take a holiday for several years increase their risk of heart attack by 30%. Try to listen to your body and know when you need to take a break. Nothing fixes heart problems like complete and utter relaxation.

How holidays can boost your physical and mental wellbeing

Okay, we’ve discussed the negatives – now let’s get to the positives! Here’s why taking time off is a great for boosting for your health:

  • Travel experiences have been found to increase your overall happiness and satisfaction with life more than acquiring material possessions.
  • Vacations are associated with improved mental health outcomes like compassion and empathy. Reset your feels with a trip away. By travelling outside your everyday environment you’re able to connect better with those around you, and live in the moment.
  • Holidays give you a chance to get back on track to a healthy body. When there are great sites to see and you’re feeling well rested, taking walks or heading to a yoga class will never feel like a chore. Vacations give you the space and the impetus to get out there and get active.
  • Studies from both Cornell University and the University of Surrey found that your happiness increases when you are planning a holiday. So what are you waiting for? Get Googling, book that leave, and go and see the world!
  • Have a read of our awesome blog post 9 surprising ways travel can change your perspective if you need any further convincing.

Why do people put off taking holidays?

The evidence is there, and has been for some time. Travelling is great for your health and protects you from unpleasant chronic illnesses, like cardiac disease and depression. Plus, it’s almost certainly more fun than your average job. So why is it that people will make excuses when it comes time to plan their holiday?

Many people don’t take their holiday leave as they feel like they are putting their colleagues in a tough position. But there’s so much more to life than making money, and in actual fact you’re much better at your job when you’re well rested.

For some people the disconnect between what their body and soul needs is vast. Like a mouse running on a wheel long after it’s tired, people will keep pushing themselves to their absolute limit. They will continue to drag themselves out of bed, throw coffee down their throats, and start seeing their headaches, sore shoulders and deflated moods as normal.

If this sounds like you, rest and reconnection is what you need. 

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Kelly Fielding

Kelly is a passionate writer, enthusiastic yogi and professional sunrise chaser. Kelly has traveled and worked extensively around the world in health resorts, detox centers, and wellness retreats. Specialising in health and wellness, her written work is regularly published in both print and online media. A gypsy heart and lover of nature, Kelly finds inspiration in the world around her and translates her visions into whimsical stories and creative projects.