4 Top Yoga Retreats in the UK for Weekend Bliss

There’s a lot about the UK that captivates my inner wanderlust. Reading stories of brave Vikings and myths of King Arthur has long drawn me to the idea of exploring the land of royalty, knights and castles.

What fascinates me the most about the UK is the idea of embarking on a spiritual tour across it’s countryside, enjoying the green fields, hills and mountainsides, picturesque villages and river ways, rugged coastlines and pebbly beaches. And all whilst hitting the mat on a yoga retreat.

From personal experience here are 4 hot yoga retreats United kingdom, from the countryside to the wilderness, not to be missed. No one sprints on a yoga marathon, so take the journey slow at these four mindful retreat centers…


1. The Zest Life (Isle of Anglesey, Wales)

Yoga is front and centre of the wellness philosophy here. It offers a diverse selection of retreat packages, from weekend yoga retreats to a female-exclusive experience called “Healthy Hen Retreat.”

Yoga retreats are offered for either two or three days, so it’s perfect for short breaks.

The centre’s retreat calendar is full year-round, including Yoga & Wild Swimming Weekends in Autumn (a guided retreat to some of North Wales’ rejuvenating waters) and Yoga and Wellness Weekends (focusing on building immunity resilience to welcome the changing seasons).

The retreats are held at Plas Cadnant, a secluded country home on the Isle of Anglesey. A maximum of 11 guests can be accommodated in the Coach house, the largest property on the 21-acre estate. Built in 2012, the yoga space is made with hand-crafted oak beams, high ceilings and heated floors so guests may comfortably meditate or practice Vinyasa even during the winter season.

If summer’s more your thing, plan to travel during The Zest Life’s annual Zest Fest, which was held in June this year. The first yoga festival in North Wales, Zest Fest takes place at a family-run farm, located at the foot of the Clwydian hills.

Aside from yoga, the festival includes craft workshops, dance, music, food, meditation, slackline, storytelling and camping.


2. The Clover Mill (Worcestershire, England)

To stay at The Clover Mill means getting a little taste of UK’s history. It’s believed that The Clover Mill (formerly Archer’s Mill and Beanhouse Mill) was among the properties listed in the Domesday Book.

According to historians, the Domesday Book is a manuscript record of the “Great Survey” in 1086 which was mandated by King William the Conqueror to help assess property value and determine taxes owed to the king.

The old clover mill and house on-site date back to the 17th century, but an extensive restoration project was launched in 2009. The spa and yoga retreat officially opened in 2013.

What sets The Clover Mill apart is its dual emphasis on Ayurveda and yoga. Their retreats vary in length and price points, ranging per person for weekend, three- or five-night packages.

Those wanting to understand the art of Ayurveda may attend the three-day Ayurveda courses with medical herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner Anne McIntyre. The retreat is inclusive of meals, accommodation, study course, one-on-one consultation, Ayurvedic treatment and yoga classes.


3. Yoga Explorers (Scottish Highlands)

Yoga enthusiasts become one with nature. This eco-yoga retreat center focuses on the concept of sustainable living, so reconnecting with nature is a key part of the overall experience.

Co-founder Jim Tarran, a master yogi who has been teaching yoga for more than 23 years, leads retreats exploring different practices of the art of yoga, including asana, meditation, pranayama and mantra.


4. Dru Yoga (Gwynedd, Wales)

As part of a non-profit social enterprise where yoga and meditation are the core components of its philosophy, Dru Yoga offers different types of yoga retreats designed to address various wellness needs.

Guests who need to detox their system and learn to develop healthier food choices may attend the Yoga, Nutrition and Detox Retreat. The package includes meals, Ayurveda workshops, balancing detox yoga classes, a superfood cookery demonstration, walks in nature and castor oil packs and other home therapies.

There are also retreats for specific groups, such as Youth Weekend Retreats or an Ayurveda Retreat for older female guests who need to naturally manage the symptoms of menopause.

Guests who like to combine movement with meditation may join a Yoga & Dance Retreat, which combines Dru Yoga and Dru Dance.

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Mae Bejo

Mae Bejo is an experienced freelance writer and editor. She has extensively written stories that inspire others to live a healthier life. She tries to live a mindful life herself by eating well, meditating and practicing yoga. Mae loves the occasional challenge of a hot yoga, but cherishes most her bonding time with her five-year-old daughter who loves to copy her downward-facing dog pose. For more of her writing, visit: http://www.thegospelofbeauty.org/