How to retreat in ‘Mexican Style’

For many years, Mexico has lured in travelers with its natural landscape, Mayan ruins and Spanish-inspired culture. But there’s more to this tourist-favorite than the usual “been there, done that” experiences.

Mexico is slowly becoming a top destination of choice among yoga practitioners and those simply seeking a quiet escape to reconnect with their inner selves.

What makes yoga retreats in Mexico a top choice?

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Cheap Yoga Retreats

For many travelers, Mexico’s appeal is its wide range of retreat packages with price points that meet even those traveling on a limited budget.

Insiders tip: Avoid the peak seasons, especially those that fall on major holidays like the holiday period of Christmas, New Year and Holy Week if you don’t want to pay extra.

Beach Time

One of the many reasons why Mexico is popular among tourists is its selection of splendid beaches. If you’ve never been to Mexico but are looking to combine vacation with moments of mindfulness by the beach, skip the often crowded Cancun and hit Playa del Carmen instead. It is a beachfront town along the Yucatan peninsula that is slowly earning a Euro chic-inspired reputation for its coastal beauty. Here, you don’t only “see and be seen,” but you also get to roll out your yoga mat and do your daily salutations by the beach, while basking in Mexico’s glorious sunsets.

Another town known for its beaches is Tulum, where the popular Mayan ruins can be found. It is a coveted destination for luxury travelers because it is secluded, giving you a semblance of a private escape while taking in the views of the Caribbean sea.

Start your days with invigorating vinyasa flow morning practice, enjoy healthy and fresh meals, and explore the natural beauty of your surroundings. Indulge in fabulous Mayan spa treatments and massages and enjoy the secluded beauty of Tulum. 


Spiritual Awakening in Cultural Immersion

Mexico’s blend of Mesoamerican and Spanish cultures help ensure that every traveler who visits the place gets to experience a unique cultural immersion.

For yoga practitioners and those wanting to recharge their chi, this unique culture serves as a wonderful backdrop for a spiritual awakening. After all, mindfulness can also be found in meeting the locals and appreciating Mexico’s arts and crafts.

In between yoga sessions, head out to Mexico’s mercados (market centers) to find colorful and hand-painted masks by the Hulchol Indians, an ethnic group who lives in the Sierra Madre Mountains and known for their unique art pieces and embroidered manta garments. While souvenir shopping, look for intricately made clay pottery, weaved baskets and woodwork as Mexico is also known for these unique crafts.


Organic Food With a Spanish Flair

Mexico City is also popular among travelers with a palate for organic and fresh foods. Mercado el 100, located in the trendy Roma neighborhood, is the first certified organic market in Mexico city. Produce sold at the street market are grown within 100 miles from the city; thus, the “100” in its name.

Nearby is Mercado Roma, where you choose foods from vendors selling and cooking their specialties next to each other in a packed warehouse space. Communal tables allow you to share meals with locals and traveling strangers brought to the place for similar reason: fresh and authentic Mexican food with a Spanish flair.


Social Encounters in Yoga Festivals

Many yoga-lovers are drawn to Mexico because of its yoga festivals and mindfulness events. These events attract yogis and practitioners in all levels who look for the social experience of chanting, dancing and meditating while deepening their practice of yoga.

Whichever way you want to experience Mexico, there’s really only the one way to do it: Let go and get lost and find your inner self in every adventure you have.


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