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Is your idea of bliss hitting the slopes during the day, feeling the exhilarating ice cold air on your face as you fly down a mountain – and unwinding at night with a relaxing, restorative yoga class? Then look no further! At Yovada, we’ve uncovered the globes best destinations where your inner snow lover and yogi can meet and become one. Keep reading to find great adventure yoga retreats!

Snowmobiling and Yoga & Fitness Luxury Retreat in Aspen, Colorado

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You’ll experience the Rocky Mountains in a truly unique way when you book your snowmobiling and luxury yoga retreat in gorgeous Aspen, Colorado. Kick off your adventure with family owned T-Lazy-7, Aspen’s top snowmobiling tour operator. With several visually stunning treks to choose from, you’ll be treated to a guided journey through the White River National Forest, where you’ll see the famous Maroon Bells and Independence Pass. Discover the history and awe-inspiring beauty of some of the most incredible mountain peaks in all of North America. After shedding your snow gear, unwind with your personalised yoga retreat at Bija Life. This incredible retreat offers 1, 3 or 5 day retreats with different offerings designed for teens, bachelorette parties, mums, mother-daughter relationship building, nutritional cleanses, weight loss, and yoga for men. Each customised retreat includes a hike or zumba class, freshly catered meals by a private chef, and customised daily schedules based upon the retreat you choose.

Cross Country Skiing & Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Austrian Alps, Central Europe

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Magnificent alpine wilderness will be the backdrop to one of the most awe-inspiring and thrilling Nordic getaways you can imagine. The experts at Tyrol set you up for an unforgettable cross country skiing experience. Set amongst the Tirolean Alps, you’ll find a snow lover’s paradise boasting 4,000 kilometres of impeccably maintained beginner and advanced cross country ski trails. Gear rental, ski school, warming huts, accommodation recommendations, and dog friendly trails are all included in this unique Austrian experience. After hanging up your skis, you’ll want to unwind with some much needed warmth and relaxation. Make your way to the Alpen Retreat in Tirol. This enriching yoga and meditation retreat experience offers a choice of year-round retreats that include kundalini, vipassana, acro yoga, tantra yoga, spiritual fasting, bhakti yoga, and Kirtan. Your stay is donation based, and will inspire a renewed sense of connection to yourself and your yoga practice.

Glacier Dog Sledding and Sarana Yoga Retreat in Alaska, United States

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For the yogis among us who like to mix extreme snow sports with their affection for furry friends, the amazing Seavey family at Ididaride has perfected the sport of glacier dog sledding. Known as the “best dog sled tour in all of Alaska,” this 3-time Iditarod championship family has created an exhilarating dogsled tour that includes a helicopter ride through Girdwood valley, protective snow gear, a chance to learn about the musher lifestyle, lessons on how to drive a dog team, and the chance to cuddle up to Husky puppies being trained for future Iditarod sled races. If you can manage to peel yourself away from the Husky puppies, head over to a blissful yoga retreat at Sarana Yoga Retreats. Located in the glacial town of Chilkat Valley, you’ll be engulfed in the deepest fjord in North America. Imagine the captivating landscape, incredible mountains, clean, fresh air, and stunning wildlife as you escape for a weekend of restorative, pranayama and hatha yoga. Your Alaskan adventure awaits!

Snowboarding and Zen Yoga Retreat in Japan

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If you’re a snowboarder in the know, you want to head to Japan for some of the most exciting snow opportunities in the Eastern Hemisphere. Yogi’s who also double as extreme snowboarders, check out Powderhounds for the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of snowboard tours in Japan. From guided tours to winter expeditions for the budget minded snowboarder, Powderhounds unveils the best deals at the most amazing snowboarding sites all over Japan. Packages are customisable depending on your skill level, budget, desired location, accommodation preferences, and meal choices. Undoubtedly you’re doing to need some time for rest and contemplation after your snowy pursuits – and what better place to do so than in a 600 year old Zen monastery? Experience authentic Japanese temple life in the Shoganji Zen Retreat in the small village of Ojuki. Homestays range from a minimum of five days to a maximum of 30. Your daily schedule consists of completing ancient zen rituals, yoga practice, meditation, tea time, “samu” or service to the temple, and communally preparing meals.

Snow Skiing and Yoga Retreat with Eco Adventure in Patagonia, South America

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Located in the southern-most tip of South America awaits a grand adventure for yogis who love to snow ski. Patagonia Ski Tours is your one stop destination for getting your snow skiing game on. With a wide variety of packages to choose from, tours include accommodation, lift tickets, a ski guide, meals, and airport transfers. There’s no downtime in this action-packed snow adventure as you experience the spectacular Lake District of Northern Patagonia and the Ruta de Los Siete Lagos. With all your remaining energy, head over to Yogascapes for an outstanding yoga retreat that is jam packed with daily yoga, day hikes to Laguna Azul, eco-camping in a geodesic dome, kayaking to Grey Glacier, and gourmet meals prepared by a guest chef. The confluence of nature, yoga and relaxation will leave your soul and spirit very satisfied.

Want some more holiday inspiration? Leah’s our adrenaline adventure/yogi guru, and knows all the best places for those looking to combine heart pumping thrills with restorative yoga retreats. Check out some of her other articles, and plan your next getaway today!

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