Top 10 Reasons Everyone Should Go On A Yoga Retreat

There aren’t many people in this world who would say no to a vacation; whether it’s for a break from your stressful job, or just an opportunity to enjoy some sunshine during a cold winter.

Retreats can not only satisfy your need and desire for a break from the everyday, but can also nourish your body as well as your mind so you come home feeling rejuvenated and inspired. Here’s what to expect at a retreat and now for the…

…Benefits of Going on a Yoga Retreat

1. It’s a way to break out of your routine and establish a new one

We can become so comfortable in our routine, which unfortunately often includes negative patterns along with the good. It’s healthy to shake it up and remind yourself how you can incorporate positive patterns into your everyday life. When at a retreat your options to toxify your body are limited, so you can more easily make a change to a healthier habit and bring it back to your home.

2. Your body will adjust to nature’s rhythm

If you’ve ever spent time in nature, you might notice yourself quickly adjusting to your environment. Rather than your alarm clock buzzing to wake for your day ahead, you’ll begin to rise with the sun and feel your eyes get heavy when the sky darkens.

3. You’ll naturally detox from technology

Along with your alarm, you’ll also notice how much more insignificant checking your notifications on Facebook or responding to you iMessages becomes. Keeping up with your friends and family every second of the day just doesn’t seem so important, and that’s okay. Disconnecting from having your phone on the table at every meal and tapping back into who is in front of you in the present moment can be a reminder of how to prioritize your time.

4. You’ll get into healthier eating habits without all the planning

Let’s be honest, we’re all busy and have long to-do lists, and sometimes remembering to prep your salad for lunch and stock your fridge full of fruits and veggies is forgotten. Being on a retreat allows you to detach from the stress of planning your meals and let go of the guilt you might get from grabbing a slice of pizza between other obligations.

5. You won’t feel the need to multitask and juggle so much

Going on a yoga retreat will allow you to throw your to-do list in the garbage. You have no obligations to check off but attending your morning and evening classes, as well as spending some recommended time in a hammock or in the cleansing ocean.

6. You’ll get re-inspired in your yoga practice

Any routine can become mundane and predictable. Taking a break from your home classes and the people in them can reignite a fire that has maybe become a little dim. People and places carry all different types of energy and gaining perspectives from students and teachers from other areas of the world can spark your personal practice.

7. You’ll meet people from around the world

One of the best parts of traveling is all the various personalities and characters you’ll meet along the way. A retreat can not only offer that, but also specifically introduce you to people with similar interests as you.

8. You’ll experience a new area and culture

On a retreat you’ll most likely be in an area that you’re not familiar with. Taking advantage of your surroundings can open your eyes to a part of the world you would otherwise not have known. Whether it’s soaking in a tropical climate or attending a cultural event in the town, any new experience can contribute to your self-growth as a person.

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9. You’ll have the opportunity to volunteer in the local community

All yoga retreats inevitably offer the experience of a new area and cultural immersion, but some even offer opportunities to volunteer in the spot they’re hosted in. You can find many retreats that are specially designed as volunteer programs, or some that organize outings to give back to the community.

10. You’ll finally be able take some much-needed space

What’s common in every one of these points is retreats allow you to create space in your life in order to find time you may otherwise not have. It’s important for everyone to open up space in their lives so that slowing down, being present and being conscious to the world around you are all possible so you can lead a nourished and balanced life.

If we have tickled your fancy then it may be time to let your imagination run wild in looking at all our interesting retreats, in all the corners of the world and of all different types. Whichever type of retreat you choose you will never regret it, the benefits will shine through your life long after you arrive home.

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Natalie Snyder

Natalie is a writer, yoga instructor and counselor of teenagers with mental health issues. A true believer that life hands us only lessons, she tries to find the medicine in all situations, poisonous or sweet. She is the creator and photographer behind Women of the World. Follow the project on Instagram and Facebook. You can see more of her writing for the Salty Souls and in Travel Deeper: A Globetrotter's Guide on Starting a Business, now on Amazon.