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There are many reasons people look to spend a long time in a different environment, exploring different ideas and influences, and meeting new people.

It can be an extremely rejuvenating experience, providing your mind and senses with a whole host of new stimuli, making it easier to adopt new attitudes and habits.

The opportunity to kickstart personal development by changing our environment and routine on a long term retreat is remarkably positive and beneficial.

A retreat is the perfect time to focus on what you really need and to do this on a schedule that provides the structure and activities that interest you most.

It may be you are looking for a large component of physical fitness activities such as sports, or it could be that you are interested in one of the many long-term retreat packages that support you in nourishing your mind and spirit.

Retreats provide the space and time to foster change and personal growth, supporting us in seeking out spiritual awakening. These personal journeys of discovery can be life-changing. From physical challenges that require mental focus, to programs of spiritual enlightenment.

The benefits of guidance and practice in meditation are huge. And to be able to do this in an intensive way is a great opportunity. The process includes meditation techniques, guided meditation, sitting meditation, silent fasting days, yogic breathing, pranayama, mantras and workshops.

Healing is supported by bodily work too. There are spa treatments, different types of massage and diet adaptation of vegetarian and plant-based foods. A healthy body is a healthy mind, giving clarity of thought and understanding.

Detoxification benefits from the extended amount of time spent on a long retreat. There are so many different programs of varying durations and treatments where the body and mind needs time to prepare and participate in this physical and mental process of renewal.

Knowing what your objectives are is key. It may be that surrounding yourself with the spiritual input of a group of gurus in an ashram is the meditative tonic you are looking to put into your life.

Or it could be you are seeking a less involved schedule where the activities, workshops and classes are available to you on a daily basis, but the main component is time for yourself, for relaxation and reflection on your own. Possibly with daily spa treatments to help you slow down to the pace of life you are searching out. All these decisions can guide the type of retreat centre and retreat package to choose. And even the location.

Being connected with nature for a long time can aid this process, making it easier to escape your normal routine in your head and immerse yourself in an environment of natural beauty that supports you in the process of discovery and a new perspective.

Book Today, Go Tomorrow

These long-term retreats can be a good way to kick start change. They often come about quickly in our lives. One day we are realizing the need to get out of our normal routine and then the next week we are on an extended retreat, embarking on a journey with a new group of like-minded people.

This can be in response to stresses in our everyday life, maybe a significant change in our life circumstances.  A retreat provides the space and time to be reflective and accept change. And bring about new opportunities and attitudes too.

They can be a safe and supportive environment that provide the space to give acknowledgement and provide benefit to our mental health, anxiety, depression and chronic physical ailments that need time and attention to heal. And there are always a great tribe of new people to meet, to join in your journey and give you confidence, love and support along the way.

The nice feature of a long retreat is that they are long. So it doesn’t have to be packed with a busy schedule of activities, you can build into it slowly, giving you time for yourself and relaxation.

Most Popular Types of Long-Term Retreats

A retreat provides us with the tools and skills to adapt our daily routine and adopt new regimens going forward. The choice of activities to participate in are endless, it really comes down to what you are looking for, what your objectives are.

They can be anything you want. You can find retreats that are not busy or structured, rather offering your a place to stay with daily classes of core activities such as yoga, meditation and fitness, and mostly giving you the opportunity to reflect and reconnect with yourself by providing you with the time, space and new environment to do this.

Alternatively there are very specific programs with schedules that benefit from the extended time as the physical and mental process is lengthy. These experiences have a holistic focus where there is time spent on developing a bespoke tailored treatment and activity schedule in response to your personal objectives. And often include education and developing the skills to adopt new behaviours in your daily life once you return home. This longevity has the best outcomes for your overall health and well-being.

Here are the most popular types of long term retreats –

  1. Yoga and Meditation Retreats

These can take many different forms, from a silent ashram to a busy yoga retreat center. The core element are instruction classes of yoga and meditation. The extent of these can be different too, it may be you want a more relaxed drop in-drop out approach or it could be that you are looking for intensive meditation training, deepening your understanding and knowledge of the many different types of practice.

    2.  Detoxifying Health Retreats

The range of these retreats is immense, the main philosophy is that the time and activities support and promote your overall wellness, of mind, body and spirit. Where and how you seek this out really is up to you. And again the pace and way you do this is down to you too. Detoxification retreats of one type or another are a very popular discipline, providing an opportunity to kickstart a new way of living.

   3. Holistic Healing Retreats

You can find Ayurveda treatments at many wellness spas, making it possible to experience authentic massages with herbs and oils at many places. When it comes to the traditional retreats that have a focus on holistic healing through bespoke treatment programs these are renowned to be lengthy and very positive. The anti-ageing, rejuvenation and slimming packages are often 14 days, 21 or 28 days long, using the time to foster harmony and balance in body and mind. The process of detoxification known as Panchakarma is often the longest retreat, nearly always at least 21 or 28 days long.

    4. Physical Transformation Retreats

 Very popular these days, a great way to get the space and time to kickstart real change in your physical fitness and body weight. These retreats combine a fitness activity schedule with diet change, coaching, workshops and spa treatments. Sometimes known as weight loss retreats or Boot camps, these extended retreats can make a real difference to our weight and health.

Popular Extended Retreat Lengths

10 Days to 20 Days

It does not have to be a really long time for you to benefit greatly from new ideas and influences. You will be amazed what you can achieve over two weeks, starting with the opportunity to immerse in yoga, meditation, new diet and completely change your outlook.

3 Weeks to 1 Month (21 Days to 30 Days)

This is the most popular duration of long retreats, with many retreat centers with different specialities offering a 21, 28 or 30 day month-long retreat.

They say that it takes 21 days to learn new habits and so these retreats enable you to adopt new attitudes and behaviors successfully and take them home to implement new lifestyle choices and attitudes.

          1. 8 Day Couples Yoga Retreat on a Zen Beach Costa Rica

This private and secluded retreat center sits on it’s own beach providing a unique ambience, surrounded and integrated into the natural jungle all around it. Getaways include food, room and spa services.

From $4200 ; Dates- All Year Round

xinalani aerial view

           2. 14 Night Detox Wellness Retreat Florida, US

Take a break to Boca Raton and participate in a daily class at this popular local studio -thai chi, acupuncture, yoga philosophy, beach meditation and yoga- also take the opportunity to relax down to a different pace through a smoothie diet.

From $3000 ; Dates- All Year Round

green smoothies

           3. 30 Day Yoga and Wellness Sabatical Costa Rica

Meditation, Spa, relaxation, all included into a daily schedule on this week going heavenly; break to reset your physical and mental well-being. Plus get to marvel at the beauty of the jungle biodiversity of this incurable country.

From $2500 ; Dates- All Year Round

garden meditation


            4. 15 Day Stress Relief Ayurveda Retreat Kerala, India

Get first hand experience of the power of this ancient healing methodology. The focus is always on a personalized and holistic approach to achieve your health objectives. The treatments range form diet, massage, oils, herbs, yoga, meditation, chanting and a commitment to the process of rejuvenation on the part of participant and the Ayturvedic doctors who guide you. The beachfront village on the Arabian sea has an on-site Ayurvedic hospital and a range of programs to consider.

From $3400; Dates- All Year Round

indian beach

       5. 8 Nights Transform YogaCycleFit Koh Samui, Thailand

Enjoy the quiet surroundings of this secluded beach area that support the tranquility and focus on meditation, yoga and spa services to calm the mind and body down to a more reflective state and pace.
From $960; Dates- All Year Round
samahita beachfront pool
         6. 11 Day Yoga and Detox Retreat Ubud, Bali       

This boutique personal resort is planted admits the jungle rainforest and paddy fields of the mountainous center of Bali. Spend time here on meditation and health promotion, taking advantage of it’s popular spa which provides Balinese and Ayurvedic healing treatments to aid a journey of self-care. Let us not forget that we are what we consume, and so the array of health foods let us become more connected with our bodily selves too.

From $4000 ; Dates- All Year Round

Bagus jati Sala

       7. 22 Day Luxury Wellness & Detox Ayurveda Retreat Kerala, India
Join a bespoke program at one of the best Ayurveda healing spas in the world. Experience traditional treatments, Ayurvedic nutrition, oils, herbs, medicines, meditation and yoga.
From $8200 ; Dates- All Year Round

luxury private pool villa

 8. 15 Day Spa Holistic Yoga Retreat Uttarakhand, India 

The award-winning destination wellness spa in India which offers many types of spiritual healing programs in meditation, yoga and Ayurveda. If it interest you there are combinations that can include more physical activity and spa treatments too. 
From $8700 ; Dates- All Year Round
healing stone massage

9. 30 Day Physical and Well-Being Transformatio Program Koh Samui, Thailand

An established wellness hotel with a relaxed environment and comfortable accommodation, with stays from a few nights up to extended durations over which you can partake in programs of transformation. 

From $11,400 ; Dates- All Year Round

hotel gardens
         10. 15 Day Weight-Loss Retreat Malaga, Spain

A retreat center focused on your health and well-being through a range of activity classes – yoga, meditation, pilates, fitness and detoxification of the bodily system – and luckily with a pool and spa services to enjoy in your downtime.

From $7,200 ; Dates- All Year Round

Yoga Villa Entrance

11. 21 Day Mental Wellness Retreat Queensland, Australia

In rural Queensland this well run center offers the most professional emotional healing retreats in Australia, over short to long durations you can focus on a transformation of your health and well-being, to change your daily pursuits and attitudes to life.

From $10,500 ; Dates- All Year Round

outdoor group exercise

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