The Best Wellness Retreats in the World for 2021

You don’t have to shell out the big bucks for a rejuvenating retreat these days. Healthy holidays have become such a popular past time that there are whole host of different venues and programs, and for all types of budgets, from affordable retreats to the eye-watering expensive And to be found in the most enchanting and incredible locations to revitalize your mind, body and self.

For 2021 the most popular trending type of vacation are all-inclusive wellness retreats with a mixture of diet adaptation (detox), combined with fitness through physical activity like crossfit, cycling, swimming, running, and yoga.

If you would prefer to be pampered and relax by the pool more then there are many evolving retreat techniques for everything from healing through traditional Ayurveda spa treatments, energy balancing sleep normalisation, digital detoxes and many more emerging modalities for anti-ageing and rejuvenation of the body and spirit.

Be one of the first to find out what is on offer, and you can read up here about what to expect from a Wellness Retreat these days.

And the duration of your stay can match what you are able to commit to, either a weekend wellness getaway or a short 3-5 night escape, not too far away from home (near me), or a two week to one month-long bespoke package with specific goals like weight-loss or correcting identified physical ailments. 

Here are the most popular retreat centers that are guaranteed to deliver all-round great outcomes for you and have received very positive guest reviews for their brand new retreat types on offer.


  1. Ananda in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand, India
The best multi award-winning spa resort in India and possibly the world, offers many types of retreat packages with a focus on yoga, meditation, fitness and healing with Ayurvedic principles.
meditating in nature

     2. Chiva-Som Health Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand

For many years Thailand the country has become synonymous with health and wellness travel; this renowned retreat center provides privacy and seclusion to immerse yourself in their holistic programs of inner discovery and rejuvenation. One of the oldest and most established destination spas in the world.
villa beach frontage


       3. Fusion Maia, Da Nang, Vietnam

The first resort here to provide extensive wellness facilities and programs to attract a luxury international audience to Vietnam, to enjoy the culture, healthy food and beautiful beaches, at the same time as focus on your spiritual and bodily wellbeing.
beachside chillout area


     4. Como Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

Enjoy a Wellness focused break with a health food nutritional diet to give the mind and body a break; spend time on your yoga and meditation on this secluded and private island resort.
secluded beach

     5. Como Shambhala Estate, Ubud

Over recent years Bali retreats have become the most popular wellness destination of choice – here, set amongst the island’s central rainforest and surrounded by terraced paddy fields, this famous venue has it all – incredible private villas, great facilities, delicious and innovative food menus, and a schedule of multi-disciplinary classes led by experienced teachers and practitioners.
swimming pool in rainforest
     6. Carnoustie Ayurveda Wellness Resort, Kerala, India

On the shores of the Arabian sea in Kerala, this center is considered one of the best Ayurveda healing retreats in the world. Offering complete wellness programs in Anti-Ageing, Rejuvenation, Detox, Weight loss and Healing. Their experienced doctors and support team provide consultation and supervision of all traditional treatments including Ayurvedic nutrition, oils, herbs, medicines, detox, and yoga & meditation.

luxury private pool villa


      7. Atmantan Wellness Resort,Pune, Maharashtra, India

Set amongst beautiful rolling mountains beside Lake Mulshi, a professional team help you learn about nutrition, bodily functions and physical activity, guiding you to the goal of  a healthy life balance, utilising healing spa treatments.

open-air mountain shala


     8. SwaSwara, Karnataka in India

A phenomenal wellness resort with pool villas set amongst the wild beautiful nature, offering luxury in every way, with different treatment packages on offer that have different focus, promoting balance and harmony through traditional spa techniques – offering Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging, Weight-Loss and more.

aerial shot of swaswara estate


      9. Kalari Kovilakom, North Kerala, India

In the wide mountainous landscape experience transformation through detailed, well planned and professionally run retreat services, supported by experienced Ayurvedic teachers and doctors who tailor every healing experience program to the individual, your body and your priorities. 

open-air yoga

      10. Amatara, Phuket, Thailand

Offering everything you would expect from a luxury retreat hotel – comfortable suite rooms, wonderful facilities for all activities, with an array of class schedules which you can attend or not as you please; great health restaurant, pampering spa treatments, and a beautiful environment to kick back and relax around the pool and the estate grounds.
pool view onto sea

       11. Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui, Thailand

This well established and one of the best wellness hotels offers a relaxed environment with comfortable accommodation, with stays from a few nights up to a month transformation to focus on your yoga and other physical fitness activities.
hotel gardens

     12. Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

Having created a reputation of being a haven for spiritual development, this venue is very popular for those looking for a quiet and peaceful break at your own pace and schedule. On-site naturopath consultants assess and guide your treatments according to your desired focus. The restaurant is famous for it’s raw and plant-based food inventions which are included as part of your planned diet.
open air activity studio
      13. Shanti Som Wellbeing Detox Retreat, Malaga, Spain

Located at an awesome national park and biosphere reserve, with a scenic landscape around you that blends well with the detoxifying activities to support you in letting go and flowing through this journey of change. Enjoy cleansing juices, yoga, pilates and the fitness and spa facilities.

Yoga Villa Entrance
      14. SHA Detox Wellness Clinic, near Alicante, Spain
With professional support at this well established modern retreat resort, health programs offer medical and natural therapy interventions, with nutrition and activities focused routines.
elegant luxury setting

15. Sianji Well-Being Resort in Bodrum, Turkey

A happy and vibrant wellness hotel on the beachfront on the idyllic southern coast, with all the modern facilities that you will need, plus very nice suite-only residences; take advantage of the experienced practitioners in all modalities, from yoga and meditation to diet, nutrition, detox and fitness to help you meet your goals of returning home feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

fitness class on peninsula headland

16. The Body Holiday, Saint Lucia, Caribbean

All-inclusive Wellness facility with every sport and physical fitness facility imaginable, a 5 star resort in its own paradise bay. It’s promise ‘Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind

eating healthy

To review further the complete selection of activities available and book any of these amazing destination spas and more, whether it be for an affordable wellness retreat or a more luxurious immersion, then please find every featured center here.

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