The 12 Best Luxury Yoga Retreats around the World, you won’t want to leave!

So you want some style and splendor with your yoga?

No problem, we have compiled the best of the best of the best luxury yoga holidays for you here, which all offer privacy at the same time as access to everything you that you will need to spend your personal time retreating.

How does this sound –

  1. Delicious health food prepared by the top innovative vegan and raw food chefs in the world
  2. Juice bars to mix just what you want
  3. Suite or pool villa accommodation
  4. Incredible locations that inspire and amaze
  5. Faultless service and personal attention from wellness consultants
  6. World famous yoga teachers and health coaches
  7. New trending approaches in detox, meditation and yoga
  8. Palacial spas with the experienced masseuses and spa therapists
  9. Extensive spa menus and first class facilities
  10. Relaxing pool and lounging settings
  11. The most amazing locations and settings in the world
  12. Make the trip whenever you want, year-round at your service

So the next question is where. There are a wealth of locations around the world that pride themselves in offering this level of luxury, service and programs. They also provide the perfect blessed opportunity to completely immerse yourself in their experiences.

Here are the top destination’s best of the best for you –


  1. 4 Day COMO Parrot Cay Wellness and Yoga Retreat

Turks & Caicos, From $3,750

Parrot Cay is a secluded private island in the Turks and Caicos, an island chain in the relatively undeveloped Northern Caribbean. The island’s 1,000 acres include pristine white beaches and the opportunity to experience first-hand the rhythms of the natural world with no cars, pollution or streetlights.

Facilities, which are open to 16-year-olds and upwards, include a sweeping yoga room aired by natural breezes, nine treatment rooms, an outdoor Jacuzzi garden, a Pilates studio, double massage rooms and Japanese baths—all in low-lying pavilions overlooking the North Caicos Channel and the surrounding wetlands.

In keeping with the principle of discovery and renewal, Visiting Masters are invited to lead specialist weeks. Sometimes you will focus on Pilates and other wellness practices. 

COMO Parrot Cay

yoga posing sunset beach


2. 22 Day Panchkarma Ayurveda Retreat

Bangalore India, From $9,000

Panchakarma is the detox regimen of Ayurveda, an ancient health practice of India which relies on oils, herbs, massage, spa treatments, all with yoga and meditation. This is aimed at balancing the biological energies of the doshas, which represent the unique blends of one’s physical, emotional, and mental characteristics. 

The treatment is carried out in 3 phases; the first stage is a preparation of the body, the second stage is the principal procedures, and this stage is the post-treatment regimes. 

Within each phase, there are several possible therapies; and in-house experts will design your Panchakarma regime after a preliminary diagnosis. The therapies will vary as per your age, body type, dosha imbalance and specific ailments, as also by season. 

Each stage has its own importance – and while the benefits may be evident during the course of treatment, it is necessary to see the entire process through for long-lasting results.

This retreat is inclusive of – twice daily group Yoga sessions, daily group Chanting / Sound Meditation session, wellness consultations, body composition analysis, individual diet plan, up to 58 personalised Ayurvedic therapy sessions, personalised pranayama sessions, personalised meditation sessions, yoga Nidra sessions, personalised yoga kriya sessions, healthy cooking classes, aromatherapy massage and life style counselling sessions.

Shreyas Retreat Panchakarma

relaxing meditative pose by woman


3. 22 Day Spa Yoga Detox Retreat

Himalaya India, From $13,000

This award-winning wellness spa integrates traditional Ayurveda and Yoga with international wellness experiences, fitness, and healthy organic cuisine to restore balance in the body and mind.

The yogic detox program uses the various Hatha yogic cleansing techniques to detox in a natural and effective way. It is a one of a kind yogic cleansing detox retreat in India.

In Yogic detoxification, aspects of asana (Hatha yogic postures), pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), meditation and Yogic/Ayurvedic diet are incorporated to give profound experiences of energy and harmony.
The wellness activities include yoga, pranayama, meditation, vedanta talks, fitness, cooking demonstrations and weekly treks, fitness, cooking demonstrations and weekly treks.

Ananda-in-the-Himalayas Yogic Detox Retreats

Ayurveda massage treatment


4. 15 Day Weight-Loss and Yoga Retreat
India, From $6,400

In this retreat you can expect to drop unwanted weight whilst gaining a new perspective on life! 

An Ayurvedic doctor will guide you on the path to your desired weight-loss by planning and monitoring a daily program structured around your needs and abilities.

Besides from yoga, you will partake in various slimming Ayurvedic therapies, a balanced diet plan, physical and enjoyable exercises, nature sessions and wellness counselling. 

superfoods health menu


5. 8 Day Fitness, Yoga and Detox

Costa Rica, From $5,500

This fitness reboot is a results driven program designed for optimal fat loss and muscle building. Not only will you look and feel better, you will build strength and stamina. The program is designed to empower for continued health goals. A staff trainer is globally recognized and works with you to customize your daily routine.

The retreat package includes: luxury accommodation, daily Hike for building stamina and strength, yoga two times daily to help strengthen and tone, Anti-inflammatory Menu for optimal Fat Burning

And daily private training sessions, physical vascular therapies, invigorating massage therapies and infrared sauna therapies.

The Retreat Costa Rica

infinity pool looking to sea


6. 8 Day Couples Yoga Retreat on a Zen Beach

Mexico, From $4,200

Start your tropical getaway with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne in your suite upon arrival. At night, sleep to the sound of the waves and the jungle lulling you to sleep. Feast on healthy, gourmet Mexican food and watch the glorious sunset with 2 complimentary margaritas in hand. Be more relaxed with twice daily yoga classes and two 60-minute massage  (one per person).

Experience adventure with one jungle trek and experience romance with one romantic dinner on the beach with a bottle of wine. 

This package is priced for two! Also included in this deal are airport transfers and complimentary use of surf boards and stand-up paddle boards.

Xinalani Retreat

sprawling beachscape


7. 8 Day Breathing Recover and Immunity Booster Retreat

Phuket, Thailand, From $3,700

Boost your immune system, promote stronger lung function and better breathing, learn new eating habits that protects, leans and cleans.

Gain knowledge in movement and physical routine that suits your physical performance and body needs while enjoying the chance to relax, recompose, refocus and ready your mind to be able to brave the new world.

 This carefully designed program is perfect for those who wish to lose weight and be more able to keep it off long term. Those with type 2 diabetes will obtain a new way to control the symptoms, reduce need for medication, and some may be able to stop using medication completely.

 The retreat will also help you learn to manage pain, using integrative medicine and it will improve your sleep habits, leaving you feeling more calm and rested.

Adventure, tour and additional activities can be arranged throughout the stay at additional cost. This may include national park hikes, various local farms visits, wellness cooking classes so that you can take your favorite recipes home.

Aleenta Phuket Ayurah Retreats

pool view onto sea


8. 8 Day Family Therapy Retreat

Bali, From $8,300

Each individual in the family plays their part in the dynamics of the family and through exploration the individual behaviours of each member and the group as a whole we uncover fascinating insights and opportunities for change into a healthier dynamic. Family therapy is the best way to invest in the future and promote a harmonious and healthy learning for the present family and future generations that participate.The cost of this Family retreat includes –  

Contemporary and spacious guest room with an ensuite bathroom, All meals prepared by the resident chef, Airport transfers, Family Therapy and/or Individual Therapy , Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (6 days a week), Tantra sessions, Body Healing Therapy Sessions per person, Private Yoga Session, Yin Yoga Sessions, Balinese Massages.

The Place Retreats

poolside relaxation

9. 15 Night Wellness and Rejuvenation Retreat

Bali, From $3,750

Over the course of 16 days enjoy mindful yoga to improve your practice or answer your burning curiosities of what yoga is all about. The experienced instructors will guide you through your daily yoga practice, guiding you through various styles of which you can choose from. 

You will also get a private one on one yoga session to help you get the most out of your practice, gain more confidence and take your practice to the next level. In addition, enjoy two Ayurvedic consultations and take-home plan to encourage you to live your most authentic and inspired self. 

In between daily spa treatments and relaxing pool time choose from one of the off site activities to feed your adventurous side and take in all that Bali has to offer. This package includes airport transfers, 15 nights accommodation, three daily a la carte healthy and balanced meals everyday.

And your schedule of – Detox juices, probiotics, oxygenated water, herbal teas, liver flush, Herbal medicines and supplements, Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatments, daily Ayurvedic Treatments, Transformational Breath or Reiki session, Balinese Healing Purification Ceremony.

Hotel Komune

Seaview gardens


10. 7 Night Raw Food Detox @Luxury Beach Retreat
Turkey, From $1,550

In this retreat you will be served with plant-based, unprocessed, fresh, alkaline gourmet raw food with freshly squeezed juices in between. 
You will undergo colon cleansing, participate in life changing healthy living lectures, and learn how to make raw food at home with raw food demonstrations and courses.

The program is designed to give your body a chance to dispel harmful toxins and to repair and rejuvenate on a deep level, both physically and emotionally.

And enjoy the great fitness activities by taking advantage of the fitness centre access, yoga and pilates classes, stretching, table tennis and basketball, jogging with specialist, access to tennis court, aqua gm, steam room, sauna, turkish bath, beach, indoor and outdoor pools, and hydrotherapy pool.

Sianji Well-Being Resort

yoga class outdoor


11. 6 Day Pilates and Luxury Yoga Retreat

Spain, From $2,500

Sessions are accessible to everyone and divided into different levels suitable to the needs of each person. You will teach your body awareness through low impact movements that require flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, all of which helps to prevent injuries.

It is highly recommended for those suffering back pains, to strengthen the lumbo-abdominal area, to gain psychological well-being, to reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia, to strengthen the pelvic area, to reduce digestive discomfort and constipation, to strengthen the muscles of the legs and body. It also helps to maintain weight.

The retreat package includes Yoga Classes in group, Meditation classes in group, Hike in group, Pilates sessions (these may be shared with other guests on same program), Pilates Reformer class, 60 Minutes Spa Treatment, Body Scrub.

Shanti-Som Resort Retreats

Girl meditating by pool in lush tropical surrounds


12. 7 Day Luxury Yoga Retreat

Tuscany, Italy, From $2,500

Escape to the Italian countryside. Spend 7 days practicing yoga amongst the olive trees, exploring the old city or simply relaxing with your favourite book at the panoramic swimming-pool with stunning views of Lake Trasimeno. ​

Every year, this historic estate hosts Yoga retreats on it’s beautiful forty acre olive grove estate. Mixing yoga and Italian activities gives guests a unique experience they will not forget. 

Italy villa view

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