Q&A with Rina Jakubowicz: Traveling As A Yoga Teacher

She’s known for her vibrant and uplifting approach to yoga, but did you know Rina Jakubowicz is also an international and bilingual yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, motivational speaker, and author? She has been a teacher of teachers for over eleven years, presenting at the Kripalu Center, Wanderlusts, Himalayan Institute, Omega Institute, and the Yoga Journal Conferences.

Her teachings have spanned countries across the globe such as Chile, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Andorra. You can find Rina on Gaiam TV as a featured teacher, the yoga expert on Univision’s Tu Desayuno Alegre, and a regular contributor for the Yoga Journal Online and MindBodyGreen. We’re very lucky to have her insight on what it’s like being a traveling yoga teacher.

Y: When did you start traveling and teaching yoga?

A: I started teaching yoga about 12 years ago but I didn’t start traveling outside of the country to teach until about four years ago. Since then, I’ve been to Andorra, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Chile.

Y: What are some of your fondest memories?

A: My fondest memories always include how the entire group starts bonding and connecting on deeper levels and seeing them laugh, cry and play freely. I also LOVE seeing how friendships evolve during the training and continue afterwards. I see past trainees traveling to Bali together and doing so many things together from their own free will. The friendships created are the most powerful.

Y: What is your favourite place for yoga?

A: Every place is so unique that I really can’t compare. I have enjoyed being in Chacala, Mexico because the staff at the hotel I’ve stayed at were so friendly, professional and service-oriented. They also give back to the community so much that it helps to know that our money is going to something positive. There is a Montessori school nearby where I taught Karma Yoga to kids and it was magical and beautiful! The kids were so happy and so was I!

Y: Do you have some tips on yoga traveling?

A: If you’re interested in traveling for your yoga training, ask all the questions you have so that you can be prepared. But then, you will need to surrender to the experience and to the unknown in order to get the most out of your experience. Give up the need to control over the little things while you’re away and embrace the totality of your adventure and journey!

Y: What is your worst travel nightmare?

A: I can’t say anything is really a nightmare because I try to look at the positive in everything and find a solution where everyone ends up happy. With that being said, there are things that can leave a sour taste in your mouth and make it difficult to make the best of a situation when it’s out of your control. For example, one of the places I went to had the most unprofessional owners who treated me horribly. Their form of communication was defensive and with no sense of service. That was beyond my control and I’ll be sure not to go back there.

Y: If you can give a single advice on yoga traveling, what would it be?

A: Visit the location you’re interested in prior to booking the venue. It’s important to visualize yourself teaching your students there. You’ll also want to check out all the amenities available to know what you’re working with. Students shouldn’t see you worrying about how to execute a lesson because of the issues with the location.

Bon voyage yogi!

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