Have You Got What It Takes To Be A Travelling Yogi?

I was 14 when I first travelled alone. At the time, sandwiched between my tweenie-pop posters was a map of the world. Back then it was adorned with just a handful of pins from family holidays, but I dreamt of puncturing every country in every continent until my passport was overflowing with stamps.

The student exchange to Denmark itself turned out to be underwhelming, but during the 19 hour ferry ride back to familiar shores I found myself literally nowhere, floating between, belonging to nothing. I was delighted and dazed by the flirtatious sense of freedom I felt. As I watched empty ocean waves roll by, I realized I’d never felt so exhilarated or so alive.

It seemed inevitable that years later I wouldn’t even think twice about leading a life that was nomadic. But the truth is, being away from the familiarity of home and responding to the constant call to explore means finding yourself frequently on foreign shores solo, which can be challenging.

So before you pack your bags, let’s take a look at what it takes to be a travelling yogi.

You thrive on adventure and the unknown

A travelling yogi doesn’t always know their next move, and often plans from month to month. You’re willing to dedicate time and energy to open ended possibilities, and forever are considering ‘where next?’

Filled with wanderlust, you blossom when confronted with new experiences and flourish in unexplored terrain. You navigate life with effortless grace, until it becomes an infinite dance of letting go and moving with the flow.

Never bored by the search, the travelling yogi is happiest when walking an unfamiliar path. You’re open to new experiences, relish learning from others, and are happy to let travel reshape your worldview and perspectives.

You’re somewhat of a lone wolf

One who travels so relentlessly must travel light. The travelling yogi is often an allusive, effervescent character, with a gypsy soul who is often (and comfortable being) unaccompanied.

You love people, yet the relationship you have with yourself is unrivaled. Upon first appearance the travelling yogi may seem like a social butterfly, but the truth is they relish the retreat and descending into their own stillness.

Real-life stories tantalize

The travelling yogi celebrates stories of human struggle and success. You don’t do small talk well, choosing instead to go straight to the heart of the matter. The travelling yogi thrives on meaningful conversations and connections that count.

Wherever you lay your hat, that’s your home

A travelling yogi knows that wherever they roams, that’s home. You may not have a fixed address, and your friends and family are more than likely scattered around the globe.

Everything you need you carry in a single bag, and gratefully trade excessive creative comforts for rustic charm. You don’t mind roughing it a little, especially if it means sleeping under the stars!

You embrace experience

Life is less predictable when you’re in the perpetual pursuit of travel. A travelling yogi needs to be open minded, ready for anything, and resilient. It pays to be prepared to adapt, yet confident enough in yourself to protect your boundaries. New places provide new challenges that cannot be anticipated, and solutions or understanding are usually found by viewing events from a local perspective.

The travelling yogi is always eager to embrace experience without judgement, with the knowledge that experience brings wisdom and insight.

You don’t need back up

The travelling yogi is their own support system; you don’t need a consistent network of friends and family close by. You’re happy to face your troubles solo, and can bounce back from setbacks without intervention from anyone else.

The truth is, the life of a travelling yogi is a blessed one. What you give up in stability and comfort, you gain in experience and adventure. Travelling can be revealing, putting you front and centre of life, precisely where the actions happens. It can be raw at times, but is always expansive and extremely real.

I’d recommend trying it to everyone, even if it’s just for a few months. I believe we all have what it takes to be a traveller, and when combined with practice it can bring out courage, depth and qualities we never knew existed within us.

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Katherine Smith

Katherine Smith is an international yoga teacher, writer, travel junkie and food enthusiast with a tremendous appetite for life. Yoga has been a revolutionary force in her life that has fuelled more reinvention and releasing than Kat can remember as she systematically shed everything that no longer served her to reveal the person she was destined to become. Having called eight different countries home and found family and adventure in every corner of the globe, she is currently based in Amsterdam. Inspired by her own journey Katherine offers students sanctuary from an otherwise fast paced life with her Deep & Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga retreats worldwide.