The Best Yoga Retreats in Asia 2022/2023

There are lots of great yoga retreats and hotels in Asia to discover. They cater to both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners so all are welcome to attend and participate. Enjoy a gorgeous location while you reinvigorate yourself with time on the mat and your chosen retreat package.

Here are the best yoga retreat centers in Asia that have received all round positive reviews. Keep an eye out for flight specials, and you could enjoy a retreat in a tropical location sooner than you think.


1. Absolute Sanctuary Fitness Wellness Resort, Koh Samui Thailand

Asia’s top wellness resort for fitness, health, lifestyle and weight management. The programs leverage expertise of the facilitators in yoga, pilates, core fitness and healthy food diet adaptation.

nighttime venue view


Featured Retreats –

  1. 6 Night De-Stress & Burnout Package

From $2000 USD

Recommended for those who feel fatigued and looking to renew themselves ands their lifestyle patterns. You will undergo a wellness consultation to ensure that the program is well-suited to your objectives.


      2. 6 Night Holistic Detox Cleanse Retreat

From $2200 USD

Choose between the Ultimate Detox (juice & water), Living Foods Detox (raw) or Vegetarian Detox programs.
Then combine this with healing spa treatments and alternative therapies, massages, infrared sauna sessions and reiki sessions to enhance and support your detox experience.
What they say – Our unique wellness approach blends effective exercise programs with healing emotional therapies, pampering spa treatments, Detox protocols, and wholesome cuisine to transform you. You will push boundaries and explore new openings.
What we say – Great hotel for yoga and other activities, good standard of teachers and classes. An extensive spa, newly renovated venue and refurbished rooms, with a relaxing lounging area around the large central swimming pool. Not on the beach but not too far.

More info – Absolute Sanctuary Thailand

Absolute Sanctuary Website



2. Samahita Retreat, on a Koh Samui beach in Thailand

A trendsetting retreat center that has always offered support, classes and coaching of the very best kind. Focused on yoga, breathwork, and mental health wellness. Dedicated to increasing your energy levels, recover, and enhance your vitality, through yoga, fitness, and wellness activities.


samahita beachfront pool


Featured Retreats –

5 Night YogaCoreCycle Retreat

From $690 USD

All that’s needed is your engagement and participation—most of which happens directly at the beach! This dynamic and energizing practice is both fun and effective. The flexible program allows you to choose exactly what you wish to focus on- be that yoga, wellness and spa treatments.


3 Night Brain Health Upgrade Program

From $780 USD

This unique Brain Health Upgrade program is to help you care for and improve the state of your brain and how it works through organic ancient practices from yoga and meditation as well modern technology and biohacks.


What they say – Since 2003, Samahita Retreat has been the home of yoga, breathwork, and wellness in Thailand. Samahita is dedicated to helping you increase your energy level, recover, and enhance your vitality, through yoga, fitness, and wellness, in nature, directly on the beach.

What we say – Good all-round stay, still with a feel of old Thailand retreat centers, on the beach, with nothing much around, a little adhoc the way to has been developed over the years,  Slowly the venue has become a leader in year-round yoga fitness retreats.


More info – Samahita Retreat Thailand

Samahita Retreat Website




3. Island Yoga, Koh Yao Noi, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

Located on the beach with views over the Phang Nga marine national park, this is a truly inspiring and life changing environment to experience. With clean and comfortable accommodations to suit every budget. Eat delicious healthy food, take inspiring classes fromworld class teachers, live together in a community of like-minded souls and make new and lasting friendships.

sprawling beachscape


Featured Retreats –

4 Day Yoga & Meditation Retreat On Paradise Island

From $150 USD

Immersion into this program facilitates a spiritual awakening with the emphasis on transformation. The goal is towards greater creativity, increased self awareness and deeper purpose in life. Enjoy morning Tai-Chi style moving meditations during sunrise to gather energy for the day. Evolve beyond the retreat schedule, with specialist workshops designed to help you deepen your practice, knowledge and understanding.


3 Day Meditation Immersion On A Paradise Island

From $100 UD

Learn a foundation on which to build a regular meditation practice. Meditation creates within you a deep and lasting peace of joy, inspiration and love.

Even if you are new to the practice the teachers are passionate about coaching beginners into the delights and benefits of meditation. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to evolve into a more complete version of yourself.


What they say – Island Yoga Retreat, Thailand integrates a unique fusion of Yoga & Qi Gong, Mantra & Meditation, Health Foods and Pure Nature. You will gain both a deep understanding of core spiritual principles and a method of creating a sustainable and holistic lifestyle that allows you to evolve far beyond this retreat experience. Through daily immersion in the pristine nature of Koh Yao Noi, you will experience a reconnection to the source of all Life. You will become revitalized and whole in body, mind and soul.


What we say – If you are looking for luxury then look elsewhere, if you are happy with a relaxed comfortable environment on a secluded small island with a welcoming and warm community of staff and yogi tribe, then you’ve found what you are looking for, and at a very affordable price. By the beach, blending with it’s natural surroundings the center offers an array of short duration retreats , specializing in breathwork, meditation, yoga and a complete immersion in the community and program.


More info – Island Yoga Retreat Thailand

Island Yoga Retreat Website




4. Blue Karma, Ubud and Seminyak, Bali Indonesia


Location: Seminyak

This laid-back beachside resort has emerged into one of the most popular in Bali. The centre buzzes with an air of sophistication. Experience the life of a Balinese village life – where ceremonies are intertwined with animals roaming freely in the neighbourhood.

Location: Ubud

On the hillside; by rice fields and rainforest, this ethnic chic luxury hotel provides peace and relaxation. Visiting Ubud, the heart of Bali, is to experience life in Bali’s countryside. Enjoy tranquility and the rhythm of nature, from rising early with the roosters to cooling down with the sunset. Union with your natural surroundings, connect with green nature along with the locals and their unique ceremonial habits.


beautiful villa pool garden



Featured Retreats –

4 Day Yogi Inner-Journey Retreat, Boutique Resort Bali – UBUD or SEMINYAK

From $500 USD

Partake in classes and workshops on breathing techniques, yoga postures and simple philosophy that will enrich your practice and everyday life.


4 Day Detox Cleanse Retreat, At A Boutique Resort – UBUD or SEMINYAK

Includes your accommodation, delicious juices and a variety of wonderful yoga and meditation opportunities.

From $750 USD


What they say – Enjoy every moment of your stay with Blue Karma and find the nourishment your soul needs inside our hypnotic sanctuaries of relaxation and tranquility, being within the comfort of our boutique hotels or in the atmosphere of our private haven.


What we say – Boutique, chic cool rustic luxury stays, with programs and a vibe for relaxation and rejuvenation.


More info – Blue Karma Dijiwa

Blue Karma Website




5. Svarga Loka, Ubud in Bali, Indonesia

Located on sacred land on the banks of a river, this heavenly paradise has been protected and cared for in the benefit of all to share. The powerful energy of the land supports guests on their journey of wellbeing and transformation. Offering wellness programs curated and delivered by experienced practitioners, therapists and staff.


venue aerial view


Featured Retreat –

5 Night Balinese Healing Experience

From $950

Align your body back into balance through stretching and putting you back on the path to a flexible body. Stretch sessions are interspersed with Balinese massages in the beautiful spa where therapists have learnt their craft from an enlightened Javanese Healer.


What they say – Adiwana Svarga Loka offers wellness retreats paralleled by expert practitioners, therapists and staff. The resort includes comfortable rooms, an advanced detox and wellness centre, a traditional Balinese spa, yoga and meditation halls, martial arts centre, healthy dining restaurant and relaxation pools. Whether you are looking for a wellness holiday getaway, a private retreat venue or a Balinese Healing and Cultural experience, the nurturing, friendly atmosphere at Adiwana Svarga Loka awaits. Welcome to the Good Kingdom.


What we say – Serene venue amidst the rain-forested river bank and ravine in green Ubud. Offers great accommodations and facilities with a focus on Balinese healing. In a place like this immersion and leaving your busy scheduled life behind is a dream.


More Info – Svarga Loka Ubud Bali

Adiwana Svarga Loka Website




6. Somatheeram Ayurveda Village, Kerala India

There is an Ayurveda Hospital set in tropical gardens on the beachfront in Kerala, South India. Here you can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic therapy as well as Yoga, all in a peaceful environment.  Programs provide Ayurveda treatments / programs covering Rejuvenation therapy, Panchakarma / Detoxification / Body purification, Slimming, Stress management, Anti ageing, Beauty care and various Clinical treatments. Located at Chowara Beach 9 km south of the famous Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

 5 Amazing Budget Yoga Retreats in Asia - Talalla Retreat Sri Lanka


Featured retreat –

15 Day Slimming Ayurveda Spa Retreat, Beach Village

From $2600

This slimming retreat will include a range of treatments and therapies designed for weight loss. Yoga and meditation assists with movement and stress relief. The program offers a complete makeover for the body and soul.

Takes place under the supervision of qualified doctors and therapist, with the herbal garden on-site more than 600 varieties of herbs used in the Ayurvedic treatments.


What they say – Somatheeram, welcomes you to the world of Authentic & Traditional Ayurveda. This award winning Ayurveda Hospital set on a tropical gardens and prime beachfront location in South India. Here you can benefit from traditional Ayurvedic therapy as well as Yoga in a blissfully peaceful environment. Somatheeram, the world’s first Ayurveda hospital set in a resort ambiance.


What we say – Great location right on the beach, Ayurvedic doctors, hospital and gardens to provide a bespoke and prescribed treatment program for you. One of the best value professionally run centers in India, for short and long duration retreat packages.


More info – Somatheeram Ayurveda Village

Somatheeram Ayurveda Village Website




7. Kandy Samadhi Center, Central Sri Lanka

Fertile landscape amongst hills, wildlife, lush vegetation, reverberating with unfamiliar birdsong. The people seem a different breed too, profligate with smiles and their good sat sung spilling over and cloaking the visitors. Experience yoga, meditation and spa amongst these serene surroundings.


meditating in mountains


Featured retreat –

3 Day Yoga Spa Retreat In Mountains

From $380

Be guided through a holistic healing journey of intrigue and inspiration.

What they say – The concept of Samadhi is a testament to a new era in Sri Lankan development where the ambience of old village life and the westerner’s desire to escape to nature can merge. But take heed – no two visits to this unique place can ever be the same. The visitor constantly finds new levels of intrigue and inspiration. You need time to absorb the intricate nuances which begin to unravel between visits.
Remember there is no Sinhala word for goodbye. The person about to depart calls out “ Mama gehilla enang! I will go and return. To which the response is ‘Gehing enna! Yes, go and return!”
Once you find your way to Samadhi, you will understand why returning there is also part of your journey.


What we say – In the central heart of Sri Lanka, high up, this wonderfully rustic venue is located amongst water, forest, wildlife, nestled in nature, surrounded by the noise of the jungle, quiet for the heart and mind.


More info – Kandy Samadhi Center 

Kandy Samadhi Website


We hope you find these reviews helpful. Wherever you choose to go there is sure to be a great group of people, supportive teachers and a holiday vibe, at a resort venue waiting for you to drop down a few gears and immerse yourself in the yoga retreat package of your choice.

You will be able to enjoy a lot of yoga and mediation with the mix of the activities that interest you the most, from fitness and detox, to healing treatments, Ayurveda and holistic spa menus.

Enjoy deciding on your next retreat holiday to Asia.

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