15 Best Yoga Retreats for Travel around the World not-to-miss (Updated)

With travel in turmoil last year everybody is looking to book their favorite retreats to get away from it all for when you can in 2021.

The trend is for domestic or close-by travel with direct flights. Travel corridors such as those between many European countries make a big difference to where to travel as it means avoiding unforeseen problems and being sure of what you can do.

After the limitations we have had to endure, embarking on these inspired yoga holidays together with family and close friends has climbed to the top of the list.

And with the constant reminders of late of the importance of our health the most popular retreats trending this year are those that offer the opportunity to improve our overall wellbeing through activities like detox, spa and all other physical activities to partake in to keep fit and healthy. There are great benefits to attending one.

This blog is updated all the time to try to give you as much up-to-date and clear information for your benefit.

Guide to the Best Yoga Retreats 2021 (Updated)

We have here for you what’s hot or not for yoga journeys this year. If you would like to compare these with the destinations’ overall rating then a good place to start is with the TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Popular Destinations Best of the Best, which are a great measure of how travel friendly and worthwhile these places are to visit – quick lowdown is Bali is first, the UK comes in 2nd, and Thailand is 8th.

From the the United States on one side of the Atlantic to the other, the continent of Europe, plus everywhere else in the world too, there are yoga holidays dotted all over the different states and countries.

In the UK and the States, both are the home of the weekend or long weekend breaks, giving you the opportunity to leave everyday life for a short break and get away to hit the mat and get a quick fix of a group of yogis and yogi activities. This is thanks to the huge popularity of yoga and the sheer number of yogis in these places.

Whether it’s learning new meditative techniques or focusing on a part of yoga that interests you most, there are many different programs to be involved in that include varied activities like camping, hiking, arts education like writing and painting, in fact the list is endless. And always combined with your yoga and meditation classes and workshops

Before we list for you our top picks here are the top 18 destinations –

1. Costa Rica yoga retreats 2021

A favourite for all those in North and South America. Tropical weather, lush jungle bordered beaches and a range of registered schools and retreat centers to choose from.

2. Yoga Retreats in Mexico 2021

Reasonably affordable and with great holiday vibes for all us travelling yogis.

3. Croatia Yoga retreats 2021

The Adriatic sea and islands in them are like going back in the past, with walled port towns and small welcoming communities.

4. Yoga retreats in Italy 2021

The type of time away is decided by where you go, the different regions have different landscapes, cultures and even food.

5. Top-rated Portugal yoga retreats 2021

A big attraction with the old style towns and beachside villages, a lot of yogis have taken it upon themselves to set up more independently run style of retreats, plus you always have the option of the well established health and wellness hotels with their sumptuous spas.

6. Yoga retreats Spain 2021

Still one of the most visited countries for short breaks, either on the mainland peninsular or one of it’s many sunny and wind swept islands in the Mediterranean.

7. India yoga retreats 2021

Home of yoga Mother India has so many completely different places with their own vibes to immerse yourself in this truly unique experience of being here.

8. Top-rated Bali yoga retreats 2021

We love it here, there are retreat centers, groups of yogis, practitioners and programs dotted all cross this beautiful island.

9. Thailand yoga retreats 2021

Asia has always been a magnet for those who love the way of life, the different food and history to behold in their amazing temples and holy sites.

Now here’s our top retreat picks for you, best of the best, not to be missed (if you can help it) –

1. Location: Midpines, California, US
Featured Retreat: 4 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat
Price from $650

Spend time around the Yosemite valley, leaving daily life stresses behind. On this lovely break you can adventure locally and on your return enjoy the comfortable spa, catered for with great farm to table meals. And start and finish your day with vinyasa and restorative yoga, meditation, and breath work practices.

yoga pose in forest

2. Location: Boca Raton, Florida US
Featured Retreat: 7 Night Detox Yogi Retreat
Price from $1500

Stay at this retreat center as a great base to holiday in Florida, and enjoy a juicing & health diet and daily classes at this popular community studio. Take part in meditation practice, breath classes, drum circles, open-air and indoor yoga groups, yoga sutra study and Tai Chi.

yoga stretch pose

3. Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica

Featured Retreat: 3 Day Yogi Recharge Escape Retreat

Price from $300

A great way to step away to find peace and inspiration. A chance to spend self-directed time in the heart of the jungle, while enjoying gorgeous meals, simple lodging and daily yoga.

The retreat package includes – 2-nights accommodation, all meals, daily yoga classes, and full access to the retreat Center, including pool, yoga shala, hammock stations, and natural gardens, concierge services, and daily room service.

group yoga pose by infinity pool above ocean

4. Location: Tulum, Mexico
Featured Retreat: 5 Day Exotic Luxury Yoga Retreat on the Beach

From $1,800

This retreat experience includes exploring the culture of the ancient Mayan town, daily yoga classes, delicious local meals, an opportunity to look inward and a chance to connect with like-minded individuals.

This retreat is the perfect balance of fun, relaxation, and adventure. From lying on your hammock under a palm tree to enjoying SUP yoga in a magic lagoon to diving or snorkeling in the ocean or in the crystal-clear waters of sacred Cenote, to customized experience that fulfill your desire to explore what the area has to offer.

hammock on beach

5. Location: Portland Jamaica
Featured Retreat: 6 Day Reconnect Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Prices from $999

Take a break here in this safe and private area, directly beside a fantastic bay, join the yoga classes either on an outside deck or on the beach. Enjoy Hatha, Kundalini, Yin and Restorative Yoga to help you gain focus on your peace and tranquility for you to make the most of this relaxation retreat.

yoga on beach

6. Location: Valley Church Beach, Antigua
Featured Retreat: 5 Day Nature on Beach Yoga Glamping Retreat

Prices from $1699

This opportunity is stunning – rustic elegant tents right on the white sand beach. The purpose of the getaway is for you to leave the busy stress behind you to completely recharge yourself and find new perspectives. To this end the activities are yoga, mindfulness, personal and group coaching and nature-based therapies., but not limited to these.

yoga pose on a sunset beach

Europe is a big hit for yoga retreats.

8. Location: Rimini, Italy
Featured Retreat: 5 Day Beach Yoga Holiday
Prices from $268

Unwind, free the mind from stress with breathing practices and meditative techniques, plus practice effective alignment in postures that will help alleviate stress, anxiety and pain. Enjoy Hatha and Ashtanga classes in the morning and relaxing restorative yoga in the afternoon.

yoga training class

Bali with it’s large selection of rewarding yoga retreats has a lot on offer.

9. Location: Ubud, Bali
Featured Retreat: 3 Nights Relaxing Yoga Luxury Retreat
Prices from $950

This Relaxation package includes your three-night stay, airport transfers, butler service, daily flowers and fruits basket, all your meals. Plus your schedule of –  Wellness consultation, daily morning yoga and meditation classes and 8 Ayurvedic and spa treatments.

Girl meditating by pool in lush tropical surrounds

10. Location: Seminyak, Bali
Featured Retreat: 7 Day Spa, Yoga and Surf Retreat
Prices from $1999

Here’s a fantastic retreat for women only to fill their holiday with yoga, fitness, spa and surf – to spend time being fit and healthy whilst in Bali. Enjoy Surf, Yoga, healthy food and unlimited spa treatments with a small private group of ladies.

Bali surf photo

11.Location: Phang-Nga, nr Phuket Thailand
Featured Retreat: 4 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat on Paradise island
Prices from $180

On a beautiful paradise island, this retreat is great value with like-minded yogis. Enjoy your yoga and meditation and meet the community. There is a cafe for health and raw food choices.

meditative pose on the beach

12. Location: Kerala India
Featured Retreat: 8 Day Ayurveda Rejuvenation on the Arabian Sea
Prices from $1450

Discover the best value professional and traditional Ayurveda health treatments at this beautiful retreat center on the beach. Onsite are gardens growing the Ayurvedic herbs and foods, plus an Ayurvedic hospital with specialist Doctors who agree with you a bespoke and holistic approach to meet your objectives. Cleanse the body, mind and spirit.

Ayurveda massage treatment

13. Location: South Coast, Sri Lanka
Featured Retreat: 7 Day Yoga Retreat

Prices from $849

Take in the beautiful coastal area surrounding this boutique and personal retreat center not too far from the beach at all. Get to know all the people on this small group retreat aimed at enjoying some brilliant yoga instruction in a relaxed setting with lots of beach time.

palm tree fringed beach

There are so many varied and interesting retreats to join wherever you wish to be.

There are small group retreats which are very personal and as much about the dynamics of the group as they are about the content of the workshops and classes. Often organised by individuals these can be more affordable than those run by the retreat centers. And they can also be more time-extended practice opportunities such as the awesome yoga teacher training retreats open to you abroad.

At established venues that always run retreats and similarly at yoga hotels there is more opportunity to create a holiday for yourself and balance the retreat schedule with your time and what you want to do, whether it’s relaxation, sightseeing, working out or anything else.

Wherever you choose to go to enjoy your retreat time away, we hope you have an amazing time. And remember, it never has to break the bank, there are plenty of options out there to choose from.

One Love….

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