Best Yoga Retreats 2021

With world travel in turmoil this year everybody is looking and booking their favorites and the best yoga retreats in 2021.

The trend for 2021 is for domestic or close-by travel . Travel corridors such as those between many European countries make a big difference to where to travel as it means avoiding potential quarantine on returning home.

Yoga Retreats in Europe are first choice for Europeans in 2021, with Spain, Italy, UK, Turkey, Croatia and Portugal all top of the list in peoples’s choice of destination.

Not in Europe but not far away to get some winter sun is Morocco

For Americans everybody is waiting for Costa Rica and Mexico to open up for 2021 and also travelling domestically in the USA.

South East Asia will always be popular with the travelers who love the tropical islands with their relaxed vibes, and in 2021 those who want to visit the tropics on long haul flights will find the countries open and busy as usual for great yoga retreats in Bali, Thailand (Phuket is a great option here), Sri Lanka, and of course Mother India.

Wherever you choose to go to enjoy your yoga retreat in 2021, we hope you have an amazing time. One Love….

Costa Rica will be the top destination for Americans in 2021 for yoga retreats. It’s nearer and easier to get to than Asia and so yogis will flock here for their yearly yoga travel immersion. January to April is the busiest time of year.

group yoga pose by infinity pool above ocean

1. Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica
Featured Retreat: 8 Day Anamaya Pure Yoga Retreat
Prices from $890

Set on the edge of coastal rainforest on the Pacific coast, near Montezuma, here you will find yoga retreats with a balance of relaxation and rejuvenation. This retreat offers an immersion where you can deepen your practice, enjoy the tranquility of the nature, and nourish your body with organic food.

Europe will be the big hit for yoga retreats in 2021. Portugal offers many options, including this multi discipline retreat option with great accommodation and facilities.

hotel outdoor pool near the beach

2. Location: Algarve, Portugal
Featured Retreat:5 Night Yoga Retreat with Spa
Prices from $1976

On the beach in Algarve this hotel offers great facilities and classes. There are many retreats held here from fitness to spa to pure yoga retreats. Portugal is the yoga hotspot of Europe so expect to meet many yogis here.

Bali will be back in 2021 with it’s large selection of yoga retreats. And in Ubud there is a very popular wellness hotel with rewarding programs on offer.

Girl meditating by pool in lush tropical surrounds

3. Location: Ubud, Bali
Featured Retreat:4 Day Renew Yoga Retreat
Prices from $950

The 4 day yoga retreat gives you the opportunity for a short break of rejuvenation. The location is beautiful, surrounded by the rainforest and river in Ubud. The health cafes and community in town are nearby.

Here’s a retreat for women only in Bali.

Ubud paddie fields

4. Location: Seminyak, Bali
Featured Retreat:7 Day Surf & Yoga Retreat
Prices from $1999

Enjoy Surf, Yoga, healthy food and unlimited spa treatments with the ladies on this retreat.

Whilst if you are on your way to Thailand in 2021 then try this great Magic Yoga Retreat near Phuket.

beach yoga meditation

5. Mini Yoga Retreat
Location: Phang-Nga, Thailand
Featured Retreat:4 Day Yoga and Meditation Retreat on Paradise island
Prices from $174

On a beautiful paradise island, this retreat is great value with like-minded yogis. Enjoy your yoga and meditation and meet the community. There is a cafe for health and raw food choices.

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