5 of the Best Healing Retreats in Bali (for Self-Care)

Explore the most well reviewed and most popular healing experiences that offer serene and supportive environments to focus on your spiritual wellbeing.

Spend time on all-important relaxation, meditation and curated nourishing and healing activities, and let’s not forget fun to provide a well-rounded program (there is nothing so healthy and spiritually healing as a smile). This is a waiting paradise for you to explore your personal journey of self-discovery on one of the many amazing wellness retreats in Bali.

With its unique landscape of wide rugged beaches, never ending paddy fields and rain-forested mountains, plus the beautiful people and culture, there is a mysticism and spirituality to the island. Marvel at the 20,000 Hindu shrines and temples dotted throughout the landscape.

Bali is the perfect destination to immerse yourself in these spiritually healing practices. Discover meditation, traditional Balinese healing, yoga, physical activity, diet adaptation, classes and workshops that support you to focus on rejuvenation of your health, well-being and spirituality. There is a reason it’s known as the “island of the gods”.

Here are the Top 5 Healing Retreats in Bali.

1.  4 Day Yoga Immersion Retreat, Seminyak & Ubud, Bali


Why it’s popular: The supportive staff at this retreat center understand that there isn’t one Bali for everyone or a single retreat to suit all needs. If you enjoy being close to the excitement, but with a sanctuary of calm to retreat to, the Seminyak venue offers luxury rooms and a good variety of interesting programs. If you are looking for a more immersive experience, the Ubud location takes you into the heart of the island.

Retreat packages: Prepare to discover the joy of living in balance on the 4 Day Yoga Immersion Retreat. In Ubud, starting at $950 this yoga retreat focuses on healing the self and relief from everyday life.

Enjoy daily yoga classes, meditation and Pranayama, spa treatments and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation. Purify your body and find inner balance – calm the mind, connect with your spirit, and bring your body back into harmony. Learn breathing techniques, yoga postures, meditation, and simple modern philosophy.


2. 4 Day Holistic Healing Retreat, Ubud in Bali


Why it’s popular: Immerse yourself here in an adventure of self-discovery, discover Balinese healing supported with inspiration, creativity of the self and self-awareness guiding towards health and wellbeing.

The retreats aim at supporting people through life transitions and transformation. Bridging the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness concepts. Each retreat focuses on providing traditionally inspired body treatments, raw, vegan and vegetarian food, engaging activities for fitness and entertainment, beautiful and comfortable accommodations, meditation, ritual, and educational opportunities.

Retreat package: Rejuvenation packages, ranging from 4 to 22 days. These signature packages use a holistic integrative approach designed to tune into your unique physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to offer the best healing on deep and profound levels.

Experience this 4 Day Holistic Healing Retreat at this oasis of calm and tranquility in Ubud in Bali. Enjoy 3 nights in a river suite, 2 gourmet healing cuisine meals each day, 1 healing massage and 1 session of yoga and meditation. Starting at $1100.


3. 5 Night Healing Retreat, Ubud Bali

yoga pose in shala

Why it’s popular: Set in the midst of Bali’s spiritual Ubud, beside the river ravine in the middle of rainforest, this luxurious piece of paradise awaits your arrival with it’s special sense of serenity.

This intimate luxury yoga retreat is set at a venue that is designed to reflect and embody the unique traditional architecture of Bali. Be prepared to feel as if you are in your own slice of Balinese paradise.

Retreat package: Perfect for those looking for a soul nourishing experience  in paradise. 5 Night Healing Retreat. Starting at $1100


4. 4 Day New Start Yoga Retreat in Ubud Bali

Retreat Package: From $950 the 4 Day New Start Yoga Retreat gives you the opportunity to checkin, tune out and delve into a short break to rejuvenate. The location and venue itself are beautiful, surrounded by the rainforested river valley. And all the healthy cafes and practitioners are nearby for you to enjoy.


5. Yoga-Focused Wellness Retreat, Ubud and Seminyak Bali

Bali surf photo

Retreat Package : Starting at $1999 7 Day Goddess Surf & Yoga Retreat offers Yoga, healthy food and beach holiday vibes with a small group of beautiful ladies in Seminyak. Or there is a yoga focused relaxing wellness retreat held at the peaceful Adiwana in the rainforested river valley of Ubud, Bali.

Wherever you end up you are sure to find beautiful people and the space around you inside and out to immerse yourself in the experience…enjoy the journey x

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Kelly Fielding

Kelly is a passionate writer, enthusiastic yogi and professional sunrise chaser. Kelly has traveled and worked extensively around the world in health resorts, detox centers, and wellness retreats. Specialising in health and wellness, her written work is regularly published in both print and online media. A gypsy heart and lover of nature, Kelly finds inspiration in the world around her and translates her visions into whimsical stories and creative projects.

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