8 Destinations In South America That Will Have You Feeling At Peace

South America is a land which pays deep reverence to Mother Nature, or Pachamama. There are many different indigenous groups across the continent, and each has a very involved, strong relationship with their natural surrounds. And with such stunning landscapes, it’s easy to see why!

Here are some of our top travel destinations in South America. These locations are so naturally beautiful, when you gaze upon them you can’t help but be at one with the world around you. They will pierce your soul and tap into the stillness within you.

1. Torres del Paine, Chile

Yovada - Destinations In South America That Will Have You Feeling At Peace

At the very ends of the earth lies Patagonia, which is where you can find the Torres del Paine. These ethereal granite towers jut from the cordillera mountain ranges, and are a wonder to behold. The Torres del Paine National Park is full of crystal clear lakes and amazing mountains, and the walk to the Torres themselves is incredibly peaceful. While it can get a little busy in high season, this isolated national park really gives you the chance to become one with nature. Thanks to the remote location, you’ll be able to have plenty of time for silence and reflection.

2. Salar de Uyuni, BoliviaYovada - Destinations In South America That Will Have You Feeling At Peace (4)

This high altitude salt flat is especially magnificent just after rainfall. The expanse of white reflects the sky underneath, and gives the illusion of infinite continuity as it mirrors the clouds picture perfectly. Stare into the horizon, and take lots of optical illusion photos. The Salar de Uyuni is situated between the beautiful surrounding mountains and landscapes, where you can see flamingos, striking algae-coloured pools, and incredible rock formations.

3. Caño Cristales River, Colombia

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This river is known as “the liquid rainbow” for its amazing array of hues. You can find ruby reds, bright yellows, emerald greens, and inky blues and blacks. The naturally occurring organisms at the bottom of the river are what cause this glorious rainbow coloured effect. This river can be found in the mountain ranges of the Serranía de la Macarena, which is a short flight from Bogota or Villavicencio. It’s a bit of a trek, but well worth it for a look and swim at this amazing site. Go in July to November to see the colours in all their glory.

4. Valle Sagrado, Peru

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Nearby to the famous Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley has an array of other beautiful remnants of the Inca civilisation for visitors to enjoy (and with far fewer crowds). You can take treks, walk the cobbled streets of tiny towns, and let the charm and sleepiness seep into you. There are many yoga retreat options around this area, with many yogis from around the world settling in this verdant part of the planet.

5. Valle de Elqui, Chile

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The Valle de Elqui has some of the most amazing night skies you will ever see. It averages around 300 perfectly sunny days a year, which makes it ideal for stargazing and sunny strolls alike. The towns are full of flowerbeds and flags strung up around homes, and a leafy Plaza de Armas boasts women selling warm empanadas fresh from the oven in hand-woven baskets. There are plenty of walks you can take during the day. This relaxed little part of the world is a very soothing place to spend a few days. It’s also said to be the home of a sweet distilled grape drink called pisco (although some Peruvians would probably disagree with you on that one!).

6. Salto Angel, Venezuela

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Home to the world’s second largest uninterrupted waterfall, Angel Falls can be found in Canaima National Park. Striking orange stone provides a backdrop for the cascades, which fall nearly a kilometre from a table-top stone mountain. These falls are not so easy to reach, but the remote location in dense South American jungle will give you plenty of time to reconnect with the madre tierra.

7. Vale Da Lua, Brazil

Yovada - Yogis find peace in Vale Da Lua, Brazil, South America

Translating to the “Valley of the Moon”, this hidden gem boasts otherworldly landscapes with smooth rock formations. Despite its beauty, this is not a go-to tourist destination, and its relaxed atmosphere will quickly have you feeling peaceful and calm. Vale Da Lua is kind of like a natural water park; the interesting shapes of the rocks are worn smooth by the paths of the water, making for excellent water slide fun and a beautiful location to cool off on a hot day.

8. Vinicunca, Peru

Yovada - Yogis find peace in Vinicunca, Peru, South America

These rainbow mountains are well worth the 6 day trek it takes to get there. The mountain peaks in this area are coloured with varying pastel and vibrant hues, and never-before-seen shades that defy scientific explanation.Visiting these mountains is part of the Ausangate Trek, which is a beautiful experience in its own right. You can watch herds of alpacas graze, visit natural hot springs, and walk past snow-capped mountains and rolling green hills on your journey.

Relax in the stillness today

Do yourself the biggest of favours; load up your trusty backpack and book a trip to South America today. Escape the hustle and bustle of the everyday life, and reward yourself by being transfixed in the majesty of Mother Nature. Stillness can be found in the roaring waterfalls, the humming leafy jungle and the breathtaking mountains on this incredible land of South America.

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