8 Best Yoga & Surf Retreats 2019

There is a unique synergy that exists between flowing through a yoga practice and gliding along a perfect wave. Physically, both require balance, focus and dedication. Spiritually, both connect you to something deeper, they guide you on an internal journey, they help you to discover stillness, tranquility and space. In such moments, the day to day evaporates, and you become part of something greater.

A yoga & surf retreat asks you to push your boundaries, but also ensures you will have plenty of fun doing so. When yoga classes and surf lessons combine with pristine coastal locations, exquisite food, plenty of sunshine and lots of laughter, you know you are in for a memorable getaway.

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1. Danyasa Eco Retreat
Location- Dominical, Costa Rica
Retreat- 7 Day Danyasa Yoga & Surf Retreat
Prices from $313

Nestled on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Danyasa Eco-Resort combines yoga with adventure, excitement and nature. Bask in the crystal-clear ocean, immerse yourself in the jungle, horse-ride along the expansive beaches, surf the world-renowned waves or simply unwind to the sounds of nature and deepen your yoga practice. Discover how yoga and surfing are intrinsically connected, physically and spiritually. This laid-back surfer town offers you pure escape and a mix of relaxation and adrenaline.

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2. Bliss Sanctuary for Women
Location- Seminyak & Canggu, Bali
Retreat- 7 Day Bliss Sanctuary Seminyak Yoga Surf
Prices from $2675

Run by women, for women, learn how to surf or take your board skills to the next level in a safe, enjoyable and supportive space. Bliss Sanctuary offer a unique and tailored experience that combines personalized surf lessons with unlimited spa and massage treatments, yoga, gourmet meals, cultural excursions and plenty of time to bliss out in style and luxury! Boutique spa retreat meets luxe surf getaway with Bliss Sanctuary.

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3. Yogaion
Location- Costa Vicentina, Portugal
Retreat- 7 Day Yogaion Surf & Iyengar Yoga Retreat
Prices from $1037

Experience breathtaking landscapes and pristine waves in a retreat that combines daily yoga with surf lessons, gourmet healthy cuisine, and accommodation in a stunning beach front property. Discover proper alignment on your mat and highly qualified surf instruction in the sea. Unwind at the end of each day with a restorative yoga class to soothe your muscles and find absolute relaxation. Bliss and adventure await you in Portugal.

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4. Xinalani Retreat
Location- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Retreat- 8 Day Xinalani Yoga & Surf Retreat
Prices from $1699

Say farewell to stress and invigorate your spirit at Xinalani Retreat. Take to the waves with surf or SUP lessons, practice yoga overlooking the Pacific Ocean, feast on wholesome Mexican cuisine and slumber soundly in eco-chic accommodations. From meditation to massage and surf boards to cocktails, this retreat offers the perfect getaway to push your boundaries and try something new.

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5. Easy Surf Maroc
Location- Tamraght, Morocco
Retreat- 7 Night Easy Surf & Yoga
Prices from $628

With glorious Moroccan sunshine and a wave for all levels, Easy Surf Maroc offer surf and yoga retreats that draw travelers from all walks of life and all over the globe. With expert instructors on the yoga mat and surfboard, discover how yoga can benefit your surf skills and vice versa. Comfy accommodations, all meals, and plenty of friendly smiles make for a fun and unforgettable adventure.

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6. Pineapple House
Location- Canggu, Bali
Retreat- 6 Day Pineapple House Surf & Yoga
Prices from- $545

Known for its premium yoga and surf retreats, laid-back vibes and friendly service the Pineapple House is the perfect retreat destination in the funky surf town of Canggu. World-class yoga and world-class surf combine with amazing food, beautiful culture, epic sunsets and blissful massage. A retreat for all levels that covers all bases, find a home away from home at the Pineapple House.

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7. Surf and Yoga Mirissa
Location- Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Retreat- 11 Day Mirissa Yoga & Surf Retreat
Prices from $515

In the warm waters off Sri Lanka’s coastline, discover the synergy of yoga and surf with daily lessons and confident instructors. Deepen your yoga practice and advance your surf skills whilst having plenty of fun with like-minded souls. Full moon yoga, hula hooping, massage, SUP, diving and more are all on offer for you to partake in as you please. Beach house vibes and a balance of relaxation and exhilaration make for an unforgettable stay in Sri Lanka.

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8. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort
Location- Nosara, Costa Rica
Retreat- 7 Night Bodhi Tree Surf & Yoga
Prices from $2560

This truly unique retreat space merges lush jungle with expansive beaches for a true Costa Rica experience. Practice yoga in the open air studio and rise to new levels as you take to the surf with skilled instructors. High-end accommodation, gourmet meals, surf photography, surf massage and world-class facilities create a yoga surf retreat like no other. Discover a little magic and luxury in exotic paradise with Bodhi Tree.

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