Q&A with Vanessa Carrettiere

1. Whats your yoga story? (how did you get involved, how long have you been practicing, etc.)

I´ve started Yoga because of my scoliosis and it helped me so much with my back pain. I have been practicing for 3 years. I also suffer from high blood pressure since my childhood and on some days i´m extremely nervous, anxious and stressed. Yoga helped me immensely with these problems. As soon as i step on my mat, i can feel how all the anxiety and tension fall off.

2. What’s your favorite song to practice to, or favorite playlist?

It depends on my mood but mostly i browse through some chillout playlists on Spotify.

3. What is something you’ve learned from yoga that resonates with you the most?

“If you’re connected to the body, you’ll be present in the mind.”
The yoga practice seeks to answer the question of what defines the present moment and help root your consciousness directly in it. I have to admit, that i am not a naturally present person but through my yoga practice I have learned how to turn fear into compassion for example and more importantly how to embrace the present moment.

4. What is your most memorable yoga experience?

That i can do everything. It only need patience and practice. For example: when i started practicing i was so impressed by girls who are able to practice pincha mayurasana. My body wasn´t strong enough to hat time and i doubted if i´ll ever be able to master this Asana. But after some month i finally found the balance and my body gained so much strenght because i practiced everyday. I can remember how happy i was! And i still am.

5. What destination is next on your travel list and why?

This summer we want to travel to Skiathos. I totally love Greece and Skiathos seems like such a breathtaking place with it´s beautiful beaches & scenic landscapes.

6. If you could interview anyone who would it be and why?

That´s a difficult question! Maybe my great-great-Grandmother. I still have my Granny and great-Granny around me but of course i never met my great-great-granny. She lived in Russia before she came to Austria douring the war and i would love to learn the russian language from her.

7. If you had to choose a theme song for you life, what would it be?

Maybe from Disney´s Aladdin- a whole new world

8. If you were on a deserted island, what 3 items would you bring and why?

Sun protection- because i guess on a deserted island it´s really hot! A good book, i love reading. And a knife- i can use it to open coconuts 😀

9. What’s one food you couldn’t live without?

In Carinthia we have a food called “Kärntner Käsnudel” and my Grandma makes me this food very often. Käsnudel is basically a dough made of flour, egg, a little oil and salt wrapped around a filling of curd cheese, pressed potatoes and fresh herbs. You roll out the dough and form small balls out oft he curd- potatoe stuffing and put it on the dough, fold the dough, press the edges with your fingers and place the noodles into hot water. They are similar to dumplings!

10. What is one quote you try to live by?

“Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, be strong and keep reminding your self that everything happens for a reason.” – John Meyer

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