Check these awesome Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in North America

So you have made the decision to stay in North America for your yoga teacher training program.

It’s a very clever decision. As a student in the America you have quite a few options of how to certify as a yoga teacher. Here are the different course formats open to you –

  1. Stay at home, sign up to a course at a local studio that takes place over months worth of weekends only. This way is like the well-known Corepower route, it will save you a lot of money as you get to avoid any extra travel and accommodation costs.
  2. Join a group of like-minded yogis on a residential course which usually lasts 2 week minimum, probably 3 weeks long. This can be a great learning and growing experience with the intensity of everyday classes and workshops and you can always save money on shared accommodation which is commonly available. If you want to understand all the factors around the cost of a training then we have written this really good article that even highlights the best deals in the most popular locations. Check it out.
  3. If you are attracted by mixing some good weather at a bespoke retreat center with your time at as yoga school then consider the short direct and affordable flight to some nearby options.

At all options you will be attending a registered YTT training which will meet the standards set down by Yoga Alliance in their core curriculum which means that you will always end up with your certification to be a yoga teacher.

All you need to do is decide on which option first, then research all the trainings available to you based on your criteria of course content and teaching philosophy, yoga styles and instructors, plus the price. Once you have identified the likely programs then make inquiries about the matters that interest you and make a decision. And trust in yourself, yoga will make sure you end up where you need to be, when you need to be there.


1. Event- 21 Day 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Costa Rica
Location- Cabuya, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica
Prices from $3699

Investing in your Yoga Teacher Training Certification Intensive Immersion is a transformational experience and will be beneficial even if you have no intention of teaching. This training program is open to people at all levels of experience.

This life-enriching programs draws from many traditions – Classical Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, the importance of ritual, the magic of mantra and philosophy from the Yoga Sutras. The course is an experience that will stay with you and inspire you forever.

You will find music, laughter, sweat and wild crazy fun harmoniously combined with stillness, self-discipline, silence and introspection.

You will tune into the subtle energies within and around you in the wildness of the Costa Rican environment connecting deeply with nature.


2. Event- 17 Day 200 hour Transformative Yoga Teacher Training, Hawaii US
Location- Big Island, Hawaii
Prices from $4699

November Dates

Through in-depth study of asana, pranayama, teaching methodology, and yoga philosophy, aspiring teachers are given the tools to experience a total transformation of body mind and spirit- balance and peace for life “off the mat.” 

This Yoga School offers much more than simply yoga teacher training! Bringing knowledge and experience directly from the heart, this amazing team of teachers simultaneously allows upward expansion and deep-down grounding in the dynamic and spirited energy of this training. Come and be inspired!

Join an amazing team of teachers and healers. During this training you’ll be taught a traditional yogic methodology, of Yoga as a lifestyle, a science, and an art. 

There is ample opportunity to deepen your understanding of Prana (life-force energy), healing, and spirituality, woven into the course with anatomy, sequence and breath, learning about crystals and oils all in a space that offers the multi-faceted teachings of Yoga while honoring and respecting all religious backgrounds and beliefs.

yoga posing sunset beach


3. Event- 22 Day 200hour Aligned Flow Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico

Location- Tulum, Mexico
Prices from $2699

November Dates

The Aligned Flow Method is a teaching philosophy that was developed to guide students through asana practice in a way that is mindful, sustainable and just makes sense to the student body.

The foundation of this method is based on the study of functional asana, human alignment and the nuances that happen within the transitions.
The team takes a different approach to yoga teacher training and have created immersions that allow you to choose the path you want to develop.

Whether you want to learn more about yoga asana, deepen your yoga practice or become a yoga teacher, this training immersion in the Mexican tropics will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

As a teacher, you will have the opportunity to share this movement in a way that is clear, directional, authentic and gives space for your unique voice to shine. As a student, you learn how to understand and individualize asana practice with regard to your physical body and spiritual needs.

In addition to embarking on a transformative journey as you experience life as a local in Tulum, your yoga teacher training immersion will include unlimited access to studio yoga classes, comprehensive 21 day training, training manual, opening and closing ceremony and certificate.

yoga teacher training program class


4. Event-  2 week Intensive 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Florida, US
Location- Miramar, Florida
Prices from $1500

All dates

This immersive program provides everything you need in learning about the philosophy of yoga, anatomy, chanting, business, wisdom, sutras, kriyas, meditation, pranayama, adjustment, art of teaching, and more.

This teaching environment based in the sunshine state of Florida offers all yogis and yoginis of all demographics and physical abilities the ability to practice and learn yoga in a nurturing, loving environment.

Thinking of somewhere different? If you are in New York there are lots of different formats of courses to suit working lifestyles. Maybe the west coast? Well you could check out what’s on offer in the Bay Area of San Francisco, or down the coast in downtown Los Angeles there are quite a few good schools to check out.

asana class


5. Event- Hybrid Trauma-Informed Yoga teacher Training

Location- Mexico


Prices from $3950

This mystical yoga teacher training curriculum is influenced around Peruvian Shamanism, providing students with a unique and spiritually driven course that goes beyond just a certification.

In 21 days, you will immerse yourself in experience — you will dance, chant, sing. You will find community with like-minded people and embrace the stillness within yourself. You will delve deep into the experience, free from the skins of your past, from unnecessary distractions to allow the authentic connection with yourself to emerge.

Through the journey of the 200 Hour YTT, students have the opportunity to step into their power as yoga teachers, to rediscover facets of their being and share a deeper knowledge of the mystical dimensions from where we all came and to which we will all return.

Through the study of ancient wisdom and practice of daily mystical yoga, you will begin to reveal a greater sense of beauty, love, and freedom. You will discover yoga as a toolkit which you can apply to bring you into present awareness of the true, pure essence of life.


yoga retreat practice

If staying in the United States is on the cards for you then you will not be disappointed with the choice available. You can get into anything, from Iyengar yoga to any of the styles you practice combined into multi-style teaching, or even a specialism like Ayurveda, yoga therapy or meditation.

Remember if this is your first training then you’ll need to start off on the foundational level which will give you your initial certification. You can build on this in the future as and when you like.

These curated retreat yoga programs will cover Hatha Yoga, Restorative yoga and all styles and types mixed in with the workshop content. You can learn the background of yoga, the philosophy and history, plus deepen your understanding of your yogic lifestyle and principles.

The groups are small and focused, giving you the attention and support you will require to really make good progress in your practice and skills throughout the entire process of your yoga certification.

Teacher training programs have a variety of accommodation, often the cheapest way to complete is to only attend the tuition and still stay at home. If you have decided to travel to somewhere else then the range will start at shared accommodation which is the most budget friendly option for you.

If money is not the biggest consideration then you can opt for a private room with ensuite bathroom, allowing you to optimise your down-time for relaxation, as the time spent in the group can be exhausting at the same time as the most exhilarating experience you will ever have. You will still share good health vegetarian food with your group at meal times which will be included, as will all tuition materials and your cherished certificate at the end.

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