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It is an undeniable truth that yoga teacher training costs have slowly risen across the board since attaining the YA certificate has become more and more popular.

It is still true that you can find a course that doesn’t break the bank but it takes a lot more looking and most of the time a lot more travelling too than used to be the case.

The variety of prices is down to many factors. Firstly there is the popularity factor, take anything in the world, as soon as it is in high demand then there is the potential to charge a higher price.


Teacher trainings are not all priced un-affordably, most are priced due to certain factors so if you can understand those factors then it is possible to find the yoga instructor certification of your dreams and at the budget that suits you and makes sense.

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One of the main reasons the prices have increased is because a good share of people who complete a course never end up teaching and they do not embark on the journey with that objective in mind. So it’s less about the related cost of achieving the qualification to be a professional yoga teacher, and more about the price of an intensive residential yoga adventure.

Often people are just looking to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga, be more knowledgeable and consciously aware of the history and background of their most loved activity.

If we are practicing every day and realising the wealth of benefits that it brings to our lives then it is natural that we want to learn more about what we are doing, possibly to expand our yogic lifestyle and to learn more about a wonderful specialism that we may be interested in, such a meditation, yoga therapy, therapeutic yoga, anatomy or any one of the many related health disciplines that are taught such as Ayurveda.



The simple fact is that these are extended holidays that equate to one big yoga adventure of hitting the mat all the time with a group of like-minded yogis; feeding off the energy of embarking on this journey with a new beautiful tribe of people. Opening ourselves up to be vulnerable, seeing truths, growing spiritually and embracing the time for personal development.

All these make for a wonderful holiday experience, combine that with the equivalent of the best counselling in the world and it starts to be apparent why there is such a high monetary value attached to these retreats.

So in a way a yoga certification program is a priceless and invaluable experience to us, but of course in the real world it needs to have a cost and we need to be able to find a course that we can afford. And the good news is that there are still many, which means it is still achievable for EVERYBODY.

This is great news and in line with Yoga Alliance’s professional path and value system which includes equity in yoga and yoga for all. So there will always be a teacher training for you.

Before reading on maybe think to yourself if the yoga teacher training costs are right for you? If you are intrigued at all then please continue; by the end of this complete guide you will understand all of the factors that influence the cost of a yoga teacher training and how to beat them for yourself, and find out the top affordable yoga teacher training destinations.


Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools run the whole range of options, whether it’s an expensive or more affordable YTT program. Due to the new Yoga Alliance curriculum set out in February 2020 the components and modules are quite extensive and so the content of teaching and practice can be lengthy and involved, hence the prices have a floor to them for the school and instructors to be able to satisfy the course requirements properly and certify the students.

This assured quality and standards is a factor in the overall cost. Remember that after completion you are entitled to your first level of yoga qualification (200-hour to start) and are able to teach others.

The program modules include yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology, meditation, teaching practice, asanas, yoga history and principles of following a yogic lifestyle. Plus a lot of personal attention, work and a whole lot of love.

These intensive retreats often include accommodation and food, adding another cost to bear.

If you wish to teach in the future then this route of a RYT with Yoga Alliance with a registered yoga school is the necessary path and your first stage in your yoga education journey.

It is worth noting that the different stages of your yoga training (the hours of your yoga program) will come with different price tags. The 200 hour yoga teacher training (which is the first level for everybody) are the most expensive, and it is no coincidence that these are the entry foundational level which are enjoyed by all, committed future yoga teachers and those seeking a yoga holiday alike.

The further stages afterwards and your continuing education commitment will be more affordable.



If you have to stick to an exact budget then location is one of your biggest decisions.

To generalize, places like Bali and Costa Rica are always going to be pricier than India. Having said that, unless you live nearby there are significant travel costs to India. It just needs good research.

Time is also a factor. Maybe a month residential course abroad isn’t feasible for you. In that case you could consider a weekend-only program over a longer period organised by a studio within a certain distance of your home. You avoid accommodation and travel costs and will find these very affordable programs to attend. These weekends are very common program formats in the United States and all across Europe in places like the UK and Spain.

Even style of yoga can have a part to play in cost. Hatha and Vinyasa are so common and popular that you will find more affordable programs in these styles as there is a lot of demand for affordability.



Not all schools are equal.

Some are famous in the yogi trail world, and often with good reason. They can be run in the most amazing bespoke retreat centers, on paradise beaches or in yoga shalas built into a cliff side on a resort island. Fantastic settings and built up by the professional reputation of the instructors and courses. All very attractive and admirable and of course these comes with a price tag.

If you have the money these experiences will be fantastic – the feeling of complete immersion on a paradise holiday, practicing yoga with the energy of a new tribe of yogis coming together for this adventure alone.

beach meditation class


The price tag of a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training program is dictated by the following factors –

  1. Which location
  2. Which yoga school
  3. Which Instructor Certification Program

There is a whole range of different price points to choose from, to drill it down to the biggest determining factors it will be the type of the TTC (the certification level) and the standard of the school and venue in the location you are interested in.

Specliaized courses and further yoga education programs are usually shorter and cheaper. You can attend such a training as a short activity break, spending time focusing on an area that interests you such as meditation or Ayurveda or whatever it may be. These are perfect for those on a smaller budget or just looking for something to take part in for a few days and meet a new group of people. Often there is no certification included in such retreats.

How much does a Yoga Teacher Training cost?

A fair price for a standard foundational course (200-hour yoga teacher training) registered with Yoga Alliance is between $2,000 – $3,000.

If it’s the right teaching certification program for you then this is a fair price. Just don’t necessarily expect air-conditioned comforts and loungers by a swimming pool juice bar. Although with some good research on our site you can still find these included too.

If you are looking for somewhere abroad, maybe tropical, at a retreat cater set up for the purpose and with facilities to make your stay easy and convenient then expect to pay anything around $3,000 and over, the price range goes all the way up to $6000.

So here is the breakdown for the average cost of all the certification courses –

Foundational RYT 200 Course – USD $2,000-$3,000

Advanced RYT 300 Course – USD $2,000-$4,000

Certified RYT 500 Course – USD $2,000-$6,000

Continuing Education 50-100 hour modules – USD $500 – $1,500



You surely can find the teacher training course of your dreams that will match your budget. It’s not that hard, it just involves some good research and astute reviewing.

Trendy retreat centers with good facilities are all well and good but there are a whole host of teacher training courses all across the world that offer a great standard of teaching and interesting content modules which do not charge too much money to attend. Take a look at India as the biggest example.

All in all the yoga teacher training course that you sign up for needs to be affordable for you but also the right course for yourself. So if you start with the course content and the teaching philosophy of the school I am sure your journey will lead you to where you should be. Trust in yoga to get you there.

As a guide, the best destinations for affordable yoga teacher training courses are –

  1. Affordable Yoga Teacher Training India
Student Yoga group

India is the go to country for the most authentic and affordable yoga teacher training. Being the home and mother of Yoga you can find all sorts of courses and schools here that are sure to offer what you are looking for, and at a price that will suit your budget.

You can find yoga teacher training courses in India for under $1,000 and run by reputable schools, and nearly all options are between $1-$2,000.

The travelling can be more difficult in India but that is all part of the experience and reality there. But don’t forget you need to travel there so you will need to factor in the cost of your international and domestic flights.

Up in the north in the foothills of the Himalayas there is Rishikesh, yogis make pilgrimages here all year round to take part in the spiritual ambience of this town divided in two by the holy Ganges River.

If you want an ashram experience then there’s plenty here, plus studios and workshops throughout the town in everything that you could be interested in. It’s that much of a yoga mecca. Whatever yoga style, whichever alternative therapy, all types of meditative techniques are on offer in 200-hour yoga teacher certification programs that you find here.

There are many other yoga centers throughout the country, for westerners the other main hot spot is Goa, with it’s warm sun, sand and sea lifestyle in the Goan villages along it’s wide glorious beaches.


2. Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

prayer flags himalaya in background
200 Hour Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Coming to Nepal is spending time in the Himalayan mountains, and it makes for the perfect setting for the yoga teacher training courses which run here all year round, immersing in the relaxed atmosphere in the backdrop of the snow-capped mountains. These Yoga certification programs are significantly cheaper than their western counterparts.


3. Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

yoga class outdoor

Thailand has always been part of the yoga trail. After India it’s where it really started, on south East Asian islands. Yogis flock here in their thousands every year for the great food, the daily sunshine and the cheap massages.

Over time lots of wonderful retreat centers have been developed to cater to all your needs, including hosting certification programs. It is still affordable compared to other options and you get to practice daily by the beach on an idyllic paradise island. What’s not to like?


4. Yoga Teacher Training Cambodia

There are not too many schools here but we like them because they are not-for-profit and work with the community to try to spread yoga to the disadvantaged. So if you fancy somewhere a bit different and for a price that won’t break the bank then check out what’s on offer.


5. Top affordable yoga teacher training in the most popular locations

A.CHEAPEST IN COSTA RICA 21 Day 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher Training, Costa Rica ($2950) which runs many months of the year.

B.CHEAPEST IN FLORIDA, USA 2 week Intensive 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher Training, Florida in the US ($3,000) which runs many months of the year.

C.CHEAPEST IN BALI 24 Day 200 hour Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training, Ubud in Bali ($2200) all year round

Hope this all helps you find what you are looking for at a price that makes sense. Good luck on your journey!

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