The 9 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Spain

So you fancy some intensive yoga training mixed with yoga theory, background and philosophy? These retreats are exactly the thing if you are looking for an extended break to focus on your practice and deepen your understanding of the yogic lifestyle.

Often they can be a transformative experience, with just as much learning and developing off the mat as on it, plus you get to meet a whole new tribe of people who are all focused on the same incredible journey with you.

As a student who chooses Spain to complete your yoga certification you are spoilt for choice with many registered yoga schools and a variety of courses in all different yoga styles and course content specialisms.

The most common format here is a residential yoga teacher training program, these are very popular as the group is often from all different parts of Europe and elsewhere, so they come together in Spain to complete the training away from home and in an immersive retreat-style experience, hence the group stays, eats, sleeps and trains together at the one location. 

Here is the collection of the Best Yoga Teacher Training in Spain for you to review –


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1.Training- 14 Day 200 hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Location – Costa Brava, nr. Barcelona, Spain

Date- October 2022

Price from Euro $3260

This amazing program is brought to you by the most popular yoga school and lead teachers in Costa Rica, so it offers you the opportunity to tap into the knowledge and professional excellence of their very experienced trainers without having to travel all the way over the world, that’s if you are based in Europe of course.

Everything is amazing about this course – the standard of teaching and guidance, the group community feeling, the incredible location, and the timing to coincide with the great weather of Autumn(fall) in Spain.

So head over to the Costa Brava coast near to Barcelona and spend the best two weeks of your year getting your om on with the most amazing tribe who all come together for the same reason, to spend some serious quantity and quality of time practicing their yoga, meditation and learning a variety of yogic topics and  disciplines.


2. Training-another by this amazing group, offering a 21 day version of the same course – you can check it out here-

21 Day 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Location – Costa Brava, nr. Barcelona, Spain

Date- Starts October 23rd 2022

Price from Euro $3260


More Info – Lakshmi Rising Yoga School


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3. Training- 35 Day 26×2 Bikram-Inspired 200 Hour Vinyasa Hot Yoga Teacher Training
Location- Barcelona, Spain

Date- June 27th 2022

Prices from Euro $3560

Every day during the training, you will start with a hot vinyasa asana practice with pranayama breathing for about 1.5 – 2 hours. This would also sometimes include meditation, after which you will have a very short break. From there, you will either go into alignment or theory (philosophy, chakras, Ayurveda, adjustments, anatomy, learning to sequence, etc.).

The first 2 weeks are more on theory and practicing different types of yoga-like yin and restorative. The final 2 weeks of the training are more on practice teaching where you learn how to sequence Vinyasa classes, practice teaching with blocks, straps, and blankets, learn how to adjust students, how to deal with injuries and variations of postures, as well as prenatal and acro yoga.

The 26×2 training is a 2 week intensive course with a lot of practice. There will be very little theory such as philosophy or anatomy as you will have done that in the vinyasa portion of the course. You will practice the 90min series twice a day, once in the morning and also in afternoon. You will go over alignment of the 26 asanas as well as some easier variations of those poses. 

More Info – Hot Yoga Academy



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4. Training – 28 Day 200hr Hot Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Location- Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Date – July 4th 2022
Prices from Euro $2500

Each day will be filled with the opportunity to be inspired, not just by the physical practice, but also the rich and diverse philosophy underlying yoga, learning more about how your body respond to this practice and having the chance to observe and teach that to others.

Yoga helps to change your perspective to be more inclusive and compassionate, herein lies the real change that this practice brings about in yourself and in others. This in turn helps you to be of service to the world and your communities and live lives where you are fully present to all the beauty that the human experience offers you.

This unique training includes one month of free unlimited Hot Yoga before the course begins, during the course and one week after the course is completed.


More Info – Hot Yoga Academy

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5. Training – 3-Week 200Hr Therapeutic Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Location- Castellon, Spain

2022 Dates – June 4th, August 6th, November 26th
Prices from Euro $2250

The Asana practice taught during this training, is based on the Iyengar and Sivananda Yoga methods, with a focus on flow, steadiness and relaxation. Asana practice includes the exploration of the Chakras and the Chinese acupuncture meridians with an emphasis on profound healing properties. 

The course emphasizes teaching from beginner to intermediary levels. It, therefore, concentrates on safety, the use of props, correct breathing and alignment, restorative asana, relaxation, healing and meditation as well as more dynamic and strong asanas to improve strength, endurance and will power.

Students are encouraged to respect their own limitations and are not expected to exercise beyond their own physical capacities.

More Info – Yoga Academy Europe



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6. Training –  3-Week Zen Shiatsu and Yoga Teacher Training

Location- Cervera del Maestre, Castellon, Spain

2022 Dates – Starts May 7th, October 1st
Prices from Euro $1600

This certified course integrates traditional Zen Shiatsu with advanced energy work and chakra healing. Zen Shiatsu and polarity resonance are rooted in Oriental Medicine with it’s notions of energetic movement, Meridians, Acupuncture points and Chakras; energy channels, points and vortexes.

Zen Shiatsu is Energy Medicine at the deepest level working directly with the life force thereby enabling that profound healing of body, mind and soul. This leads to tremendously effective healings of many common ailments.

The course follows the European Shiatsu Federation’s core syllabus and is based on hands-on, experiential understanding of Diagnosis and Treatment with pure theory making up 20% of each days program.

More Info – Yoga Academy Europe


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7. Training – 21 Day 300 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Location- Catalonia, Spain  

Date – Starts October 23rd 2022

Prices from Euro $3525

This advanced yoga training will refresh student’s foundational understanding but also delve deeper into yoga philosophy, asana theory and lab, physical and energetic anatomy, and advanced sequencing topics. Advanced students will gain deeper insight and perspective.

This immersion provides unique tools and valuable wisdom for both self-development and sharing with your community.

More Info – Lakshmi Rising Yoga School


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These yoga programs cover every yoga style from the more common and popular Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga, to Iyengar and Bikram yoga – all styles and types are mixed in vibrant and energetic group teaching practice sessions. You will also learn the history and philosophy of yoga, plus gain a large knowledge and experience of living in a yogic way throughout everything in your life. 

The groups will be small, giving a lot of opportunity for personal teaching and attention to your practice, plus alignment adjustments and guidance.

These incredible experiences will offer you everything you have dreamed of in your yoga certification process.  Share this wonderful adventure in a beautiful setting in Spain, with a school that offers a teaching philosophy and class content that attracts you most; plus enjoy great vegetarian food, and eating, staying, bonding and training with a whole new set of friends and fellow students.

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