On a Kundalini Yoga Retreat – What Really Happens?

Here’s a unique sneak peek into the day by day experience of a signature ‘Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency’ Kundalini Yoga Retreat in Goa, India. Discover the insights Trish the facilitator gains through the group transformation.

Day 1- Root Chakra

This is a 7 day programme of Kundalini Yoga and healing which works on the Chakras. Each day explores a new chakra to really bring people into alignment with their real true selves. I believe that balancing the chakras is the key to happiness and that’s the basis of all my teaching and healing secrets.

Today was mostly about settling in, buying flowers, building altars, making the rooms gorgeous with more flowers and welcome gifts and creating one of my favourite spaces for teaching kundalini yoga.

Everybody arrived and we began with our first class this evening to focus on the root chakra, to focus on really connecting to the earth. And what a wonderful and truly magical piece of earth it is here in mystical India. The gorgeous class started out in the light and finished by candlelight and was followed by a long and deep gong bath and relaxation.

It’s a gift to be here with our chef, the wonderful Sue, who is a fellow foodie and we are both really interested in working with food as medicine. Each meal is tailored to match the chakra we are working on that day. There is such a lovely light energy at the table and, as always, such a gorgeous group of students.

Everyone is loving Goa and after a beautiful meal and dessert followed with Sue’s warming homemade yogi tea, its time for bed.


Day 2 – 2nd Chakra Day

We have all settled in now and what a beautiful connection between the group.

Today we worked on the second chakra so in the morning class we focused on the kidneys and the release of fear from the kidneys where fear can hide. You can really feel the detox happening – literally.

We followed class with breakfast in the garden. It’s fruits are so so so tasty here!

The morning workshops are always different, depending on the group so after an exploration of the first 2 chakras we were working on we practiced a wonderful 11 minute meditation and floated over to lunch.

Everyone is feeling pretty tired today and this is generally what happens as we do go in quite hard with the classes. So after the gorgeous stuffed aubergines and delicious salad we all reclined at the pool, swam or napped for the afternoon.

Our evening session was just divine – so many times I had goosebumps! The sounds of the birds in harmony with the gong and the beautiful soft evening light is just gorgeous.

Dinner was so so fresh and followed by raw carrot cake and I am smiling as I write this tucked up in bed.

Day 3 – Solar Plexus Chakra

I wake up to a symphony of birds here in Goa every morning.

Today was a strong day today working on the solar plexus, working on the release of emotions that are not serving, working on coming back to centre, working on bringing in the peace and the power to the 3rd chakra. Both classes today really opened the navel centre and we practiced the amazing Osho Kundalini Meditation during the workshop.

I adore this meditation and the students all had profound experiences. Some tears today as we move through the releases going on. I love to see people getting to the point of the release of tears- it all works!

I am so happy to have the wonderful Annabel James here sharing her powerful breathwork journey therapy and also Chi Nai Tsang. Annabel and I work together in Ibiza and I see such huge shifts happen for people with her sessions. I am also excited to have Olivia Wood here offering her therapeutic massages that guests enjoy during the afternoon.

Dinner was a divine cauliflower dish with courgetti spaghetti and salad. Lunch was also simply divine and we had fresh moringa from the garden with a mango curry.

I shed a little tear while teaching this evenings class because the energy in the room was just so incredibly gorgeous.


Day 4 – Heart Chakra

Ah my favourite! The heart chakra day!

This morning we took our practice over to the pristine sands of Talpona as a surprise for our yogis. It was simply divine to practice the kriya to open the heart centre there on the beach, shaded by the palms, facing out to see with about 30 eagles flying over head. Just Bliss!

We practiced the kriya for self love in the workshop. Self love is the most important love of all.

I had a beautiful massage myself from Olivia this afternoon and again this evenings class left me speechless and covered in goosebumps as we practiced the opportunity and green energy set.

Everyone is glowing here now and really feeling EVERYTHING. The vibes are just wonderful at mealtimes and the food continues to delight. The heart chakra day always is a big turning point in the week and as you know, love is always the answer!

Day 5 – Throat Chakra

We started off laughing a lot this morning. It is such a good way to open up the throat chakra and when we do a little laughter yoga we see how infectious it is to laugh. We begin to move the energy up now and with this comes the opening up of the truth, our ‘sat nam’.

This evenings session was just beautiful as we had mantra singing down by the river for the evening practice. This is the best way to open up the energy at the throat, and as we bathed there in the golden light of the sunset we sang our hearts out – literally.

This wonderful evening was followed by beautiful dinner and as I write this I feel the mantras vibrating in my whole body. There is nothing more I can ask for in this moment.


Day 6 – Third Eye Chakra

We are all feeling absolutely amazing here in Goa! It was a very deep class this morning, focusing on opening and stimulating the third eye centre. The was an incredibly powerful energy in the room and we are well and truly underway now to starting to vibrate at our highest frequencies.

When we are vibrating at this frequency we simply and purely feel it in every cell in the body, and it feels so good!

We had an exceptional afternoon where we sailed down the river and out into the sea then arriving on the beach at Palolem we swapped boats and sailed down another river where we saw huge birds of prey, gorgeous little kingfishers and so many beautiful egrets before sailing back home.

I led this afternoon in total silence and we really tuned into the senses, into the third eye and observed the feelings and the energy and then we came back to a beautiful candle lit class where we completed the day with a divine meditation to see the unseen.

We are in a wonderful flow now and everyone is absolutely glowing. It is just such an honour to allow all these blessings to pour down and I am so humbled by what happens in this process each and every time. It is hard to believe tomorrow is the last day.

Day 7 – Crown Chakra

The softness of this opening of the day was beautiful. On this the crown chakra day we go back so deeply into the physical practice in the morning kriya before we open up the 10th gate for the meditation. It is an incredibly strong experience for everyone.

I observed so many big changes in all these students, and the general feedback was that they are really feeling their truth and how great that is to feel connected to.

The evening class we had by candlelight and the softness and divinity in the room was truly palpable. What a journey this week is! Tears of joy this evening and just so much gratitude for this incredible practice of kundalini yoga and meditation.

Final Day-

We completed this week with a gorgeous practice down by the river. The light was so golden and the atmosphere was just absolute joy and bliss, which is the true and absolute intention for the week here. Each time I offer this retreat it just gets even better.

Join Trish and the Soul Adventures team on retreat in Spain.

Trish Whelan is a Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, a Reiki master teacher, a shamanic healing practitioner and a sound healing therapist. She has been practicing the healing arts for over a decade since her personal experiences with Reiki and Shamanism opened the doors to her peace and happiness.

She is based in Ibiza and she occasionally leaves the magical island to teach, heal and present workshops in the UK, the US, India and Ireland. She believes that we all have the power to connect to our own true bliss and she works with an open heart to facilitate helping people to embrace life and move further along their own path to happiness, harmony, joy and love.


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