The Top ‘YTT Yoga’ Trainings Around the World

So you are ready to take the first step in your yoga education?

Or it may be that you just want to learn more intensively to deepen your practice. Maybe to to create your own sequences without the direction of a teacher.

The first stage is completing your first-level of yoga certification, known as YTT, with your chosen yoga school.

You may be wondering what place and group of people are calling you. Yoga has a way of putting us where we need to be at the time we need to be there.

So best is to look through the Trainings available for 2021 and the right training is sure to show itself to you.

Firstly you will need to know you will be able to make the time, at least two weeks, more likely 3 weeks to a month intensively, and residential, or over many weekends in a season at a studio.

Then you need to choose the school with the yoga styles, schedule, content focus and lead trainers you are interested in developing your yoga teaching practice with.

All programs are different at the same time as satisfying the standards which are set as a curriculum for all students to complete. These were updated since February 2020, providing new common foundational-level credentials.

All trainings and schools are different. Many styles and disciplines can be practiced together on one YTT, you could find one that includes Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Nidra and the Energy work of Kundalini and Tantra, with other yoga styles too, and teaching the required curriculum in all areas such as the philosophy of yoga.

Once you find the tribe of people and teaching philosophy that speaks to your heart it may well be that the school offers you the opportunity of an yoga teacher training destination abroad, or it may be that you find one nearer to home .

Or if there is a specific YTT that you feel a calling to then your question is already answered, but maybe there are many interesting options that appeal so here is a breakdown of the main international yoga teacher training courses to consider.

Costa Rica

costa rica jungle beach

“pura vida” means “pure life” and that is what visitors to this country will find. From it’s natural biodiversity, exotic animals and incredible scenery between jungle and natural coastline. This makes this country a great choice to spend an extended amount of time on your intensive retreat.


Quick and easy to get to from the United States with a great choice of Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools on either side of the country, Tulum in the Gulf or on the Pacific Ocean side.

Or it could be that you find an interesting opportunity in South America.

yoga teacher training program class


With many different countries, cultures, places and landscapes – by the sea, in rolling hillside country, on a Mediterranean island or in urban cool, everything is on offer here so it’s just up to you where and when and with whom. The idea of choosing and attending is in your heart’s desire.

meditate in europe town

Top picks for your Europe yoga training experience are –

 Yoga Teacher Training Spain

An old favourite for yogis, with great food, the siesta lifestyle to enjoy, and their ‘live life in the present’ attitude to soak up. Enjoy deepening your practice in the most beautiful surroundings with great group of people.

 Yoga Teacher Training in Portugal

A new found love of travelling yogis with picturesque seaside villages and traditional towns and way of life, plus miles of miles of incredible rugged coastline, beautiful beaches and great surf.

 Italy Yoga Teacher Training

With so many different regions with their unique landscapes, people and cuisines, from the hills of Tuscany in the north to the magnificent awe-inspiring Amalfi coast in the South.

Yoga Teacher Training France

A special country with distinct provinces that have their own people, way of life and all with something different to offer. With grand chateaus, converted farmhouses in peaceful countryside, and a lively southern coastline to enjoy. Trainings are limited but offer an opportunity to spend time in the beautiful countryside.

Yoga Teacher Training in Greece

A special favorite with it’s many small romantic islands, all different and inspiring, and not to forget the eclectic towns dotted all along the coastline of the mainland.


yoga asanas outdoors

The popular destinations of India, Bali, Thailand , Nepal and Sri Lanka wait for you with the most amazing variety of course content, of all different yoga styles, focus and in many different awesome locations with varying levels of accommodation and budgets.

There surely is the right people, place, yoga and teaching waiting for you when you are ready.


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Kelly Fielding

Kelly is a passionate writer, enthusiastic yogi and professional sunrise chaser. Kelly has traveled and worked extensively around the world in health resorts, detox centers, and wellness retreats. Specialising in health and wellness, her written work is regularly published in both print and online media. A gypsy heart and lover of nature, Kelly finds inspiration in the world around her and translates her visions into whimsical stories and creative projects.

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