The 25 Best ‘YTT’ Yoga Teacher Training Around the World

So you are ready to take the first step in your yoga education?

Or it may be that you just want to learn more intensively to deepen your practice. Maybe to create your own sequences without the direction of a teacher. Or to spend time on your meditation practice and learn more about yogic history and principles.

The initial stage is to complete your first-level of yoga certification program with your chosen school. So what we have here for you is the most definitive list to review of…..

The World’s Best Yoga Teacher Training Programs

You may be wondering what place and group of people are calling you. Yoga has a way of putting us where we need to be at the time we need to be there. 

So best is to look through the yoga instructor certifications here and the right opportunity is sure to show itself.

Firstly you will need to know you will be able to make the time, at least two weeks, more likely 3 weeks to a month intensive and residential, or over many weekends in a season if you decide to do this at a studio.

Then you need to find the right teacher training, you can check them all out here for the yoga styles, schedule, content focus and lead trainers you are interested in developing your teaching practice with.

All teacher training courses are different at the same time as satisfying the standards which make up the curriculum set by Yoga Alliance for all students to complete. These were updated since February 2020, providing new common foundational-level credentials.



Check out all the fabulous training programs in the United States if you are based here.

In Europe on a TTC you could get to enjoy the chilled vibes around the Mediterranean Sea in the incredible variety of locations and settings on offer.

Check out a holiday retreat experience in a Mediterranean country, maybe an island in GREECE.

If popular and sunny SPAIN interests you check out the best courses reviewed. Or cultural and beautiful ITALY offers some stunning venues in the most incredible settings.

The popular regions of COSTA RICA have a wide range of programs in all styles and with a large range of course content to focus on; then MEXICO has popular Tulum and Jalisco with some great schools.

There are always a large number of incredible programs in INDIA, of all different specialisms and and with a diverse range of prices. Or discover the many TTC’s in tropical BALI.

The other big draw card for those who are looking to complete their certification in south east asia is THAILAND, especially the paradise islands in the south of the country.

We really are spoilt for choice aren’t we! there are many interesting options that may appeal so here is a breakdown of the best yoga certifications to consider, starting with…

….the United States

Living in the States and looking to qualify without leaving the country? Luckily there is a wide range of schools and yoga teacher training program content for you to choose from.

No.1 Featured Training in the United States *HIGH DEMAND*

1. 2-Week 200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Florida in the US

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Cocoa Beach, Florida

From $2500 – includes accommodation, course materials, tuition, and the time of your life!

Certify in just two weeks, feel free and happy on this residential stay on the beach in Florida. Gain a solid foundation in yoga and the yogic lifestyle for a lifetime of practice, plus the skills to teach and pass on the gift.


No.2 Featured Training in the United States

2. 2 Week Intensive 200Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Miramar, Florida

From $1500 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Enjoy your time on this Ashram retreat center’s lush and tropical beautiful grounds in Miramar. Learn all that is on offer on this traditional program covering all the main components required for your 200-RYT which is your first stage in your yoga education journey. Gain a solid foundation to teach Hatha confidently and safely.


No.3 Featured Training in the United States

3. 17 Day 200-hour Transformative Yoga Teacher Training, Hawaii US

Dates- November; Location – Big Island, Hawaii

From $4699 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Complete your foundational level certification with this amazing team of teachers who will simultaneously support your upward expansion and deep-down grounding in the dynamic and spirited energy on this training. 

costa rica jungle beach


“pura vida” means “pure life” and that is what visitors to this country will find, a focus on living life to the full. From it’s natural biodiversity, exotic animals and incredible scenery between jungle and natural coastline. This makes this country a great choice to spend an extended amount of time on an intensive teacher training and immerse yourself in the relaxed and beautiful environment.

No.1 COSTA RICA Featured Training *MOST POPULAR*

4. 21 Day 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Nicoya Peninsula

From $2999 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Possibly our most popular YTT of all. At a great venue which is probably the best hangout for yogis here, run by great teachers and always attracting a vibrant and lovely group of students.

Take just three weeks to qualify to be a confident Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, learn about the foundations of classical yoga, and deepen your physical practice and spiritual sadhana.

Create the life you search and live your Yoga.


No.2 COSTA RICA Featured Training

5. 21 Day 200-Hour Pura Vida Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Nicoya Peninsula

From $3800 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Not only does this yoga teacher training retreat offer physical benefits, but it works on the energetic and spiritual forms as well, tapping into the wisdom of ancient yogic teachings while connecting to Earth Medicine and exploring the Elements as a path to transformation and Union with all that is.

The experience of each day is one of learning and living yogic theory and healing practices through interactive workshops, classes and dynamic group discussions. 

yoga asanas on beach


Quick and easy to get to from the United States with a great choice of Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools on either side of this wonderful country, from Tulum in the Gulf to the Pacific Ocean side.

MEXICO Featured Training

6. 22 Day 200Hr Aligned Flow Yoga Teacher Training, Mexico

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Tulum

From $2299 – includes course materials and tuition

The foundation of this method is based on the study of functional asana and human alignment.
Practice teaching, learn yoga philosophy, pranayama, meditation, and Ayurvedic nutrition. 

The team takes a different approach to yoga teacher training and have created immersions that allow you to choose the path you want to develop.

Whether you want to learn more about yoga asana, deepen your yoga practice or become a yoga teacher, the training immersions will take you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


yoga asanas class


Or it could be that you find an interesting opportunity in South America.

The most popular options here to get your mat time with a great group of new souls on a fabulous learning adventure are…….

PERU Featured Training

7. 21 Day 200 Hr Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training in Peru

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Sacred Valley

From $3900 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Run in cycles following the four cardinal directions, the group is called together to form a tribe for the cycles of release, understanding, growth and empowerment.

Learn yoga theories and healing practices through workshops and interaction. Deepen your understanding of yogic living, Ayurveda, and the Yoga Sutras. Discover the physical and mental elements of healing, as well as earth medicine, energy work and shamanic practices. 

There will be personal meditation days of silence and fasting to support this unique learning journey. With a strong Bhakti component this training helps you experience bliss, devotion and self realization through songs, mantras and chanting.


GUATEMALA Featured Training

8. 21 Day 200Hr Earth Medicine Yoga Teacher Training, Guatemala

Dates – Next Year Location – Highlands

From $3000 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

The sequence learnt here is traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa evolved to meet modern needs. Movement with breath creates meditative practice and stillness in motion.

Immerse yourself in a holistic approach to yoga, in harmony with the Yin and Yang, the passive and active, the feminine and masculine to create balance and peace. 


meditate in europe town



With many different countries, cultures, places and landscapes – by the sea, in rolling hill countryside, on a Mediterranean island or in urban cool, everything is on offer here so it’s just up to you where, when and with whom. The idea of choosing and attending is in your heart’s desire.



An old favourite for yogis, with great food, the siesta lifestyle to enjoy, and their ‘live life in the present’ attitude to soak up. Enjoy deepening your practice in the most beautiful surroundings with a newly found great group of people.

SPAIN Featured Training

9. 14 Day 200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Spain

Dates- October; Location – Costa Brava, Spain

From $3699- includes accommodation, course materials and tuition

This life-enriching program draws from many traditions – Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, the importance of ritual, the magic of mantra and philosophy of the Yoga Sutras. The course will inspire you forever.
asana class


A new found love of traveling yogis with picturesque seaside villages and traditional towns and way of life, plus miles of incredible rugged coastline, beautiful beaches and great surf, this country offers some of the best trainings available worldwide now.

PORTUGAL Featured Training

10. 27 Day 200 Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Portugal

Dates- October; Location – Algarve

From $4200 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Learn to practice the Ashtanga Vinyasa System with advanced teaching skills, enabling safe and effective practice. 

Immerse yourself in Ashtanga at this stunning seaside town.

yoga training class



With so many different regions with their unique landscapes, people and cuisines, from the hills of Tuscany in the north to the magnificent awe-inspiring Amalfi coast in the South.

No.1 ITALY Featured Training

11. 21 Day Intensive 200 Hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Piedmont

From $3140 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

This RYT Teacher Training establishes students with a solid comprehension of yoga and practices related to it, as well as theory and practice, for all levels of abilities.

The information is taught in a straightforward, clear and concise manner. No matter how mature is your comprehension of classical texts, this training will guide you to a more evolved degree of mastery of the yogic concept.

12. Featured Training

Girl meditating



A special country with distinct provinces that have their own people, way of life and all with something different to offer. With grand chateaus, converted farmhouses in peaceful countryside, and a lively southern coastline to enjoy. Trainings are limited but offer an opportunity to spend time in the beautiful countryside.

FRANCE Featured Training

13. 14 Day 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- September; Location – Occitanie, Toulouse

From $2999 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Spend time on the philosophy of yoga, different meditative techniques, rituals and sacred spaces, Ayurveda, anatomy and more. 

Not only deepen your practice, you will come away with all of the tools to teach and share your passion. 

This intensive immersion includes organic farm to table vegetarian food thermal hot springs, massage therapy and healing body work.

yoga pose in forest



A special favorite with it’s many small romantic islands, all different and inspiring, and not to forget the eclectic towns dotted all along the coastline of the mainland.

GREECE Featured Training

14. 22 Day 200Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Greece 

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Paros, Aegean Island

From $3200 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Practice asana from all category of poses including standing poses, hip openers, forward bends, backward bends, twists, inversions, balancing supine, seated and prone. 

Modifications for all levels of practitioners, all skill levels welcome to attend.

Students are shown frameworks to inspire each trainee to adapt the practices, be creative and find their own authentic voice.

yoga class practice group


15. GERMANY Featured Training

For those who wish to stay at home there are some great home grown yoga schools running programs in different parts of the country.

With everything happening in the world one of the busiest countries for yoga has seen an explosion of YTT’s on it’s own shores in the UK, especially seeing as Brexit means European travel is not so easy now too.


UK Featured Training

16.19 Day 200Hr Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training UK

Location – Manchester, United Kingdom

From $5200 – includes accommodation, course materials and tuition

This popular yoga studio FX offers a great range of foundational trainings.

This training is hot with high-energy modules, promoting balance, strength and flexibility.

More Info – YogaFX


yoga asanas outdoors


The popular destinations of Asia like India and Bali wait for you with the most amazing variety of course content, of all different yoga styles, focus and in many different awesome locations with varying levels of accommodation and budgets. Here’s our top picks –

No.1 INDIA Featured TrainingGoa

17. 24 Day 200 Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Meditation Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Palolem Beach

From $1100 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Develop your own practice of Vinyasa Flow and learn alignment through Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series. The yoga school offers a residential stay and the packages will ensure that you can fully immerse yourself into your training, your practice and your studies.

This is a 3-week course combining the traditions of yoga and western contemporary life.


No.2 INDIA Featured TrainingRishikesh

18. 27 Day 200 Hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round

From $1250 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Possibly one of the best schools in India for traditional Hatha yoga teaching practice taught to you in the spiritual heart of India. Open to beginners and intermediates with the aim of developing you as an all-round confident and good teacher through the mastery of yoga asanas, and with their effect on the anatomy.

Includes river rafting and trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas on your time off!


No.3 INDIA Featured Training – Dharamsala

19. 25 Day 200Hr MultiStyle Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round

From $1600 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Study Vedic literature amidst Himalayan culture. You will focus on the Ashtanga Primary & Secondary Series with Vinyasa Flow Yoga based on Ashtanga Mysore style and led style, based on the Patanjali yoga sutras and the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Deepen your knowledge of traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow, and Ashtanga Yoga.

yoga on beach


No.1 BALI Featured TrainingUbud

20. 24 Day 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Bali

Dates- All Year Round

From $3400 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

The course is a vinyasa based training with a strong emphasis on alignment and skillful sequencing. The aim is to provide each student with the building blocks to create a solid foundation to become competent teachers. 


No.2 BALI Featured TrainingCanggu

21. 29 Day 200 Hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round

From $2950 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Learn to teach yoga at the same time as developing your energy and healing work through ritual, crystals, oils, meditation and Ayurveda. Master your yoga teaching practice with an understanding of Prana and spirituality. These elements are part of the modules on anatomy, sequencing, and breath — and don’t be afraid, this amazing tribe is inclusive and accepting of everybody, whether you arrive with experience of transformation and cleansing change, for sure you will leave with deep experience.


No.3 BALI Featured TrainingUbud

22. 22 Day 200hr Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Ubud

Dates- All Year Round

From $1100 – includes course materials and tuition

This training offers a transforming journey of self-discovery in a mesmerising environment.

Taking inspiration from the great yoga gurus, the facilitators have developed a life transforming course which is challenging and heals the physical and mental problems with fun to foster a blissful conscious state.

yoga class in open shala



Thailand Featured Training *HIGH DEMAND*

23. 24 day 200 Hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Phuket

From $3800 – includes accommodation, course materials, food and tuition

Throughout the course you will dive deep into different styles of you and you will a solid foundation of Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa flow Yoga.

Explore yoga to know the true self and become a qualified yoga teacher and spread the yoga teachings.

group meditation class on beach


NEPAL Featured Training

24. 21 Day 200 Hour Hatha Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Pokhara

From $1400 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Learn Vinyasa Series, alignment Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, train the breath focus the mind, learn Yoga Nidra, discover how to teach Meditation, study anatomy, yoga philosophy and learn Yoga Therapy.

Graduate Yoga group



SRI LANKA Featured Training

25. 22 Day 200 hour Alignment Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Dates- All Year Round; Location – Koggala lake, South Coast 

From $3100 – includes accommodation, food, course materials and tuition

Designed to prepare you to be a great teacher, all while transforming your practice and posture. As one of just 20 aspiring students, you will be part of sessions that delve into Asana, alignment and movement, Teaching methodology, anatomy and physiology, Injury prevention, Yoga history and philosophy, Meditation, Pranayama and as healthy yogic lifestyle living.

palm tree fringed beach



There surely is the right people, place, yoga and teaching practice that suits you perfectly waiting for you when you are ready to make the move.

What you will find out too is even more happens off the mat than on the mat. With the space to decompress from ‘everyday’ life and through deepening your connection to self and spirituality comes loss of ego and a time of vulnerability. With this comes realizations and significant change in yourself and your outlook. It can be an incredible time of self reflection and renewal.

For your yoga, by going through a training program you will make the first big step towards becoming a certified yoga instructor yourself.

All differ. Many styles and disciplines can be practiced together, you could find one that includes Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Nidra and the Energy work of Kundalini and Tantra, all together, and at the same time teaching the required curriculum in areas like yoga philosophy.

There are a range of yoga teacher training courses and teaching hours for you to complete that make up the Yoga Alliance pathway of a RYT from student to the professional track qualifications. Whatever your reason for completing a training the experience will be so much more than just a certificate; the experience is sure to be one of deep transformation and a spiritual deepening of your understanding of the yogic lifestyle and yoga as a discipline.

Time poor? But still want to spend time on your practice and immersing yourself in the yogic lifestyle. If you would prefer to remain more flexible and spend a shorter amount of time it may well be worth checking out our retreat curated selection which is very popular. These offer a shorter and inspiring opportunity to get involved in a way to match your lifestyle. Plus many of them are run by the same schools as the trainings so you can get the chance to avail yourself of first hand experience of their instructors and teaching philosophy to help you make your final decision for the future.

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