Why Become a Yoga Teacher?

Deciding to become a yoga teacher isn’t about being able to effortlessly kick into a yoga handstand, or about wanting to launch a fitness empire. The desire to become a yoga teacher comes from the heart, and wanting to help others achieve peace, happiness and good health.

You may find yourself drawn to yoga teacher training without the desire to actually teach. It makes sense, as yoga teacher training can just act as a big shake up or a shift towards a more positive and healthy life.

See if the following apply to you, and decide whether you are ready to go on the life-changing journey that is becoming a qualified yoga teacher! Ask yourself the following questions before you sign up to train as a yoga instructor. It’s a big decision, but it could be the best one you ever make.

Does it feel like now is the time for a change?

Don’t ignore your intuition and that feeling you have that yoga teacher training is right for you. Let the excitement sink in, because if you’re feeling that passion then hopefully you’ll be able to inspire your students to feel passionate about yoga too.

If it feels like your life is due for a change, becoming a yoga teacher can be a wonderful change to shift your life into a happier direction. Teacher training is a pretty intense experience, and forces you to really hone in on what you want from life, your innermost desires, and how to express them.

Becoming a teacher can also can provide the supportive environment you may be lacking, to help manifest these expressions from your mind and into reality. A new crew of like-minded people might be just the inspiration you need to break old habits and start anew.

Do you enjoy helping others?

A good yoga instructor doesn’t just remember all the nuances and details that make up a perfect pose. A good yoga teacher inspires change in the lives of their students, not just in their asanas. Yoga teaches us that we can be our own medicine, and that we can integrate a mindful spirituality into even the most mundane of tasks.

Crafting and teaching a good yoga class is like the joy you get from feeding your friends a delicious, nourishing meal – it gives people strength and lightness to live their lives to the fullest.

Are you a keen yoga student with a regular home practice?

The best yoga teachers are keen yoga students. Those who think nothing of getting up at 4.30am to hit the mat before work, and those who have learned to love that gruelling two hour advanced practice, can make great strides in their yoga teacher training. But don’t despair if you can’t summon up the sunny attitude about hard work and self-discipline – if these are traits you aspire to, then becoming a yoga instructor can be a big help along this path.

Does yoga feel like home to you?

You shouldn’t ignore that calmness and serenity that takes over when you step onto the mat in your favourite studio. Your heart and body might be desperately wanting you to integrate more yoga into your life, and you shouldn’t ignore these feelings!

Are you humble about your yoga abilities?

Over-confident yoga teachers can be dangerous, especially when teaching a whole room of beginner students. By being able to recognise your own limitations and realise you have a long way to go, you will be more likely to see the limitations of others and lead a safe practice for everyone in the class. Knowing that you aren’t a perfect student yet persevering with yoga teacher training can also inspire your own class to acknowledge and conquer what may be blocking their own life’s energy.

Are you ready to potentially juggle other full-time work with teaching yoga?

Generally, yoga teachers aren’t paid a very illustrious salary. Teacher training can be quite expensive in itself. Becoming a yoga teacher is also expensive in other ways. The first foundational-level 200 hour training and being a good yoga instructor also requires you to spend a lot of your personal time on development of your practice and teaching.

Lots of new teachers will do classes by donation or for free before they start charging and making money, so you shouldn’t assume that teaching yoga will give you the kind of income that most people make. It is possible to do well, especially once you start to build a niche and a loyal client base, and the universe can provide you with what you need more often than you think.

There are so many benefits to teacher training that go far beyond being able to buy nice shoes or live in an upmarket area. The feelings of being at one with your body, and taking steps towards optimum wellness are so good they are priceless. Not to mention the fact that you have only one body, and you may as well enjoy it instead of letting it get weak behind a desk all day.

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Kelly Fielding

Kelly is a passionate writer, enthusiastic yogi and professional sunrise chaser. Kelly has traveled and worked extensively around the world in health resorts, detox centers, and wellness retreats. Specialising in health and wellness, her written work is regularly published in both print and online media. A gypsy heart and lover of nature, Kelly finds inspiration in the world around her and translates her visions into whimsical stories and creative projects.

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