8 Best Yoga & Spa Retreats 2019

There is something truly special about a Yoga & Spa Retreat. Imagine your day stretched out before you; blissful massages that soothe away your stress and woes, radiant spa cuisine at its freshest and finest, pampering treatments that leave you glowing with luminous vitality, a lush villa sanctuary to escape and unwind in, warm lazy afternoons spent poolside, and an abundance of time that is yours to fill as you please. No agenda, no expectations, no timetables; a vacation to treat yourself to all the good things in life in order to find balance, rejuvenation and total relaxation.

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Caicos Islands, Turks & Caicos
Retreat4 Day COMO Parrot Cay Yoga & Spa
Prices from $3750

Parrot Cay is a private island in the Turks and Caicos archipelago and is surrounded by hidden coves, pristine beaches and mesmerizing reefs. This island hotel finds the ideal balance between a relaxed, beach house aesthetic and a soothing contemporary style. Enjoy Asian-inspired treatments include Ayurveda, aromatherapy, Pilates and other holistic approaches to enhance mental quietude, physical wellbeing and spiritual balance. Facilities include a sweeping yoga room aired by natural breezes, nine treatment rooms, an outdoor Jacuzzi garden, a Pilates studio, double massage rooms and Japanese baths—all overlooking the expansive ocean. COMO Parrot Cay is for guests seeking the ultimate luxury island yoga & spa retreat like no other.

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Location- Uttarakhand, India
Retreat- 8 Day Ananda Yoga & Spa Retreat
Prices from $4396

Voted World’s Best Destination Spa and Best Spa for Mind, Body and Spirit, Ananda is indeed the perfect spa getaway to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. Tucked away in a pristine estate in the Himalayan foothills, explore 100 acres of lush nature and spectacular architecture. This program has been meticulously crafted for premium results and your absolute indulgence. Select from more than 80 body and beauty experiences, plus healing therapies including Reiki, Reflexology, and Chakra or Crystal Healing to balance the body on an energetic level. Ayurveda forms an intrinsic part of the wellness regime and treatments are strongly rooted in ancient traditions, while keeping in mind contemporary comfort. Yoga & Spa, healthy cuisine, luxurious accommodations and a remarkable healing location all unite at Ananda to offer you an unforgettable stay.

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Location- Phuket, Thailand
Retreat- 5 Night Amatara Spa Revive
Prices from $1642

Amatara Wellness Resort offers a luxurious and unforgettable setting for relaxation, renewal, and the ultimate wellness holiday. This 5-star luxury wellness resort invites you to transform body, mind and spirit with their ultimate Spa Revive getaway. The all-inclusive program offers spacious, beautiful accommodations, organic, wholefood cuisine and personalized wellness treatments and activities. Renowned for their luxury pampering treatments, the highly trained and professional staff provide the perfect environment for you to achieve a high level of inner peace and wellbeing on all levels. In Sanskrit, “amata” refers to the quality expansion and endlessness. True to its name, Amatara provides everlasting moments and an experience like no other.

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Amatara Spa Phuket - with Oceanview


Location- Phuket, Thailand
Retreat- 6 Day Aleenta Purifying Spa Retreat
Prices from $1297

Framed in tropical splendor with breathtaking views of the sparkling Andaman Sea, Aleenta Phuket Resort & Spa is the perfect place to focus on your personal health and wellness. Located on the private pristine Natai Beach, Aleenta Resort offers you a Purifying Spa Retreat designed to invigorate, heal and inspire. The Ayurah Spa & Wellness center promises an enjoyable journey with a results-orientated approach to wellness. Rejuvenating spa treatments and spa therapies have been crafted to support you in your quest for optimal relaxation, health and wellness. Be pampered with delectable spa cuisine, daily yoga sessions, lush body treatments and comprehensive facial treatments. Experience an authentic Asian yoga & spa retreat with remarkable internal and external results.

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1. Aleenta Phuket - Main Pool (hero shot)


Location- Hua Hin, Thailand
Retreat- 5 Night Barai Yoga & Spa Journey
Prices from $998

Created as a true sanctuary, THE BARAI has been awarded a number of prestigious awards, including Best Luxury Spa of the Year and Best Resort Spa. Embark on a personal wellness journey with The Barai’s yoga & spa retreat that combines daily yoga session with authentic beauty therapies and signature massages inspired by the traditions of ancient Thai health rituals. Each treatment room features a private outdoor soaking pool, a rain shower, a Thai day-bed enclave for traditional Thai treatments and relaxation, and a private changing room. The staff are true healers and ensure that your customized itinerary makes for an enriching and enhancing time away.

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Location- Ubud, Bali
Retreat- 7 Night Svarga Loka Balinese Healing
Prices from $2670

Svarga Loka translates to “Heavenly Realm.”  Tucked away in a quiet area of Ubud, Bali, Svarga Loka is committed to ensuring that your stay is one that evokes positive change and rewarding transformation. The property has been carefully designed to enhance and encourage a state of wellness of every level. This unique retreat invites you to spend your days enjoying a variety of wellness activities and treatments, from yoga and meditation, to authentic Balinese spa experiences and traditional Balinese purifying rituals and ceremonies. Be inspired by the beauty and spirit of Balinese culture and experience the transformative power of their ancient medicines and healing wisdom. Each yoga & spa retreat is personalized in response to your unique needs, seamlessly merging a results-driven getaway with blissfully luxury.


SL_150815_0315_svargaLoca - Copy


Location- Ubud, Bali
Retreat- 6 Day Fivelements Yoga & Spa Rejuvenation
Prices from $4220

Fivelements is an innovative leader in wellness, offering the very best in personalized programs, innovative spa treatments, cutting-edge cuisine and precise hospitality. The Rejuvenation Retreat bridges the wisdom of traditional healing cultures with innovative wellness treatments for your ultimate wellbeing. Creative raw food cuisine, Balinese blessing and water ceremonies, and personalized wellness consultations ensure a unique and rewarding experience. Each eco-friendly guest suite has an open veranda and a private large open-air bathtub with views of the sacred Ayung River and forest hillside. Dive into the sacred atmosphere of this ultimate wellness experience and leave overflowing with harmony, peace and love.

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Location- Ubud, Bali
Retreat- 5 Night Alaya Yoga & Spa Rejuvenation
Prices from $1235

The world-renowned Alaya Resort offers a divine paradise of luxurious relaxation, calm and serenity. Tucked away in the cultural and spiritual heart of Ubud, Bali, embark on a retreat that combines pampering spa treatments, massage, daily yoga classes and Ayurvedic-inspired cuisine and cooking classes to ensure a holistic and truly nourishing yoga & spa retreat. The professional and qualified team provide utmost service and diligence and the resort has spared no expense in creating a divine paradise of luxurious relaxation, calm and serenity. This boutique wellness resort is a healing sanctuary for personal renewal, a place to slow down, eat well, relax and return to the basics of simply living well.

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