5 Best Yoga Teacher Training in New York 2022 / 2023

What a place to visit or live in. New York is so vibrant and unique and surrounded by beautiful areas of the country too. So you have made the decision to either visit or stay home in or around NYC for your yoga teacher training certification.

We have taken the time to review all the schools at studios and centers in New York and have whittled these down to only the best 5 for you, so you can be assured when you review these you are looking at the very best 5 and need look no further to make your decision of where to attend to certify as a yoga teacher in New York.

You are sure to get the most awesome experience with professional teachers and on well established course content and teaching methodology and philosophy.

These NYC Yoga Alliance yoga schools meet the curriculum standards required on their yoga teacher training retreats which will certify you as a yoga teacher.


1. Three Sisters Yoga in New York


545 8th Avenue NYC


3sis yoga group

Price from USD 3,200

All classes are held in-person and zoom. If you enroll as an in-person student, you may choose to attend class online at any time. So this school offers you the flexibility to attend in different ways as and when you need to. The schedule choice is either weekends only or there is a Summer intensive.

A part time course like this is ideal for those who cannot attend a residential retreat.

This Vinyasa-focused course immerses you in the history, philosophy, postures, anatomy as it relates to yoga, and subtle physiology from a yogic perspective. 

Upcoming ThreeSisters Yoga Courses

ThreeSisters yoga teacher training in New York 

Continuing Education Programs



2. Y7 Studio


New York – in Williamsburg, Upper Eastside, Silverlake, Parkslope, Flatiron, East Village

y7 ttc group class

Prices from USD 2,900

Contact [email protected]

The Mentorship is key, focusing on real world teaching experience, breaking out of your comfort zone and stepping into the role of a yoga teacher. During the six week Mentorship, you will be encouraged to move away from any self-limiting beliefs around teaching yoga.

The winter 8-week 200-hour course is a hybrid in-person and by zoom. The Summer Intensive is condensed into 6 weeks. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are the days for classes. 

Also on offer are mentorship, sequencing, prenatal, trauma informed and as host of continuing education courses of 25-50hours which are required to be completed on a regular basis for the continuing registration as a RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance.

Upcoming Y7 Programs

Y7 200-hour yoga teacher training NYC

Specialisms and Continuing Education Courses



3. Evolation Yoga


Buffalo, New York

statue of liberty NYC

Price from USD 1,400 -7,4000

Contact [email protected]

This yoga school offers Vinyasa flow, Hot and yin trainings in a wide variety of locations including New York.

From 84 hour yin yoga trainings, 250-hours foundational programs, to the full 500-hour advanced teacher training.

NYC Upcoming Evolation Programs

Evolation NYC Yoga Teacher Training

All Evolation Locations Worldwide



4. YogaMaya New York



shala yoga room

Contact [email protected]

Tel: (212) 510-7974

Price USD 3,150

Dynamic yoga in the tradition of Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa yoga is to flow or move, with intention, from one asana (pose) to the next, to arrive at a particular point, physically and spiritually. A Yogamaya asana class combines flow, yogic teachings, music, alignment & exploration.

The root principals of alignment, movement, observation, sequencing, hands-on assisting and yoga wisdom. You will cultivate the heart of a yogi and take your own practice to the next level. 

Extended learning over 10 weekends and 10 months for the 200-hour, making it a slow process to experience and attend.

Upcoming YogaMaya Programs in New York

YogaMaya 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training New York



5. PureYoga


204 West 77th Street at Amsterdam Avenue, New York

teachers yoga posing

Contact [email protected]

Tel 212.877.2025

Prices from USD 3,500

Another in-person remote hybrid program and the winter course is online only.

Join these teachers for this program that introduces you to the traditional styles of Yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar,) while teaching you how to design and lead an alignment Vinyasa class.

Be taught alignment, asana, meditation, breathwork, anatomy, business and traditional yogic wisdom, the teachers will steep you in the ancient practices of Yoga while preparing you for modern-world teaching. 

Also on offer are mentorship and meditation focused 50-100 hour continuing education courses, all online. 

Upcoming Programs

NYC 200-hour yoga trainings at Pure West

Continuing Education Online Courses



6. Brett Larkin Yoga Uplifted

brett larkin image

Contact [email protected] 

Trained whilst immersed in New York, Brett has been providing students with the leading online yoga teacher training since 2015.

Renowned online programs in Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kundalini, setting the standard for highly interactive, online yoga certification using zoom and youtube.

What you will find – Highly-structured; Anatomy, marrying the scientific and the spiritual; Control of breath, leading to study of meditation as paramount; a focus on the field of Fascia, “the missing link in modern medicine”. This includes an exclusive session with Brett and Tom Myers, who is regarded as the world’s foremost authority on fascia; the business of yoga; plus the modules of the set curriculum of yoga alliance.

Made up of video content, live calls, study homework, video lectures and upload of asana photos for certification.

The commitment is 8-10 hours a week but if you fall behind you have 18 months to catch up and complete, so its super flexible for busy people across New York, the United States and the world.

Start dates are throughout the year for 200-hour Hatha/Vinyasa, 300-hour, 500-hour, Prenatal, and Kundalini yoga teacher training accreditation.

Upcoming Brett Larkin Programs

200-hour Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings

Immediate start 300/500-hour certifications

30 and 200-hour Kundalini Teacher Trainings


With the large number of studios in different parts of New York you can meet and spend time with the yogi community attached to the school. Being New York there is a lot on offer from the different groups of experienced yogis all over town. So this can be an opportunity to immerse yourself for the long term into a community of like-minded people rather than the shorter retreats abroad.

Whichever discipline is your main focus of interest, you are sure to find what you are looking for along with the core modules of any Yoga Alliance foundational or advanced training. 

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Whoever you decide to certify with, Good luck on your yoga education journey……

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Rosie Clearwater

Rosie has been passionately engaged with the world of yoga for a long time. She is a yoga teacher, coach & psychologist. Rosie’s passion is in combining these skills to help people return to their centre and find joy – physically, emotionally and energetically.