5 Best Yoga Teacher Training in London 2022 / 2023

So you have made the decision to be in or around London for your yoga teacher training program.

As a student in London you have a choice of course format available to you –

  1. Stay at home if you live in London already, attend a studio that offers the certification you are interested in, not as an intensive but on a more extended time frame. You will save yourself a lot of money without international travel and accommodation costs that’s for sure.
  2. Attend a residential course or a mix of residential plus other modules. This can be an amazing time of personal and yogic development with the focus on practice and development on an everyday basis whilst you are residential.

These Yoga Alliance accredited trainings meet the set standards and core curriculum requirements which will enable you to certify as a yoga teacher.

When you spend time making your decision of where and with what school to complete your yoga teacher certification, consider the content and teaching philosophy, yoga styles and the lead trainers, and your budget too.

We have gone through all that is on offer, checked out all the graduate reviews and feedback, and hopefully made your selection process easier, by presenting you here only the best, the 5 best yoga courses in London to choose from –


1. TriYoga across London locations


Triyoga pose adjustment class

Price from GBP 3,000

Offering foundation (200-hour) in Vinyasa or MultiStyle, advanced (300-hour) and specialist courses such as Pilates, Alignment and Daoism based, all run at one of their yoga studios in different interesting and trendy locations in London –  Shoreditch, Camden, Chelsea and Ealing.

Courses cover many disciplines and the studios offer therapeutic and alternative therapies which makes it convenient for healing plus personal and physical development.

The trainings start at different times of the year and run over long periods of time with workshop sessions on weekly basis, over a total of 8-18months.

Upcoming Programs 

200-hour Triyoga teacher training in London

Specialist Teacher Trainings

1 year 600-hours Pilates Teacher Training




2. The House of Yoga


Putney in London

yoga theory class

Prices from GBP 2,700

Contact [email protected]

200 hour trainings which start at different times of the year, made up of 6-8 blocks of days or weekend sessions, which run in total over 5-6 months.  All focus on the foundations of Vinyasa yoga (5 pillars) with separate workshops in inversions and yin. Study asana, pranayama, teaching methodology, yoga philosophy, and the business of yoga. You will also learn how to teach the fundamentals of meditation.

Designed with leadership in mind – offering a platform for your growth in teaching, leadership and life mastery. Whether you are new to teaching or looking to take your skills to new levels, these innovative programmes are created to provide you with inspiration, education and transformation in body, mind and spirit

Upcoming Programs

House of Yoga teacher training in London



3. YogaFX Teacher Training




Price from GBP 1,999

Contact [email protected]

This yoga school markets itself on being great value and teaches a breadth of knowledge in Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha. The objective is to give you an extensive foundational knowledge and understanding. Over two and a half weeks, nonresidential in London.

Upcoming Program

FX 200-hour yoga teacher training in London

FYI they also run the same course in Manchester.



4. The Shala London


Norwood, London

positional alignment on mat

Contact [email protected]

or [email protected]

Tel: 020 8670 7711

Prices from GBP 2985

Influenced by ashtanga with a broad scope using the ashtanga sequence as a framework to explore postures and hands-on adjustments. Explore an accessible beginners vinyasa sequence, in addition to the full ashtanga primary sequence and students will be equipped to go on to teach ashtanga or to explore vinyasa sequencing. The approach will be non-dogmatic and will touch on the traditional and more contemporary approach.

You will learn some hands-on adjustments, detailed alignment and technical break down of the postures. Providing everything you need to learn, covering the philosophy of yoga, anatomy, wisdom, meditation, pranayama, and adjustment.

Over weekends, running for 5-6 months

Upcoming Programs

The Shala London Yoga Teacher Training



5. YogaHaven


Croydon, Clapham and Richmond, in London

Allie pose in london outdoors

Contact [email protected]

Prices from GBP 3,000

200-hour yoga teacher trainings throughout the year, every month starting, offering different formats to suit different lives. Either you can attend the residential program which includes 1-week residential plus 5-weekend modules in london. Perfect for those london based, runs over 6 weeks.

Or a residential / online hybrid which includes one week residential plus online learning. Great if you live outside London.

Or you can certify over a 6 month time period which runs over weekends, which is great if you live in or near to London and only have Saturdays and Sundays free.

What you’ll learn –

1.Sanskrit practical learning, Pranayama practice, Kriyas yogic cleansing, Meditation and Yoga Nidra, Studying of ancient texts, Mantras and Chanting, Bandhas

2.Teaching Methodology and Techniques – Sequencing for both a gentle Hatha and a dynamic Vinyasa flow class, Asana anatomy, modifications, and benefits


4. Yoga Lifestyle and Ethics

5. The Business side of Teaching 

Upcoming London Yoga Teacher Trainings for YogaHaven


If you live in or near to London, or even wish to visit London for the purpose of a certification course, then you will not be disappointed with the choices available to you. There are many studios in all parts of London, where you can meet a whole new community of yogis and dive into a teaching environment which focuses on the content, style, methodology, and teaching philosophy that you are interested in. Every specialism is catered for in a large city like London, from Pilates to Meditation, Ayurveda and everything in-between.

Whichever bonus areas of additional education and discipline you focus on, you will always be taught the philosophy and history of yoga, and deepen your understanding and experience of a yogic lifestyle.

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Wherever you decide to complete your yoga certification, Good luck on this fabulous yoga journey……

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Rosie Clearwater

Rosie has been passionately engaged with the world of yoga for a long time. She is a yoga teacher, coach & psychologist. Rosie’s passion is in combining these skills to help people return to their centre and find joy – physically, emotionally and energetically.