5 of the Best Wellness Retreats in Thailand

Expertly crafted and meticulously executed, a wellness retreat in Thailand is the ideal way to rediscover a sense of balance, harmony and superior health. The stunning natural landscape transverses exotic rich jungles and pristine tropical islands, and each way you turn you will find smiling faces and an atmosphere of ease and tranquility. The abundance of fresh healthy cuisine, golden sunshine and simple natural living has been taken up a notch with popular Thailand Wellness Retreats that go above and beyond to offer a rejuvenating and transformative getaway. Combine yoga and meditation, lush spa treatments, gourmet healthy meals, state of the art facilities and luxurious accommodations. Wellness travel and Thailand simply go hand in hand. Experience one for yourself.

Discover the best Wellness Retreats in Thailand


1. Absolute Sanctuary
Location- Koh Samui, Thailand
Retreat- 3 Night Absolute Meaningful Holiday
Prices from $504

Experience Thailand’s premier wellness resort. Absolute Sanctuary is situated on Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand and offers a range of wellness holiday programs to help you cleanse, recharge and revitalize. Expect a life-changing experience, the benefits of which will last you a lifetime. The 3 Day Meaningful Holiday Program is for those who simply want a relaxed, healthy getaway to restore their well-being. Choose from the extensive menu of spa, detox therapies, emotional and alternative therapies and design your own momentous holiday taken at your own pace. Enjoy luxurious accommodation, access to superb facilities and the lush surroundings of Koh Samui. Take some meaningful time to focus and nourish yourself in paradise.

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2. Samahita Retreat
Location- Koh Samui, Thailand
Retreat- 7 Night Wellness, Yoga & Spa Retreat
Prices from $584

Samahita is an inclusive wellness resort on Koh Samui, where guests from around the world can grow, relax and transform together. Samahita has been a pioneer in health and yoga retreats for the body and mind for almost 15 years. The resort boasts four dedicated yoga shalas, an indoor cycle studio, an open-air fitness and barre sea-view loft, a detox and wellness center, eco-lifestyle boutique, and celebrated healthy restaurant all situated just a step away from long, clear stretches of white sand and turquoise seas. The 7 Night Wellness, Yoga & Spa Retreat is the perfect introduction to all that Samahita has to offer. Spend your days enjoying luxurious spa therapies, various yoga and fitness classes, delicious healthy buffet meals and time to soak in the spa, pool and steam room. Enjoy the freedom of choosing your own schedule and leave feeling thoroughly pampered and refreshed, ready to embark on your next journey.

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3. Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort
Location- Phuket, Thailand
Retreat- 6 Day Thanyapura Body Balance
Prices from $1811

Thanyapura is a premier wellness resort situated on the idyllic island of Phuket, Thailand. This unique retreat offering teaches you how to get off the rollercoaster and stay balanced in every aspect of your life. Spa treatments assist with slimming and detox by removing toxins from the body. Train your mind with private meditation sessions, daily group mind training, and yoga sessions. Gently detox with spa treatments and healthy cuisine. Daily wellness classes and cooking classes will restore your confidence to truly take care of your wellbeing. State of the art facilities and expert staff ensure you feel supported on your journey to vibrant health. This fully inclusive offering also offers you luxury accommodations, exquisite healing meals, access to all facilities and wellness classes, and private wellness consultations. Transform your life with Thanyapura.

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4. Amatara Wellness Resort
Location- Phuket, Thailand
Retreat- 7 Night Amatara Bespoke Wellness
Prices from $1658

Amatara Wellness Resort offers a luxurious and unforgettable setting for relaxation, renewal, and the ultimate wellness retreat in Thailand. This 5 star luxury resort features one of South-East Asia’s best ocean-view spa and wellness facilities. The 7 Night Bespoke Wellness Retreat is the ultimate tailor-made package where you entrust the expert wellness consultants to create your wellness experience with your unique health picture at heart. All treatments, activities and meals are customized according to your needs and desires. Luxurious accommodations, access to all facilities and personalized care are also part of this exquisite wellness retreat. Trust the qualified team at Amatara to nurture and guide you in on highly personalized, targeted wellness journey.  

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5. The Barai
Location- Hua Hin, Thailand
Retreat- 5 Night The Barai Vital Body Cleanse
Prices from $1007

Created as a true sanctuary, The Barai Spa is an enchanting wellness resort in Thailand that offers an escape from the outside world. Embark on a personal wellness journey surrounded by beauty, designed to rebalance and reinvigorate body, mind and spirit. The beachfront property offers luxury residential spa accommodation, extensive spa treatments, signature massages, yoga, fitness and healthy lifestyle programs. On top of this, the Vital Body Cleanse offers a diverse plethora of treatments designed to hit the re-set button and leave you feeling truly restored on every level- physically, mentally and energetically. Find a level of health and happiness never before experienced at the multi award winning The Barai.

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