Best Yoga Retreats 2020

Here are the popular trending yoga retreats around the world for 2020. People are showing such interest these days for combining their yoga with other cultural and wellness experiences, whether that be Healing, Cooking, Fitness, and much more. Hot spots like South East Asia feature, with Portugal and Sri Lanka making a splash.

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Costa Rica remains the top destination in 2020 for yoga retreats abroad. The mix of jungle and beach, nature on show at large and the beautiful climate. January to April is the busiest time of year here and there is one center that stands out for it’s location, classes and vibe.

1. Anamaya Resort
Location: Montezuma, Costa Rica
Featured Retreat: 8 Day Anamaya Pure Yoga Retreat
Prices from $795

Set on the edge of coastal rainforest on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, near the hip town of Montezuma, here you will find bespoke yoga retreats with a balance of rejuvenation, relaxation and adventure. This retreat offers a yoga immersion where you can focus on your practice, enjoy the tranquility of the nature around you, and fuel your body with organic nourishing cuisine. Enjoy the open air jungle yoga shala overlooking the ocean!

Over in Europe there are retreats everywhere you may want to be. Clifftop over the sea, on the beach, in rolling hills…. Portugal has found its place in many peoples hearts with it’s beautiful seaside towns and relaxed vibe. For multi discipline retreat options with great accommodations and amenities Epic Sana is a fine choice.

2. Epic Sana
Location: Algarve, Portugal
Featured Retreat:6 Night Yoga Retreat with Spa
Prices from $1550

In lovely Algarve right by the beach you will find this modern hotel with great facilities and grounds to enjoy and let go. There are many retreats held here from fitness to spa to pure yoga retreats, all run by experienced practitioners. And Portugal is now the yoga hotspot of Europe so expect to meet many like-minded yogis on your travels.

On from Europe there is the well-trodden yogi trail of South East Asia. Never to disappoint there are so many retreat locations and types to choose from. Top of the list for yoga retreats in 2020 is Bali, it has taken the top spot from Thailand and on this beautiful island there is one stand out yoga retreat in Ubud that has made a name for itself with it’s venue and programs.

Bagus Jati

3. Bagus Jati
Location: Ubud, Bali
Featured Retreat:3 Day Renew Yoga Retreat
Prices from $545

The 3 day yoga retreat gives you the opportunity to checkin, tune out and delve into a short break of rejuvenation. The location and venue itself are beautiful, surrounded by the rainforested river valley of Ubud. And the healthy cafes and yogi community in town are nearby for you to enjoy.

Staying in Bali here’s one just for the ladies and fast becoming the most sought after retreat in Bali.

Ubud paddie fields

4. Goddess Retreats
Location: Seminyak, Bali
Featured Retreat:7 Day Goddess Surf & Yoga Retreat
Prices from $1995

Enjoy Surf, Yoga, healthy food and beach holiday vibes with the beautiful ladies of Goddess retreats.There is also a pure yoga retreat held at the peaceful Adiwana Jembawan in Ubud.

If it’s a Thailand yoga retreat in 2020 then it’s the Beach Bungalows Yoga Magic Retreat in the Gulf of Thailand.

5. Pure Yoga Retreat
Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand
Featured Retreat:5 Day Beach Bungalow Yoga Magic Retreat
Prices from $699

In a beautiful bay with holistic centers all around, the retreat is great value and full of like-minded yogis taking some time out. Spend your time at this yogi hot spot and enjoy yoga and meditation and meet the yogi community of Koh Phangan. There are nearby restaurants renowned for their healthy and raw food delicacies.

So here you will find the best yoga retreats in the world today and for 2020. Where there will always be a group of yogis to share your practice and experience with, and enjoy the well organised and comfortable schedule and program activities.

But what’s the best yoga retreat? What yoga retreat has made such a mark that it is considered the best retreat to attend in the world.

Rukgala Retreat

6. Yogascapes
Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka
Featured Retreat:7 Day Yoga, Ayurveda & Culture Retreat
Prices from $2132

Sri Lanka is an attractive destination with so much beauty around. For years it has been known as the better kept secret location of Asia. The health & wellness scene is very active with lots of practitioners in Ayurveda, yoga and massage. Sri Lanka needs the travelling yogi to show that love prevails. And you can do this with time away in the lovely surrounds of inland Kandy.

To check out a larger selection in the most popular destinations, browse all the best Yoga Retreats in

Costa Rica , Bali , Thailand , Portugal , Sri Lanka

Wherever you choose to go and with whoever, we send blessings and hope you revel in your chosen travels. One Love….

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