Best Face Yoga Exercises (Daily Routines)

Face yoga aids in strengthening the particular group of muscles to keep the skin firm, soft and healthy. The best thing about face yoga is that it is 100% natural, safe and absolutely free, unlike its alternatives like facial fillers and Botox. Here is a list of the top 10 face yoga exercises that you should implement into your daily routine for your face and skin.


1. For a smoother Forehead

This exercise helps with wrinkles and fine lines of the forehead.


  • For this exercise, use both hands to make a fist.
  • Now take your hands towards your forehead and place your middle finger’s knuckles on the center.
  • Start sliding fists towards the ending of the forehead while applying a slight pressure.



2. Double V

This exercise helps with drooping eyelids and Crow’s feet.


  • Use both the hands to make a peace sign.
  • After this, place your pointer fingers and middle fingers on the outer edge and inner edge of your eyebrows respectively.
  • Now squint while you look upwards. Also, apply slight pressure.


Face Yoga methods illustrated



3. Vanish Fine Lines near Lips

This exercise helps to vanish fine lines at the corner of your lips.


  • Tip your head back a little while you are sitting.
  • Tightly pucker your lips and push forward
  • Now maintain this pose for 12 seconds. Repeat it 3-5 times.



4. Stretching Jaw

This neck firming exercise stretches your jaw, which prevents wrinkles and cuts down any unwanted fat in the jaw.


  • First of all, pucker your lips, but to one side. You will start feeling a stretch in your cheek.
  • Now, move your head to this side and lift it up slightly.
  • Maintain this pose for some seconds, you will feel tightness in your neck.
  • Do the same with the other cheek as well.



5. Plump Your cheeks


  • Tightly close your lips.
  • Now form fish lips by sucking your cheeks in, with your mouth.
  • Maintain this pose for 15 seconds.



6. Firmer Face

This is an advance facial yoga exercise that helps make your face slimmer. It activates and tones the lower regions and both cheeks of the face. You may feel a burning sensation as you stretch, in the corners of your cheeks and mouth.


  • Fold your lips on your teeth while forming an ‘O’ using your mouth.
  • Use the corners of your lips to smile.
  • After this, apply firm pressure by placing your fingers on your cheeks.
  • Now the next step is to pull your chin outwards. Maintain this pose for 15-20 seconds.




7. Big Yawn

This exercise helps in sculpting cheekbones and reducing double chin.


  • In this exercise, you have to act that you are chewing something while your mouth is shut.
  • Now open your mouth as much as you can, at the same time keep your tongue pressed to your lower teeth. Maintain this position for a few seconds.



8. Lift Your Neck

This exercise helps in lifting your neck and shaping your jawline.


  • Gently tilt your head back. You will feel a stretch in your neck
  • Now, increase the intensity of this stretch by puffing your lower lip outwards.
  • After this, stroke down to your collarbone by placing your fingers on both sides of your neck.




9. Blowfish

This exercise helps with thin or sagging cheeks.


  • Simply fill your mouth with air as much as you can.
  • Now maintain this pose for 60 seconds.
  • Release the air slowly by blowing out.



10. Spit it Out

This exercise helps in decreasing your double chin and also plumps your cheeks.


  • Fill in your mouth halfway with air.
  • Now move the air from cheek to cheek like you have a mouthful of water and you are going to spit it out. Keep doing this for 1-2 minutes.


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Kelly Fielding

Kelly is a passionate writer, enthusiastic yogi and professional sunrise chaser. Kelly has traveled and worked extensively around the world in health resorts, detox centers, and wellness retreats. Specialising in health and wellness, her written work is regularly published in both print and online media. A gypsy heart and lover of nature, Kelly finds inspiration in the world around her and translates her visions into whimsical stories and creative projects.